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    Why build custom software?

    • April 10, 2023
    • 4 min

    In order to fulfill specific needs, developers build software from scratch. But, off-the-shelf software is ready-made and saves money and time. It might be tough for businesses to choose between custom software development and the purchase of off-the-shelf solutions. Thus, it's important to consider the advantages and drawbacks of developing bespoke software. This will allow you to assess whether or not bespoke solutions are the best fit for your company. Furthermore, depending on your company's needs, you may choose the most suitable choice. Let’s explore the benefits of customized software and how it helps any company.

    Introduction to custom software

    One type of software is off-the-shelf software which is made to target a large audience. Another type of software that is developed from scratch to fulfill the requirements of an individual or particular company is called custom software. There is a variety of purposes for customized software to be developed for any company. For example, if a manufacturing company needs software for inventory management, invoice, order tracking and customer relationship management; bespoke software can help. Furthermore, any upgrades can be made if you want to add new functionality to the software.

    The process of developing custom software includes various steps from analysis of requirements to implementation. Therefore, you can hire a software development company that has expertise and experience in developing bespoke software. The development process starts with gathering requirements, analyzing them and making a strategic development plan. Thereafter, you can move forward to the UI/UX design of the software, coding and last deployment.

    It is true that bespoke software is more expensive than off-the-shelf software but, it is more beneficial to use as it is tailored to your specific requirements. If finance is a big problem for you then hiring remote developers from India to build custom software will be cost-effective. You can find developers from Upwork or Clutch at a low hourly rate for your project.

    Advantages of custom software

    As mentioned above, there are various advantages to using bespoke software. Let’s understand it in detail.

    Exclusively Tailored to You

    This is one of the main reasons why bespoke software is preferred over ready-made ones. Custom solutions are made on order, so you may get precisely what your company is looking for. This allows you to target a particular issue rather than a broad market. This will keep your business apart from the competition and give you an advantage. You’ll have unrestricted use of the software and be able to make modifications and add new features at any time.

    Extremely Scalable

    Suppose you have a growing business, general software is not for you. The reason is that you will not be able to do necessary upgrades in off-the-shelf software. On the other hand, you can scale bespoke software to any extent by adding new features anytime as per the requirement.

    Effortless Integration

    Creating bespoke software allows for simple incorporation with any preexisting corporate technology. You may want your company’s various IT systems to connect to one another, or you may need to develop interfaces to facilitate information sharing. Finding a ready-made solution with the required features might be difficult, particularly when dealing with APIs that are not standardized.

    Better ROI

    Custom software might be expensive up front, but it often provides a higher return on investment over time. You won’t be charged extra for features you’ll never use or devices you’ll never install. No matter how much money is required, investing in bespoke software is a good idea because it provides real value.

    Increased Security

    By starting from scratch, you can ensure that your software is secure since you designed it yourself. Off-the-shelf software is generally simple to crack since its source code is freely accessible online. This implies that the flaws in such software are well-known to potential attackers. However, bespoke software is often developed in a closed-source environment.

    24-7 Support

    With ready-made solutions, assistance is typically outside of your control. Whereas with bespoke software, you can be sure that a professional technical support group will be there for you every step of the way. As they are already aware of your software, they can handle any issue with ease.


    I guess you would be clear about why you should build bespoke software for your company. In case, you want to build one, we can help. Alian Software is a leading company in custom software development with 10+ years of experience. Professional web app, mobile app and software development services are offered by us at a cost-effective quote with a thought of collaborative growth. Explore how we worked with a visa counselling company to develop its bespoke software for student visa management. Schedule a FREE consultation with our experts for your next software development project.


    What is meant by custom software?
    The software which is built to meet specific business requirements or tasks is known as custom software.
    What is the global expenditure on ERP software?
    Global expenditure on enterprise software reached over 783 billion USD in 2022.
    What is the advantage of custom software?
    The advantage of customized software is that companies can upgrade it anytime and it is tailored to the specific requirements of the company.
    What is the disadvantage of custom software?
    The main disadvantage of custom software is its cost. It’s expensive to develop customized software but, if developed by hiring remote developers at a low cost can solve this problem.
    How long does custom software take?

    It depends on the complexity of the software. Generally, it takes 4-9 months to develop the software.

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