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    Why should you switch from Big Cartel to Shopify?

    • August 31, 2023
    • 5 min

    If you're already using Big Cartel but want your online business to reach the next level, switching to Shopify might be the best option for you. Migrating your online store from Big Cartel to Shopify gives you access to improved functionality, scalability, and stability. In this post, you can learn why and how to easily switch from Big Cartel to Shopify.

    Reasons to switch from Big Cartel to Shopify

    Both Big Cartel and Shopify have their benefits as ecommerce platforms, however, there are several features exclusive to Shopify that make switching from Big Cartel an easy decision.

    • When compared to Big Cartel, Shopify’s feature set and capabilities are much superior. Shopify offers sophisticated inventory management, blog features, theme customization, and several payment gateways. Big Cartel, on the other hand, is better suited to smaller shops’ where there are not more but basic requirements.
    • Shopify’s scalability and flexibility have made it a popular choice for companies of all sizes. It can handle a lot of customers and a wide variety of products. Big Cartel, on the other hand, works well for less popular or smaller businesses with fewer products.
    • You may add new functionalities to your online business with the help of Shopify’s comprehensive app store. Big Cartel’s app selection is smaller, which might restrict your store’s potential for personalization and improvement.
    • Shopify’s customer service team is available around the clock by phone, email, and live chat. Big Cartel’s customer service is only accessible through email, and its available help hours are shorter.
    • With Shopify, you may choose from a wider variety of editable themes and templates to design a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust. Big Cartel’s limited theme options may restrict your ability to personalize your store’s appearance.

    Thus, Shopify is a better choice for businesses that are well-established and require advanced options. Now, let’s know the steps to migrate from Big Cartel to Shopify.

    Ways to migrate from Big Cartel to Shopify

    First, you need to export the data from Big Cartel. But, you can only export products and orders from Big Cartel. Furthermore, Big Cartel does not have an integrated export option, therefore you will need to manually export the data from the frontend Product page into a JSON file. Thereafter, you need to convert the JSON file to a CSV file. After exporting the data, there are two ways to migrate to Shopify. The first way is using an app and the second is manually.

    Migrate using an app

    You can use apps like Matrixify, Migration Pro, or Cart2Cart Store Migration App. Try out several apps until you find one that makes the migration go smoothly. Thereafter, go to Shopify admin, click on apps, and add the app. For instance, let’s go with the Matrixify app. Make sure that the files are in Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets formats.

    Now, open the app from the Apps section in Shopify. In the import section, click on Add File. Now, you need to add the exported CSV file there and the app will automatically provide a report detailing the mistakes, ignored columns, and the total number of products to import. Lastly, click on Import. The migration of products and orders would be performed successfully.

    Migrate manually

    You need to export all the files from Big Cartel in JSON and convert them to CSV. Thereafter, you need to import the files separately. For example, to import products, go to Shopify Admin> Products>Import>Add File> Upload>Import Products. Similarly, you need to do this to import orders manually. Get help from Shopify developers to migrate apps, content, reviews, etc. smoothly from Big Cartel to Shopify store.


    In conclusion, migrating your e-commerce store from Big Cartel to Shopify may provide a number of benefits. Shopify’s strong and flexible platform offers more features, customization possibilities, and scalability so that your company may expand as it needs to. Shopify allows you to build a better online shop, reach a wider audience, and increase sales because of its extensive app ecosystem, sophisticated marketing tools, and superior search engine optimization (SEO) features.

    Shopify’s complete range of tools and resources makes it a compelling choice for growing companies that want to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive e-commerce industry. Making the change may result in happier customers, more engagement for your business, and more money in your pocket.


    Is it possible for me to migrate from Big Cartel to Shopify on my own?

    It is possible to do the migration of your shop on your own, but it might be a lengthy and difficult activity. If you want a smooth transition with little downtime, hiring an e-commerce expert is a good idea.

    How long does it typically take to switch over from Big Cartel to Shopify?
    The length of time required to accomplish the migration is proportional to the quantity and complexity of the data being moved.
    Will there be any downtime during migration?
    You may face downtime if you are doing the migration on your own without any previous experience. Thus, make sure to hire e-commerce experts to ensure a safe migration.
    Will there be any loss in SEO rankings after migration?
    Search engine rankings will not drop because of the migration. You can prevent any harm from coming to your site’s SEO by using the required precautions.
    Can I switch everything to Shopify from Big Cartel?
    No, you can only switch Products and Orders with the app. For other data, you will need to contact e-commerce experts and do it manually.

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