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    Shopify Vs Etsy – What To Choose For Your Online Business?

    • June 07, 2023
    • 4 min

    You must be knowing about Shopify and Etsy. Shopify is an ecommerce platform while Etsy is a marketplace that allows sellers to sell online. Now, let me clear this to you. In case, you want to develop an online store and want to get control over large selling and your store, Shopify is the best. On the other hand, if you are planning to sell fewer products or handmade items, Etsy will be best for you.But, before you decide to go for any platform, do in-depth research on each one available. One thing to keep in mind is that Etsy is an online marketplace. Do you know the difference between an ecommerce platform and an online marketplace?If you run your business on an e-commerce platform, you own the entire business. You have complete control over the store's design, pricing, and inventory management, and may sell whatever you choose. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc are examples of ecommerce platforms. 25% of ecommerce stores use Shopify.In contrast, a marketplace is a kind of online business where several vendors may use a single website to reach a larger audience and sell their goods. In contrast to e-commerce platforms, markets take care of stock, layout, and advertising for you. Etsy, Alibaba, Taobao, etc are examples of marketplaces. Etsy had 467.4 million visits in 2022.Thus, when we talk about Shopify vs Etsy, we are comparing an ecommerce platform with an online marketplace. Let’s compare in detail.

    Shopify vs Etsy – Value for Money

    On Etsy, there is one standard and a plus plan. Whenever you join Etsy, you have a default standard plan. It has no charges but, you need to bare transaction costs, listing fees, etc. The other plan is Etsy Plus. For that, you have to pay $10 every month to use additional features on Etsy that were not available in the standard plan. It gives you access to more options for customization.

    When we see the pricing for Shopify, it has basic, Shopify, and advanced plans. Furthermore, if you want to sell more and fast, you can go for Shopify Plus. The cost of Shopify plans ranges from $29 to $299. When we compare the pricing of Shopify and Etsy, Etsy seems cheaper. The only reason for this is that Shopify offers vast features that value the pricing. It allows you multichannel selling, 24/7 support, an SSL certificate, and more.

    Thus, if you have fewer products to sell and less finance, you should go with Etsy. But, if you have many products to sell and have no financial barriers, then developing a Shopify store will work best for you.

    Shopify vs Etsy – Design and Use

    Developing a store on Shopify is very easy. It has default pages, you just have to create home and product pages. Furthermore, Shopify offers numerous templates that you can customize to reflect your brand.

    After you have input all of your data, Shopify will assist you in managing your business by synchronizing your inventory, monitoring orders, and more. Thus, Shopify provides all of the features you want while maintaining an intuitive, well-organized user experience.

    On the other hand, Etsy is also simple and easy to use. It guides you through every process of creating an account and listing products. Etsy reduces effort since you don’t have to build an entire site to sell your products. You may get started immediately by uploading your product data and descriptions. Within the next hour, you may be a successful internet merchant.

    Additionally, you can get clear and attractive designs on Etsy but, you cannot customize them just like in Shopify. All sellers on Etsy will have the same layout as yours.

    Shopify vs Etsy – Features and Functionalities

    Basic e-commerce features are what you will get with Etsy. You can boost your customer base and increase followers with Etsy’s marketing features. Furthermore, for advanced sales tools, you need to subscribe to Etsy Plus. It is just for small businesses of handmade, vintage, or craft products.

    On the other hand, you can sell any type of and more product on Shopify. Furthermore, Shopify helps in large inventory management. It allows you to upload various products in bulk. Additionally, it has stock management, sales tracking, etc. Lastly, Shopify is more powerful than Etsy. Etsy has basic features but Shopify has more advanced features.


    Shopify has everything a company needs to grow. You can sell anything you want, whenever you want, with the help of its flexible pricing and robust sales tools. However, Etsy has limitations in terms of product types and functionality. Yet, it’s easier to use and less expensive than Shopify, making it a better option for specialized merchants operating on a smaller scale.

    Lastly, it really depends on your specific company’s requirements. Book a FREE consultation with us and share your requirements. Get help in setting up a Shopify store in a cost-effective manner.


    Is Shopify cheaper than Etsy?
    No. Etsy is cheaper than Shopify. The standard plan of Etsy is free of cost and Etsy Plus is just $10 per month.
    What is better to grow business? Shopify or Etsy?
    With lots of amazing features and functionality, Shopify is the perfect choice to grow your business.
    What percentage does Etsy take?
    6.5 % of sales are taken by Etsy.
    Can I use both Shopify and Etsy?
    Yes, you can use both. It can help you grow your business efficiently.
    When should I move from Etsy to Shopify?
    When you have a large inventory, and a huge customer base and want to make your online business reach heights, you should move from Etsy to Shopify.

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