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    Actionable Tips To Increase Revenue In Shopify

    Improving sales is the primary goal of all businesses. So after creating an e-commerce store you can use some actionable tips and tricks to boost your sales. In recent times Shopify has grown very much and it is powering various e-commerce businesses. In this article, we are going to give you quick tips on how to increase your revenue in your Shopify store and grow your business.Here we have researched some useful tips to increase your sales and boost your revenue:

    Reducing Bounce Rate

    No matter if you have done too much marketing or have run a paid campaign but if your store’s first page doesn’t give much information or not found much interesting your customer will close the site from there.

    You can check the Shopify analytics to see your site bounce rate or for more accurate information, you can integrate a third party like google analytics.

    To reduce the bounce are you need to follow some tips from designing to the speed of the website so that you can make your customer stay longer.

    The First Fold(screen) of your website should be attractive and the other sections of your website should be eye-catching and contain various product information.

    Some Points To Reduce Bounce Rates:

    • Make the website mobile friendly
    • Use engaging content
    • Optimize site speed
    • Kown the targeted audience
    • Make Your brand authorities
    • Don’t Use many popups
    • Make navigation easy

    Use Featured Collections

    It is a List created by you to display the most likely products on the home page.

    In feature collections, you can highlight the products that you want to show so that that product can grab customer attention first.

    You can also use the product slider here it will automatically slide the products so that it will look more professional.

    You can also put a direct checkout option here so that if the customer is interested he can directly purchase the product from here.

    Use Content Marketing To Attract Customers

    You can create interesting, informative, and engaging content so that the readers will get to know everything about the product.

    More Informative Content can help your site to rank higher on google and get traffic from there and it will also help you to build a brand.

    You can also provide a faq section to solve customer doubts and also you can write some posts to compare two or more products.

    Make Navigation Well Categorized

    Navigation is also the most important thing in an e-commerce website when a customer visits the website and if the navigation is not well categorized then he will not be able to find the right product he is looking for and as a result, it will be loss in the sale.

    This is a most important strategy to generate more revenue when a visitor lands on your website and wants to find a product then he will have to navigate through different menus of your website.

    So here you need to maintain a proper menu like you can create a category and then other subcategories inside that so it is easy to navigate.

    Build Email List For Marketing

    Email collection is very helpful because when you have the list of customers who visited your site at least once than it will be very easy to contact them when you have some offers or updates.

    An email list does not seem to be important on the surface but with the email list, you are building something that gives you value far into the future.
    It allows you to send multiple invitations to people asking them to visit your e-commerce store.

    If you will directly show a popup on when website then it be irritating for the customer and there will be less chance that the customer will enter the email.
    So instead of that, you can simply give some offer to the customer for on entering the email so the chances of entering the email will be increased.

    Give Quick Checkout Option

    In direct checkout, you can offer one-click checkout for a product which have no variations so that it will be easy for your customers and it can increase the chance of buying.

    Creating a direct checkout link will give convenience to your customers where customers can buy a product directly instead of going to the product page and the cart page.

    In Case you have variations you can give a checkout box option on the product listing page so that the customers can select the product variation and can directly checkout.

    Giving quick checkout option can help you in many ways like when a customer has come with a perfect mindset of buying a specific product then he can quickly get the product and can easily checkout.

    How Can you get more email subscribers?

    • You can give a discount of 5% on a product when a customer registers the email.
    • Offer an incentive for your list
    • Add conversion-focused opt-in forms
    • Create a landing page

    Show Customer Reviews to increase trust

    Positive reviews on your e-commerce website will help you very much to gain customer trust and you can also reply to every review so that when new customers read they can trust your site.

    Trust is a most important thing of a business so it is very important for customer reviews on every product so the new buyer can trust your site.

    You can put some customer ratings and reviews at the end of the product page so that buyers can get an idea about the product.

    Collect Reviews shows that your business values the people and their valuable feedback.

    Show Trust Badge

    A trust badge is a seal that ensures the trust of your potential customers these badges are visible on the home page, Product page as well as checkout page.

    You can add a trust badge on your eCommerce store so that customers can get trust in the store. For example, at the checkout, you can add a 100% secure checkout badge so that while making the payment customers will feel safe.

    These are some of the examples of badges you can put on your e-commerce store so that customers can trust you easily.

    Create An Instagram Shop

    Nowadays it is a time of social media and presence on social media is most important so that more people can know about your business.

    Instagram allows you to turn your posts into shoppable posts allowing the audience to buy directly from there.

    There are many advantages of an Instagram shop

    • Products are easily discovered
    • Quicker buying
    • B2C Marketing

    Use Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Techniques

    You should use upsell and cross-sell strategies to increase the revenue of your store. Cross-sell is a strategy to sell a product related to the product which the customer is already buying.

    Upselling is a strategy to sell a superior or more expensive product from the product which the customer is already buying.

    There is also another selling strategy as bundling in which you bundle together the main product and other auxiliary products for a higher price than what the single product is sold.

    Identify Customer’s Problem Using Abandoned Cart

    When a customer adds an item to their shopping cart but does not purchase it then it is called an abandoned cart so for solving this problem you can contact them for solving the problem.

    Apart from doing emails, you can Contact them on WhatsApp. It is the best option because many people use it frequently so you can just connect with them and solve their doubts.

    Use Interakt app to send messages directly to customers through WhatsApp.


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