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    Top 7 Shopify Email Marketing Apps

    • May 05, 2023
    • 5 min

    Companies have found that email marketing is the simplest, most cost-effective strategy for increasing conversion rates and revenue. If implemented properly, email marketing has the potential to significantly increase sales of your Shopify store. Also, depending on your clients' behaviours, you may send them automated emails with the help of the correct Shopify email marketing tool. Thus, sales and income may both be increased via email marketing. First, let me explain this in detail and then list 10 Shopify Email Marketing Apps in this post.

    Benefits of Email Marketing for Shopify

    As mentioned above, email marketing can help you in attracting, engage and get back the audience to your Shopify store. In a nutshell, it provides a number of useful advantages for Shopify stores and online retailers in general. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this effective advertising medium.

    • With email marketing, you can reach out to billion people who check their emails at least once a day. In addition, it influences customers when making a purchase choice. Furthermore, half of all consumers have bought something monthly or more often due to email marketing.
    • You can collect feedback from your customers through email marketing and implement necessary changes to get desired results in future.
    • You can generate traffic for your website through email marketing campaigns.
    • Shopify email marketing apps help you automate your marketing campaigns. You can send thousands of emails with a click. In case, you need to customize your marketing campaigns, these email marketing apps will work for you.

    Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps

    Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps
    Now you know how beneficial email marketing apps are. Finding Shopify apps and plugins that fit your email marketing objective is quite hard. Thus, I am mentioning some useful Shopify email marketing apps with their features.


    Seguno has 4.8 stars and you can send free up to 250 contacts. Thereafter, you need to pay $10/month. Furthermore, you can design email templates in Canva. It provides chat support and built-in automation. It is the best option for small businesses but expensive for large companies with more than 1000 subscribers.


    Omnisend is a robust email marketing automation software that simplifies processes and tailors personalized communications to customers. You will get ready-made email templates, forms and appealing pop-ups and good customer service. It has 4.8 star rating on the Shopify app store. It has a free email plan for up to 250 contacts. Thereafter, you need to pay $16/ month for 500 contacts.


    Automizely suits best for automation email marketing. It has 4.8 stars and is free up to 300 contacts. Thereafter, you need to pay as your users expand. This is the best email marketing for Shopify technique for cart abandonment. Furthermore, it offers templates for both emails and SMS. It also has built-in conversion tools.


    This Shopify email marketing app Klaviyo has 3.9 stars on the Shopify app store and you can send free emails up to 250 contacts. After that, you need to go for a monthly subscription. It allows for precise campaign automation, analytics and segmentation. It provides data on sales in real-time. It can also help in sending dynamic discount coupons. Furthermore, you can integrate Klaviyo with third-party apps. The only improvement that should be done is customer support. That is the sole disadvantage of this app. Overall, it’s good.


    This email marketing app Privy has 4.6 stars on the Shopify app store and you can send free emails only up to 100 contacts. You need to pay monthly as you expand. It offers a variety of pop-ups and templates. Changing up your promotional template is as simple as dragging and dropping. The customer support is also nice. The only disadvantage is that it is little expensive.


    While SMS marketing is SMSBump‘s primary emphasis, it also provides robust functionality for email campaigns. It has got 4.9 stars on the Shopify store and you can send up to 10K emails per month. SMS charges apply from $0.0165. Thus, it can help you with both email and SMS marketing.


    The primary goal of this Shopify email marketing app OrderlyEmails was to provide users with as much as possible personalization. It has got 4.9 star rating on the Shopify Store and you cannot send emails without buying. They offer no free plan so it becomes expensive for some users. You can customize the theme of the email templates and can use it for upselling.


    These top 7 Shopify email marketing apps were chosen because of their ease of use, low cost, and proven track record of success. These apps provide a wide variety of alternatives for organizations of all sizes and purposes. Furthermore, you can customize your email templates with them. In case you are struggling to achieve desired results, we are official Shopify Partners and help you with our unique strategies. Avail your FREE Shopify Store Consultation now!


    Which is the best email marketing app for Shopify?
    Automizely is the best app for email marketing for Shopify. You can send emails for free up to 300 contacts.
    What is Shopify's alternative to Mailchimp?
    Omnisend can be Shopify’s alternative to Mailchimp.
    Is Klaviyo better than Shopify email?
    Yes, Klaviyo has more email design features that make it better than Shopify.
    Why is Klaviyo so popular?
    It allows for precise campaign automation, analytics and segmentation. Furthermore, it provides data on sales in real time. Thus, Klaviyo is popular.
    How many free emails can I send using Shopify?
    You can send up to 10K emails free every month in Shopify.

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