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    Top Rated Push Notification Apps for your Shopify Store

    • May 06, 2023
    • 5 min

    Sales may be boosted dramatically, and inactive customers can be re-engaged, with the aid of Shopify push notifications. There are several reasons why push notification strategies should be a part of your advertising strategy. There is a wide variety of push notification service providers to choose from, each with its own set of offerings and pricing plans. I've compiled a list of the best Shopify push notification apps for you to consider installing.

    Importance of Push Notification Apps

    • Push notifications provide an instantaneous method of communicating with users in order to keep them updated on any relevant changes, promotions, news, or other information.
    • With push notifications, you can send users personalized messages based on what you know about them.
    • Keeping people interested and engaged with your app or website is made easier with push notifications.
    • Users may be retained with the use of push notifications by being reminded to return to the app or website and being encouraged to make a purchase or perform some other action.
    • Push notifications have been introduced to enhance conversions and sales by alerting users to deals or reminding them of things they have left in their shopping cart.
    • Push notifications are an efficient and cost-effective alternative to email and social media campaigns.
    • Push notifications provide real-time analytics, so you can monitor things like engagement and performance to fine-tune your message and strategy as you go.

    8 Top-Rated Push Notification Apps

    Now you must be knowing how much push notifications are important. Below mentioned are the top-rated push notification apps you can easily find on the Shopify store. You may choose which app to integrate into your Shopify store by first looking at the ratings and reviews of those apps.


    With PushOwl, you can expand your Shopify store with little to no extra work because the app pushes alerts right away to the visitor’s screen. Furthermore, no personal information is collected from the visitor in the process of converting them into a customer. This app is rated 5 stars on shopify store. The user’s screen, rather than the browser, will display the alerts. The app’s free edition has some simple automation features. Additionally, it provides reports for analysis after running campaigns. Overall, the app has gained good reviews from users.

    ChirpyWeb Push Notifications

    ChirpyWeb Push Notifications prioritizes keeping more one-time buyers to regular customers as possible. The service may alert users for price decreases, new inventory, and abandoned carts through push notifications. This app is rated 5 stars on shopify store. It also allows you to personalize content, media and more. For better analysis, it provides campaign statistics. It has a free plan of up to 200 subscribers, after that you need to pay every month.


    Mostly PushEngage is used for Cart abandonment recovery by Shopify merchants. This program has a low learning curve and does not need any prior technical knowledge to use. It requires little effort to get going. PushEngage has 5 stars on the Shopify app store and allows a 15-day free trial. To set up campaigns you will require an enterprise version of the app.


    NotifyVisitors is a marketing app that allows you to increase sales with automation and push notifications. It offers email and sms marketing. It has a 5-star rating on the Shopify app store and has a free trial plan. You can personalize emails, sms, popups, push notifications and so on.


    The primary function of the Appikon – Back in Stock app is to send users completely personalized alerts when their desired products are once again in stock. The app requires no coding skills and can be set up quickly. It has 4.9 stars on the Shopify app store and has a 7-day free trial available. This app can be connected to your different warehouses for better inventory management.

    PushAlert ‑ Web Push

    Contacting clients at just the right moment will help you recover abandoned carts. You can enhance sales and recover lost purchases with PushAlert‘s automatic abandoned cart alerts, which run in the background. It has 4.9 stars on the Shopify app store and allows a 15-day free trial. It offers various notifications like price-drop, abandoned carts and so on. You can generate maximum sales with automated drip campaigns offered by this app.

    AAA Web Push Notifications

    This app claims to double your conversion rate by attracting and converting more customers. AAA Web Push Notifications has a 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store. The push notification app includes reminders for abandoned carts, warm welcomes, planned messages, price drops, and restock notifications. You may tailor the alerts to the specific interests of your target audience. It allows a 15-day free trial but after that, you need to pay monthly.


    Firepush provides highly visible, low-cost push alerts that increase conversion rates. The app’s sophisticated push notification tools make it easy to create compelling push campaigns. It has 4.7 stars on the Shopify app store and allows a 14-day free trial plan. Furthermore, you can personalize the web push notifications and manage numerous campaigns with FirePush.


    If you want to increase client retention, revenue, and engagement, you need to choose a push notification app that has the characteristics you’re looking for. All of the applications I have listed are very useful, and they all have various advantages. In case, you are still confused about choosing the right push notification app for your Shopify store, book a FREE consultation with us.


    Which is the best push notification app for the Shopify store?
    PushOwl is one of the top-rated push notification apps available on Shopify.
    Is there any trial pack in PushEngage?
    Yes, PushEngage allows a 15-day free trial.
    Which app can I use for cart abandonment push notifications?
    You can use PushEngage for Cart abandonment recovery. With the paid version, you can set up campaigns also.
    Is there any trial pack in PushOwl?
    Yes, PushOwl has a 14-day free trial.
    Which is the best app for restocking notifications?
    AAA Web Push Notifications is the best app for abandoned carts, warm welcomes, planned messages, price drops, and restock notifications.

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