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    Top Front end frameworks to develop Web App

    • November 10, 2022
    • 6 min

    Undoubtedly, the front end is an important part of web app. We always stay on the sites where UX is satisfactory. As such, user experience keeps the users engaged with the web apps. Web developers always give their best to provide the top user experience. They focus on developing the most seamless UX possible. Thus, it is necessary to choose the best front end frameworks for the project. We require knowledge of various frameworks to decide which is the ‘chosen one’. On the basis of project requirements, the technology is selected. Let's dig into the world of technology to know more about front end frameworks.There are many front end frameworks available. Among all, the most famous frameworks are Angular, Vue and React. It is because they have gathered more users across the world.


    From many front end frameworks, angular is ideal for the project if it includes creating mobile or web apps. You may also use this framework to build multi-page websites and progressive web applications. In real time, the model and the view are synchronised. When we make any change in the model, it is quickly reflected in the display. Web developers of Gmail, Forbes, UpWork, PayPal, Grasshopper, Samsung, and Delta use Angular. It has 84.6k stars on Github.

    It decreases the amount of code because of features, such as two-way data binding. Dependency injection helps in managing components easily and reusable. Angular improves the efficiency of web apps by quickly refreshing the content. The learning curve is higher since there are many methods to perform the task using Angular because it is a comprehensive dynamic approach. Dynamic programmes can run poorly because of their large size and complicated nature. Angular is the ideal option for dynamic and enterprise-based apps.


    Web developers use jQuery since 2006. It is an old framework still front end developers use it. You don’t need to do more coding. Less and simple code is the benefit of jQuery. Also, due to many years of existence, it has a large community of developers (26.9k stars).

    It helps in making the website interactive and optimising its features. At first, jQuery was used for developing web apps. Now, there are updates to this framework and we can now build mobile apps using it. It is also browser friendly. When adding or deleting items, DOM is extensible. Additionally, sending HTTP requests has been made simpler. But, jQuery is not the only sophisticated replacement accessible; the document object model’s APIs are also no longer in use. The design of desktop-based JavaScript apps uses jQuery. The framework maintains short and clear code. We use it in order to handle events and carry out animations.

    On other hand, It is not practical to utilise jQuery while creating a large-scale programme since it adds a lot of unnecessary javascript code, which makes the application heavyweight. The framework cannot compete with more powerful javascript facilitation, less code, and element reuse in newer frameworks.


    React is one of the most straightforward frameworks to learn and is open-source. It shines out for the remarkable capabilities it provides using virtual DOM. It is a platform that helps to manage high traffic. Airbnb, Netflix, Meta and Uber use React. For single-page and progressive web apps, we can use React.

    It is simple to cooperate and reuse them in different sections of the app because of component reusability. The virtual DOM provides smooth performance. It is difficult for web developers to learn React. The reason for it is the complexity of JSX. Also, we can use React only for the front end. We can use react to create user interfaces, particularly for developing single-page apps. React is the most powerful front end tech for developing an intuitive interface in very little time by reusing the components. But, previous knowledge of javascript is important to learn React.


    At present, Vue.js is a basic and easy front end framework. It specializes in minimizing the difficulties that web developers must deal with. Vue.js is dynamic and can support you with a wide range of tasks. We can use Vue.js to develop both web and mobile apps. Designed to improve app speed and deal with complexity, although market heavyweights do not generally like it.

    Leading companies like Google, 9GAG, Grammarly and Gitlab use Vue.js. The syntaxes of vue.js are simple to learn for beginners who have experience with javascript. It also helps in the customization of the app structure. The disadvantage of vue.js is that it has a small community of web developers. In short, it has a language barrier. The majority of plugins are in Chinese. We can create any project from scratch using vue.js. Web developers can create large-scale or small-scale projects using vue.js.


    Zurb company developed foundation. Used for the development of agile websites at the enterprise level. For beginner web developers it is hard to learn foundation. It has fast mobile rendering features. For smooth animations, it provides GPU acceleration. Websites like bitly, dropbox and bloomberg use Foundation. We can build beautiful websites using it. Furthermore, it provides the best user experience on various devices. Released on 2011, the framework is new and has a small community. Thus, support is less than other frameworks.


    Svelte is a framework introduced in 2016. It generates code to change the page object-oriented approach in sync. The advantages of Svelte are responsiveness, faster and scalable framework, lightweight, simplicity, and making use of existing javascript libraries. But, as it has small community, the support and tools are less. Also, it is not popular currently. You can use this framework for small projects which are not difficult.


    There are many new and leading frameworks you can use for front end development. You can choose the framework based on the scale of the project, the project complexity, budget, support community and language. Selecting wisely you can achieve the goals of the projects.


    Which front end frameworks would be best for progressive app development?
    You can use either Angular or Vue for progressive app development. Svelte is a fresh framework used by some web developers.
    Name a front end framework used for SPA?
    To develop SPA, React is the best framework. It is flexible and easy to use.
    Can I use vue.js to develop my web app?
    Yes, you can use vue.js to design an intuitive front end of the web app. The main benefit of using vue.js is it has simple integration and great performance.
    Are people using Foundation for web development?
    There are many top brands that have used Foundation. Some of them are CISCO, Pixar, Hp, Disney and more. Websites like bitly and dropbox also use Foundation.
    How much does front end developer make?
    At average, front end developers make around $1,07,380 a year.

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