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    Shopify 2.0 – Do Shopify store owners need to upgrade their store

    Shopify is the most used e-commerce platform in the world and is used by over 1.7 million online businesses.In Summer 2021 Shopify launched a new version of Shopify 2.0 which includes many new features as well as the introduction of new tools which is very helpful for the store owners.Store owners need to hire a developer to upgrade their store from 1.0 to 2.0 as it’s required some coding updates, need to convert existing liquid coding, and converting HTML sections to new Sections format. This whole process is time-consuming and needs much effort so it’s better to hire a Shopify expert.

    Dynamic Sections Everywhere

    Sections are the different parts of a page, such as banners and blocks of text, it allows you to build up your page and move different elements around without doing the hard code of these elements.

    In Shopify 1.0, it is limited to the homepages only but now with Shopify 2.0, you can work with “sections Everywhere” on your site.

    With this Shopify 2.0 now you can add sections to each new page which means you can now build the storefront with little or no restrictions.

    Most of the developers wanted the ability to create and use global sections in all templates.

    How Will It Help?

    In case you wanted to move a banner or add a new one you can do this directly through the theme editor and also if you have well-knowledged you can easily customize every page without having a developer.

    Faster and Improved Checkout Experience

    The editing in the checkout page was limited to the Shopify plus merchants only till now but with this new version, Shopify has now announced that checkout apps are available to non-merchants too.

    Now non-plus merchants can also add extra checkout apps built and added to their stores however full customization is still limited to plus merchants only.

    Improved Site Speed

    This is the best benefit of Shopify 2.0, it helps in improving loading speeds which helps to increase user experience, site conversion rate, and SEO.

    The new default theme of Shopify 2.0 is the Dawn theme which is 35% faster than your current theme. We Would recommend Switching to the Dawn theme to take advantage of the fast loading experience and new features of 2.0. Earlier there were speeding issues in the Shopify 1.0 version which has been solved in the new upgraded version 2.0.


    Metafiles in Shopify help you to save additional information about your store’s products, collections, customers, orders, blogs, etc.

    Shopify Offers You a great data storage solution in your store admin, its common for all stores. So, with Shopify 2.0 meta fields you can store unique data about any object you want in your store.

    In the earlier version of Shopify, there was no-built in meta fields option available for using meta fields we have to use Shopify liquid code or install
    a third-party shopify app to add and manage meta fields. Creating meta fields using liquid code is complicated if you don’t have technical knowledge.

    In the new version, Shopify 2.0 has an inbuilt meta field feature in-store admin. So you have no need to hire developers or install any third-party plugins.

    Dawn theme: Features and Uses

    Shopify 2.0 provides a dawn theme that is more flexible and has more customizations options.

    This theme uses JSON templates and supports section blocks on all pages some of the features of the DAWN theme is given below:

    Open-Source Theme Code

    Dawn theme is the first open-source theme in Shopify. This theme is built with semantic markup with HTML and CSS that will create the best experience in all browsers.

    Easy To Use

    In Dawn theme, all the pages have sections so you can easily add new content to any of your website pages. Shopify dawn has metafiles that help in content optimization and strengthen Onsite Seo.

    Customizable Sections

    With Shopify 2.0 one of the most important things announced is sections in earlier versions for customizing sections HTML and CSS were used but now you can customize easily without code.


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