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    Web Development: An Overview

    • December 27, 2022
    • 6 min

    Where to find resources for Web Development? How to do web development? How to hire a web developer? Is website development a hard task? These questions come to mind when we think of implementing a business idea that requires the internet. Website development is not only related to social media sites. It also includes web applications for management, gaming, and others. This article will guide you in your idea of web development and in hiring the best web developer.

    Are Web Development and Web design the same?

    Firstly, it must be clear that web development & web design is not exactly the same. There are some similarities between them. Thus, here are some significant distinctions between the two. Web development is the procedure of designing, constructing, and managing web-based applications and websites. A web developer is responsible for writing the script that enables a website to operate. Though it is on the server side or the front side. A Web developer should have expertise in a wide range of scripting languages for web development.

    Likewise, web designing includes the creation of graphical elements. A web designer is responsible for whatever a visitor views on a website. That includes all graphics, color, font, and accessibility components. Web designer builds wireframes and mockups to evaluate potential designs. Also provides feedback on logos, brands, and style guidelines for companies. Furthermore, we require web developers and web designers for website development. You can contact a web development company for that. We will talk about that later ahead. For now, let’s know more about the types of web development.

    There are three main types. Full-stack development, Front-end development, and server-side development(often known as back-end).

    Front-end Web development

    We say this part of the development as the user interface. When people talk about front-end development, they are referring to part of a website that visitors will view. A Front-End web developer is responsible for putting designs for websites and ideas for visual elements into scripts. A front-end web developer is someone who serves as a link between code and graphics. Basically, it is turning scripts into reality. Therefore, a front-end web developer must have hands-on experience with front-end techs like CSS, Javascript, and HTML. A Front-end web developer builds responsive websites. Furthermore, they should have familiarity with React, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.

    Back-end Web development

    Back-end web development focuses on the server-side workings of the system. A back-end web developer defines the fundamental structure of the website. This helps in smooth website development. Equally a backend web developer is the person who helps in ongoing maintenance. Thus, they have to check how the website operates. This involves coding for database complex engagement, page speed, user authorization, and client-server connections. Therefore, a back-end web developer must have hands-on experience with back-end techs like MySQL, Git, and Oracle. Furthermore, they should know PHP, Ruby on rails, and Python.

    Web development Process

    1.Gathering Information: Firstly, you must define the purpose of the project, its goals, and the audience you need to target. For example, if your web app is for project management then the goal would be handling projects securely. This way the web development team would define the target audience. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks because you need to do proper research.

    2.Strategic Planning: In this stage, a web developer plans the workflow of the web app or website. This includes a selection of tech stacks and frameworks. For example, defining front-end tech, back-end tech, and the database – for storage. A web designer designs a wireframe for a visual sketch of the UI. Majorly, web designers use Balsamiq for wireframing. This stage usually takes 2 to 5 weeks because you need to plan the best user experience.

    3.Designing: In this stage of web development, web designers design web user interfaces. You can decide the layout of the website, color scheme, style, and theme. We prefer Adobe Creator Suite and Figma for web design. You can hire web designers from a web development company to design the UI of your project. You can review the designs and redesign them until satisfied. Designing takes around 4 to 11 weeks depending on the website development company.

    4.Text composition: This stage of website development includes writing the content that will be visible on the site pages. Perfect description, attractive taglines, and CTA is the goal of this stage. In case, you already have content, you can migrate it to your website. Furthermore, creative content writing takes 5 to 14 weeks.

    5.Implementation and Code: You need to hire a web developer for this stage. A web development company can also help you with this. An experienced web developer according to the sitemap develops the web pages and setups the server. The web developer must be skilled for this crucial stage. Therefore, while hiring look into the skills and experience of the web developer. This stage requires 6 to 15 weeks of development.

    6.Quality Analysis: Web development without testing is a great risk. Fortunately, now every business knows that testing is important for the success of the project. There are different types of tests that a skilled QA performs to discover bugs and make the website bug free. You can hire QA specialists from a web development company. Furthermore, this process takes 2 to 4 weeks of testing. You can resolve the issues that the website faces before launch.

    7.Launch and Maintenance: Lastly, after testing the website the web developer makes it Live. But, the project is not completed. After the successful launch and getting the audience, site maintenance is necessary. You can have a site maintenance contract with a web development company or a web developer. Continuous upgrades and functionality enhancements are necessary to keep the web app or website on top.  Therefore, this is a lifetime ongoing process.

    Thus, by understanding the stages of web development; it will be an easy task for you to monitor your project development.


    You must always bear in mind that the process of developing a website does not begin with the actual programming of the site. The level of efficiency attained throughout the development process is directly proportional to how well the preparatory period is carried out. Remembering that no part of a website’s growth is unimportant can help you avoid problems. You can now hire a dedicated web developer from a web development company. This will help you in managing your project financially and effectively.



    What are 3 types of web development?

    The three types of web app development are front-end, back-end, and the full-stack development.

    What does a web developer do?
    A web developer helps in developing the website. A front-end web developer is responsible for front-end development. A back-end developer develops the server side of the web app and the full-stack developer is skilled in every phase of web development.
    What skills does a web developer need?
    A web developer should possess excellent problem-solving skills, knowledge of web development frameworks, and creativity.
    Which language for web development?
    HTML, Javascript, and CSS are widely popular for web development.
    How much it costs to hire a web developer?
    It costs around $70,000 to $1,00,000. In India, web developers work at $1,200 per month.

    To know more about hiring a
    Freelance Mobile App developer