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    Top 7 Shopify Payment Gateways you can use

    • May 01, 2023
    • 5 min

    Receiving payment is a crucial step for every company since it signifies the completion of a successful sale. If you own an online shop, setting up secure payment gateways is crucial for both you and your consumers. It's also important to provide customers with a pleasant and trouble-free purchasing experience. In order for customers to pay for items they've purchased from your online shop, Shopify has developed a payment gateway known simply as Shopify Payments. Payment gateways handle functions such as processing funds, confirming the client's account information, determining the applicable tax, and doing AVS checks. Thus, you should choose a payment gateway for your business carefully. In this post, I am listing the top 7 Shopify payment gateways with their pros and cons.

    Leading Shopify Payment Gateways

    There are numerous payment providers available on Shopify. You can find the data categorized by country or region. I have listed the payment gateways on the basis of location, price, business, etc. Let’s know each one of them in detail.

    Shopify Payments

    Once a store is created on Shopify, one of the finest options for accepting payments is Shopify Payments. No additional payment gateways or merchant accounts are required since the solution is all-inclusive. In 2022, GPV (Gross Payments Volume is the gross merchandise value of transactions handled by Shopify Payments) reached a new height of $106.1bn. This figure shows that Shopify payments is used by many merchants to streamline their payment process. By upgrading the Shopify subscription, businesses utilizing Shopify’s native payment system are able to save money on credit card processing expenses.

    Furthermore, it is spread over 17 countries and accepts 130 different currencies. It allows customers to pay using a variety of payment ways. Additionally, it helps in centralizing the accounting, stock management, and sales processes. The problem with Shopify payments is that the monthly fees are higher for advanced Shopify subscribed merchants. Furthermore, this Shopify payment gateway is supported in some selected countries or regions.


    Because it is pre-integrated with the Shopify e-commerce platform, PayPal is a top choice for customer payments. It is well-liked because of its adaptability and the convenience of its online billing and shopping cart functionality. There are both free and premium merchant account options available. It’s simple to set up a PayPal account and start accepting payments for sales. By activating PayPal Payments Pro, you will be able to handle payments from customers who do not have a PayPal account. The advantage of PayPal is that it processes recurring payments automatically.

    Furthermore, it supports 200 countries/regions and accepts 25 currencies. But, the issue with PayPal is high chargeback fees and some hidden fees. Also, customer care is difficult to reach.


    Due to its adaptability, Stripe has quickly become one of the most popular Shopify payment gateways in the United States. This payment gateway service gives shops flexibility to design their own payment flow. Despite being flexible, Stripe is better suited to bigger shops as it requires development knowledge to provide more complicated features. It facilitates payments via mobile devices, a single-click checkout, and recurring billing.

    It accepts several forms of electronic payment including Apple Pay, digital wallets, Google Pay, and credit/debit cards. But, due to geographical problems, some functionalities may be unavailable.

    Shop Pay

    Another popular Shopify payment gateway for domestic and international trade is Shop Pay. The checkout process may be modified in a similar way to that of PayPal, and it accepts a number of different currencies. With Shop Pay, there are no fees associated with either activation or termination. But, the issue faced by merchants is the complexity to integrate and learn. Furthermore, it is not available to other countries than the United States. Thus, non-USA-based Shopify merchants can’t take the advantage of Shop Pay.

    Amazon Pay

    When it comes to safe and convenient mobile and online shopping, Amazon Pay is a popular choice. This service can be integrated with any Shopify store, making it easier for consumers to complete their purchases. Users may use their digital wallet, their phone, or even Alexa to make a purchase with this Shopify payment gateway. The major reason why many retailers use this payment option is that it completes transactions quickly and safely.

    Furthermore, it has fraud protection and a one-tap payment option. The disadvantage of Amazon Pay is that it is not available for global merchants.


    Opayo is widely used by Shopify stores in the United Kingdom and the United States. This Shopify payment gateway is a good option for local merchants that want to accept credit cards over the phone, process online orders, and accept payments in person from customers using a single system. Opayo provides one of the highest levels of security in the industry thanks to its strict client identification process. But, the fee to use this payment method for 350 transactions is £25 per month.


    Many online stores use Klarna because it allows them to accept ‘buy now, pay later’ payment methods such as installments, financing and more. The payment gateway offers secure payments and easy checkout with only one click like Amazon Pay. If you own a Shopify store and want to maximize the number of sales, the ‘buy now, pay later’ option will help you. You can customize it but it supports only 17 countries. Furthermore, the transaction fees are very high and it can affect a customer’s credit score if they don’t pay on time.


    In order to offer wonderful client experiences and develop trust via safe and quick online payments, it is important to provide a variety of payment options. Since Shopify Payments is supported only in 17 countries, you should look into other Shopify Payment gateways available. If integrating or customizing the payment gateway is hard, you can contact Shopify experts.


    Which payment gateway is best for Shopify?
    PayPal is the best Shopify payment gateway because it supports 200 countries/regions and accepts 25 currencies.
    How many payment gateways does Shopify have?

    There are over 100 payment providers. You can explore the data categorized by country or region.

    How much does Stripe cost per month?
    It charges per transaction. Somewhat 2.9% + 30¢ is charged.
    Which is better PayPal or Stripe?
    Paypal is better than Stripe because it doesn’t have geographical barriers like Stripe.
    Can I use Square with Shopify?
    There are no options to integrate Square with Shopify.

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