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    Who are Shopify Partners? How to become one?

    • April 26, 2023
    • 6 min

    We all know that Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that give an opportunity to new or seasoned business owners to show off their items to a wider audience. Shopify makes opening an online shop possible even if you don't know how to write code. Furthermore, store owners may also count on receiving comprehensive help and support from Shopify. However, there may be a time when shop owners want one-on-one assistance, which is why Shopify created the Shopify Partner Program.The web designers, tech developers, and marketing experts that participate in the Partner Program utilize their expertise to aid Shopify store owners in getting started with their online business and growing their revenue using Shopify. Consequently, if you're proficient in web development or graphic design and are looking to establish a passive revenue stream, you might think about being a Shopify Partner. In this blog, I have covered the topics such as introduction to the partner program of Shopify, steps to become one and more.

    Introduction to Shopify Partner Program

    The primary focus of Shopify Partners is to help Shopify merchants expand their online presence. A Shopify partner may assist you in increasing your online store’s visibility, user-friendliness, and sales via a variety of means. Shopify partners are divided into groups as mentioned below.

    1. Web developers: These industry professionals are specialists in building Shopify stores from scratch. They are familiar with all the apps and plugins available on Shopify and can create fantastic customized applications that can assist Shopify store owners in engaging with their customers and boosting sales. A Shopify developer may add features to your store or construct an app to fill any gaps in your sales operation.
    2. Web designers: Designers in the Partner Program of Shopify take care of all the visual aspects, from appealing layouts to consistent branding. These experts can suggest the best designs for your storefront or help you design eye-catching and tempting advertisements. In many cases, this team collaborates alongside programmers. In many cases, this team collaborates alongside programmers.
    3. Marketing experts: Shopify Marketers can assist you in attracting the correct prospects. They can guide you with trendy ideas to implement in your advertising channel to convert additional consumers. Furthermore, they help in marketing campaigns, SEO optimization and digital marketing.
    4. Affiliate Shopify marketing: It allows anybody with an audience and a network of business connections to become an affiliate Shopify marketer. Affiliates may provide any kind of service, like providing content or giving influencer recommendations.

    Levels of Shopify Partner Program

    Anyone may apply for a variety of Shopify Partner Levels, each one tailored to a particular type of Shopify Partner.

    • Assisting merchants start by joining Shopify Partners. Participating in this program will get you a way to an infinite number of shops, marketing resources, updates, and a global network of collaborators. The monthly income is based on the number of clients referred, themes developed, and apps deployed.
    • Only the best tech developers, web designers, and marketers may become Shopify Plus Partners because of the exceptional quality, efficiency, customer service, and support they provide to Shopify store owners. In case, you don’t own an agency and are skilled in designing, developing and marketing of Shopify store, you can apply for Shopify Plus.
    • The last level is Shopify fulfillment partners. The partners form a fulfillment network and handle storage, delivery, returns, etc of Shopify store owners.

    Benefits of the Shopify Partner Program

    If you’re an established business or an individual wishing to broaden your expertise and clientele, joining the Shopify Partner Program could be a great way to do it. Potential collaborators will be enticed by a number of perks. Affiliate links are provided to those who join the Shopify Partner program. In case, a Shopify merchant uses your referral link to buy a premium membership, you will get a commission. Being a Shopify Partner has many advantages, but this is one of the best. Furthermore, Shopify also offers online tutorials for Shopify partners.

    Enter the Shopify Partner Program

    We’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of being a Shopify partner, but there’s one major bonus we haven’t discussed yet: it’s completely free to join. With this newfound knowledge of the benefits of a Shopify Partnership, you can use the following strategies immediately to expand your company’s reach.

    • This article just scratches the surface of what’s involved in a partnership with Shopify; for a more in-depth look at the benefits and services available to partners, see the Shopify partners website.
    • Complete the form with your name, surname, email address, and password. Use a complex password for further protection. You should also think about using two-factor authentication. The next step is to enter your details and click the “Create account” button.
    • Thereafter, you will receive a verification link in your email. There is a time limit on the Shopify email verification link. Follow the link before the timer runs out.
    • After registering an account, you’ll be sent to a page where you may fill out information specific to your company. Please fill out all required fields. Once you’ve done that, proceed down to the ‘Business Objectives’ section. After selecting your choice, please read the ‘Partner Program Agreement’ and check the box if you agree to its conditions. Select the ‘View your dashboard’ tab as the last action.
    • You may decide which Shopify Partner Program you want to join after you’re logged into your Shopify dashboard. Select one of the best options. You should know that you could be required to prove your competence before being admitted into the programs. You may do this by enrolling in one of the numerous courses offered by the Shopify Partner Academy.


    Becoming a Shopify expert is a worthwhile endeavour. You may earn money as a Shopify expert by providing design services, becoming an influencer, publishing content, or consulting for other companies. In case, you need help, we are official Shopify partners with 12+ years of experience in designing and developing Shopify stores from scratch. We also provide upgrade and maintenance support at cost-effective rates.


    How much do Shopify partners make?
    Merchants may pay Shopify partners to set up their Shopify store or to make upgrades to their current store. In the event of a new store set up, Shopify partners will get 20% of their monthly Shopify membership fee.
    What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Partners?
    Shopify is an eCommerce platform whereas Shopify partners are those who help the merchants set up, design, develop, upgrade or maintain their Shopify store.
    Do any large companies use Shopify?
    Raycon, Kylie Cosmetics and more are famous companies that use Shopify as their eCommerce platform.
    How many brands are on Shopify?
    There are over 80,000 businesses on Shopify.
    Is being a Shopify partner worth it?
    Being a Shopify Partner has many advantages. When a new shop is created via a Shopify partner, the partner receives 20% of the monthly Shopify membership price.

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