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    Which Android Libraries should you use in 2024?

    • March 29, 2023
    • 5 min

    Android libraries are like helping hands for developers in building android apps. It reduces development time as you don’t need to write scripts to add basic functionalities. Thus, it facilitates the quick launch of an app in the market. As an android developer, you must be knowing which android library to use while android app development. In this blog, we have listed some of the best android libraries you can utilize for your project.

    Reasons to use Android Libraries

    Android libraries more generally, are a collection of code that implements a certain function with a specific set of rules for how that library should be used. Common types of data stored in libraries consist of instructions, settings, messages, templates, values, code, help information, sub-routines, and classes. The main benefit of utilizing these libraries is that they let you create a fantastic app for Android quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to put in any extra time or effort in writing scripts.

    This blog will help if you’re just beginning in the field of Android app development and are interested to learn more about the prominent android libraries used by every mobile app development company.

    List of best Android Libraries


    Retrofit is a networking library for Android that uses annotations to accurately map an API to a client interface. In the past, making a network request meant executing an Async task class and then using HttpsUrlConnection to get data. Thus, it was inefficient when working with APIs that returned big amounts of data. When Retrofit was introduced, this problem disappeared. Annotations alone in Retrofit are all that’s required to easily modify headers, request bodies, and query parameters, and choose between several request methods.

    Dagger 2

    Dagger 2 is a dependency injection library. It is based on JSR 330 and uses annotations. It uses Java annotation interpreters with compile-time analysis to predict and evaluate dependencies. By using annotations like @Inject you can create fields. By @Module you can construct objects and give dependencies.


    It’s possible to encounter a wide range of communication problems while you work on an Android app with several dynamic elements. EventBus is specifically designed to address this problem by Greenrobot. EventBus has improved and streamlined the process of sharing information across components, decouples, transmitters, and collectors. Furthermore, it works splendidly with background threads. There are also some highly advanced extras, such as delivery threads. Life cycle difficulties and complicated dependencies are avoided.


    The Bumptech team manages this highly-rated image loader and cache library called Glide. Glide facilitates the decoding and display of media such as video calls, photos, and animated GIFs. The primary goal of this android library is to provide a seamless scrolling experience for any photo collection. Moreover, it works well if you need to download, resize, or show a picture.


    Picasso is a popular and reliable Android image library. It asserts to enable easy picture loading into the app, sometimes using just a single line of code. Picasso avoids common issues by automatically managing memory and caching, handling ImageView, and many more. Additionally, it efficiently and painlessly transforms pictures so they may be used in other layouts and take up less space in storage.


    The CamView library has a collection of ready-to-use components. It can be included in your layout files, providing instant access to the camera’s live preview, barcode scanning helped by ZXing’s in-built decoder, and real-time camera data processing.


    ZXing is an android library for processing barcode images. It is used by Google as well to index millions of barcodes online. It is written in Java but has been extended to other languages. Other barcode types, including 1D product, 1D industrial, and 2D, are supported by this library as well.

    Object Box

    Object Box is a data-binding library for Android. It frees up your important time so that you can focus on the USPs rather than backup and restore data. This library is like a substitute for SQLite. Furthermore, it is a good fit for IoT.


    ButterKnife is a popular view-binding support library. It makes setting ids to views relatively simple, saving developers from using findViewByid. ButterKnife uses annotations to produce boilerplate code.


    This library is used by programmers to access the Chrome Development Tools capabilities that are included in the Chrome desktop browser. Furthermore, android developers have the option of using the dump app tool, which provides robust command-line access to the app’s internal components.

    Gravity View

    The Gravity View is now trendy. For Android, this library provides a user interface for tilting images with the use of sensors. The purpose of the Gravity View library is to put Android’s motion sensors to work, letting users do tasks by simply tilting or turning their smartphones.


    Thus, these are a few Android libraries that might be quite helpful to Android programmers. With these libraries, programmers may effortlessly and quickly create highly functional and responsive mobile applications.


    Which Android library is best?
    It depends on the actions you want to perform. For example, Picasso is best for actions related to images while EventBus is for communication in real time.
    What are third-party libraries in Android?
    The third-party libraries are resources that are reusable in Android applications. Although third-party libraries offer a range of capabilities, they pose significant risks to privacy and security.
    Where are shared libraries in Android?
    The shared libraries in Android can be found in system/lib or system/lib64 or
    What is Robolectric?
    It is an android library for unit testing. The tests run in a simulated android environment.
    What is AnimatedPieView?
    It is an android library that offers a pie-chart view and ring graphs.

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