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    Top Rated Shopify Inventory Management Applications

    • August 03, 2023
    • 5 min

    Numerous businesses now depend on Shopify. Shopify remains ahead of the curve despite the emergence of WooCommerce and Magento by regularly updating it with new and better features. Shopify, an e-commerce platform builder, understands the significance of stock control. After all, keeping track of inventory is essential for every company that wants to grow financially and provide outstanding customer service. It is crucial to monitor order and stock status across all of your sales channels.

    You'll find all the fundamental tools for managing your stock in Shopify's Inventory section. The Shopify inventory management system even provides a complete 90-day history of stock levels. However, Shopify has several restrictions when used alone. Thus, apps for inventory management are just what you need.

    Why do you need Shopify inventory management apps?

    Apps like this streamline the formerly laborious task of keeping track of stock levels. Shopify’s inventory apps are also useful for anticipating customer needs, managing cash flow, avoiding overselling, and stocking just the right amount of products.

    Here are some scenarios in which an inventory management app for Shopify may be useful:

    • Maintain accurate stock counts with little effort. Spend less time maintaining inventories.
    • Maintain a flawless track record
    • Boost efficiency and output.
    • To determine when and how much stock is needed and prevent going out of stock.

    But, you need to carefully look into the features before selecting an inventory management app for your Shopify store. Here is what you need to look at:

    • It is important that your inventory management app works well with the other applications you use on Shopify.
    • A good app for managing stock should include an automated system. Automatic inventory recording reduces human error and boosts output.
    • Predicting sales can assist you know what to stock up on based on market trends. Pick a program that can accomplish that.

    Which are the top Shopify inventory management apps?

    The following is a list of our top recommendations for Shopify inventory management applications.

    Stock Sync

    Stock Sync streamlines the process of replenishing stock. Store owners using Shopify often use this app. This app may help you manage multiple suppliers, set pricing, restock, and much more.

    A wide variety of synchronization formats, including TXT, XSXL, CSV, EDI, and JSON, are available in Stock Sync. Therefore, shops having an online presence may use their preferred means of updating their data online. The finest thing is that automatic updates may be scheduled in advance. It’s a great option for companies of all sizes.

    Realtime Stock Sync & Bundling

    It is a robust inventory management app on the Shopify app store. Inventory syncs in real-time across all distribution channels. Its primary function is that of inventory management. But it also functions when bundled together. A centralized system is used to update the other channels once an order is placed. Besides the free trial, it offers two premium tiers. There will be no hidden fees applied automatically, either. When you approve charges, only then will it be processed.

    Back In Stock Restock alerts

    When products are restocked, it will let your consumers know through email alerts. Customers will always know exactly how much stock you have on hand. Furthermore, you may personalize your ‘notify me’ button by using one of the available templates. When a customer signs up for an account on your Shopify store, their information is added to your mailing list.


    Sellbrite is a useful app for managing your inventory and selling your wares on online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. By synchronizing your stock levels across all of your devices, you can avoid overselling. It has both free and paid plans. It has various features like quick listing, automating product imports, support for multi houses, and automating marking for shipping.

    Katana Cloud Manufacturing

    Katana is an ERP inventory solution for manufacturers that helps them control their business online. It keeps track of a wide variety of data, including the quantity and cost, the date of manufacturing, the packaging, the barcodes, and more. Zapier, API, Xero, Hubspot, Quickbooks, and Salesforce are just some of the other programs this app works well with. It allows a 14-day free trial and paid plans.

    ShipHero Inventory & Shipping

    The purpose of this Shopify inventory management application is to aid warehouse managers in running successful online stores. It can exchange data with many shipping companies, including FedEx, USPS, UPS, Amazon, and eBay. Moreover, ShipHero has seven distribution centers all throughout the continent. ShipHero’s dedicated support staff is always on hand, whenever you need them.

    Inventory Planner Forecasting

    It is time-saving and simple to use. When you sign up for Inventory Planner, the service will begin updating your stock records. Shopify POS, Amazon, Linnworks, QuickBooks, Xero, DEAR Inventory, and ShipBob are just some of the sales channels that can be integrated with this application. Using market patterns, this function may help you determine how much to order. It offers a 14-day free trial and paid plans.


    Successful Shopify stores understand the need for careful inventory management. The best inventory management app can simplify operations, lessen the likelihood of mistakes, and finally boost conversion rates. In this post, we have looked at many of the best Shopify apps for managing stock. Each of these apps has its own set of tools that may be used to improve a store’s management of stock, orders, and revenue. When deciding on a Shopify inventory management tool, retailers should take into account their unique company demands, available resources, and integration requirements.


    What exactly is an app for managing stock levels?
    An inventory management app helps firms in keeping tabs on their stock, manage their orders, and maximize their sales. It helps stores in automating reordering procedures, and avoid stockouts and surpluses.
    Managing stock seems unnecessary for my Shopify business; why is that?
    Automating as many of your inventory procedures as possible using a dedicated software app may save you time and money. Better stock management, which in turn leads to happier customers and more productive employees, is another potential benefit of this method.
    What should I look for in a Shopify app for managing stock?
    Consider your business’s needs, budget, desired features (e.g., multi-location support, batch tracking), Shopify integration, and customer support when deciding on an inventory management app. Before settling on a course of action, it’s wise to do some reading and try it.
    Is it true that firms may benefit from these inventory management programs?
    The answer is yes; there are a variety of inventory management apps designed for companies of different sizes. There is a wide variety of applications available to meet the demands of businesses of varying sizes and scopes.
    Can I integrate these inventory management apps with other e-commerce platforms besides Shopify?
    Some of these stock-tracking apps may be compatible with marketplaces outside of Shopify. However, you should verify the possible integrations by visiting each app’s website or reading its documentation.

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