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    What is the Shopify Fulfillment Network?

    • November 08, 2023
    • 5 min

    We've explored ecommerce fulfillment services in the past, including ways like third-party logistics, drop shipping, and self-fulfillment. If you're a business owner who would rather outsource the fulfillment process and receive access to a well-established network of warehousing, consider hiring a third-party fulfillment provider like Shopify Fulfillment Network(SFN). This post will provide you with the necessary information about SFN.

    Overview of Shopify Fulfillment Network

    The Shopify Fulfillment Network is a storage and fulfillment service provided to merchants by Shopify. Picking, packaging, and shipping are some of the automated order fulfillment capabilities offered by this service. Thus, the time and money spent on logistics like stocking shelves and staffing checkout counters are all eliminated. By outsourcing their fulfillment needs to the SFN, retailers are free to concentrate on expanding their business.

    Shopify Fulfillment Network Price

    Shopify Fulfillment rates are calculated using a variety of variables, including product dimensions and weight, monthly order volume, and customer location. When budgeting on your fulfillment choices, it’s vital to take all of these considerations into account, since they will affect the final price.

    Sellers only need to pay for the delivery of goods to customers. There are also big savings on shipping and storage costs for merchants. Still, the Shopify Fulfillment page doesn’t have any set price because each business gets a unique quote. So, if you want an exact price, you need to sign up for the Shopify Fulfillment plan.

    To charge any business for delivery, it takes these things into account:

    • Storage: The number of things you have in stock, the size of your collection, and any yearly changes. They basically want to know how much room you’ll need in the Shopify stores. Furthermore, if the seller has any special storage needs, like keeping your items cool.
    • Packing: The tasks you need to do to find your items and pack them up. Size, weight, and the usual order number are some of the things that matter. Special actions, such as checking certain items in stock or putting together goods for monthly boxes. Furthermore, it also counts the type of packaging you want to use, such as standard tape, boxes, and fillers, or packaging that is made just for you.
    • Transportation: The price of sending an item to a customer, taking into account things like where the customer lives and other factors.

    Use of SFN calculator

    SFN gives its sellers a useful calculator that they can use to get an idea of how much it will cost to handle their goods. The tool is easy for businesses to use, and they can quickly and accurately make predictions.

    For accurate cost predictions, the price tool looks at these things:

    • Size weight
    • Where the package is going
    • Things to meet the storage needs

    The calculator is great because it comes with models for everyday things like pots, bowls, sunglasses, and saucepans. You can also add information about your own things.

    That’s all. The end price given is just an estimate. To find out how much Shopify Fulfillment will really cost you, you should ask for a custom quote.

    Benefits of SFN

    With the Shopify Fulfillment Network, you can save money in the following ways:

    • When sellers join the SFN program, they can get cheap shipping with quick delivery times, which means customers don’t have to wait as long.
    • Inventory storage reduces the number of times you run out of stock. It offers dynamic storage space, which means the price changes based on how much stock is in stock at any given time. This makes sure that sellers never run out of stock.
    • Furthermore, it offers clear and simple rates for returns, so there are no extra costs or problems.
    • SFN doesn’t ask sellers to pay anything upfront. With this, small businesses can get the most out of their delivery services without having to spend a lot of money upfront.
    • It also gives sellers discounts for orders with more than one item, which helps them save even more money.
    • You can store as many goods or orders as you want with SFN, and there are no limits on how many you can store. This makes sure that companies can increase their stock without having to worry about extra costs.
    • Once a merchant joins the Shopify Fulfillment Network, they can see all of their sales and packages at once and in real-time.


    The Shopify Fulfillment Network is a valuable solution for eCommerce businesses seeking to enhance their order fulfillment operations. By leveraging this network, merchants can scale their business, reduce shipping costs, and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring faster and more reliable delivery of products. It’s a strategic move by Shopify to offer a comprehensive eCommerce ecosystem to its users.


    How does the Shopify Fulfillment Network work?
    Businesses store their products in Shopify’s fulfillment centers. When customers place orders, the network automatically routes them to the nearest fulfillment center for quick and efficient shipping.
    Is the Shopify Fulfillment Network available globally?
    The network was primarily available in the United States and Canada.
    What are the benefits of using the Shopify Fulfillment Network?
    Benefits include reduced shipping times and costs, improved inventory management, access to competitive shipping rates, and a streamlined order fulfillment process.
    Can I use the Shopify Fulfillment Network with any eCommerce platform?
    The network is primarily designed to work with Shopify’s eCommerce platform. While there are other third-party fulfillment services available, they may not offer the same level of integration and convenience.
    What type of businesses is the Shopify Fulfillment Network suitable for?
    The network is ideal for eCommerce businesses of various sizes that want to improve their order fulfillment and delivery services, especially those using Shopify as their eCommerce platform.

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