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    WooCommerce vs Shopify – Which is the best?

    • April 18, 2023
    • 6 min

    The comparison of WooCommerce vs Shopify is always a hot topic. Besides, lots of business owners get confused about picking the right platform for their eCommerce business. If you want to make a decision based on popularity, then both platforms are very popular. According to Statista, the market share of WooCommerce is leading with 38. 74%. On the other hand, as mentioned in Demandsage, approx. 649 million people purchased from Shopify stores in 2022. Thus, it becomes tough to select any one of the technology. So, let's compare WooCommerce and Shopify before picking anyone.

    WooCommerce Vs Shopify – Which one is easy to use?

    Shopify is an e-commerce platform which covers all the technical factors like backups, security and updates. Thus, you don’t have to worry about coding or any other technical problems and can focus on generating sales. Whereas, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that requires technical knowledge for backup, website security and updates. Therefore, you need to be a tech expert to manage the eCommerce store if you use WooCommerce. Thus, if you are a non-technical person, Shopify is the best choice for you. Thus Shopify wins in WooCommerce Vs Shopify – Easy to use.

    Who has more appealing themes?

    The visual appeal of a store is very important. Your online shop theme should be attractive and engaging to achieve maximum sales. If we talk about Shopify, there are more than 70 different both free and paid themes available. And even though you allow for variations, the true number is far over 100. Furthermore, the themes on Shopify are well-designed and presentable, as they are focused on increasing your sales. Prices for premium themes begin at $140. This may seem like a lot but think of it as an asset in your shop rather than a one-time expense. It may be cost-effective if it increases sales. Else, there are several free templates available if you’re on a low budget.

    On the other hand, WooCommerce has unlimited theme selection options that are also free and paid. WooCommerce also has a default theme – Storefront. It is mobile-friendly and adapts to any screen size. Furthermore, the design is modern and minimalistic, adding to its appeal. But, in this round of WooCommerce vs Shopify battle, Shopify wins because Shopify’s themes are more professionally designed, and you can even modify them further. But, WooCommerce themes fall short of expectations.

    Which can be set up in less time?

    Shopify is the way to go if you’re just getting started or don’t have much experience with e-commerce platforms. It is simpler and faster to launch your business on Shopify. Choosing and customizing a theme for your shop’s appearance is as simple as following the on-screen prompts. Whereas, WooCommerce is better suited to those who aren’t desperate to make a ton of sales right away. The reason behind this is that you can build the store from scratch using your technical knowledge. Furthermore, you have all the creative freedom if you want to customize it.

    Again in this round of WooCommerce vs Shopify, Shopify wins as it streamlines the process of opening a business by centralizing all of the necessary components, in contrast to WooCommerce.

    Who has more apps and plugins?

    Adding functionality to your e-commerce site is simple by downloading an app or plugin. Apps for enhancing shipping, search engine optimization, and marketing are all available for both eCommerce platforms. But, the question is which platform has more apps and plugins? WooCommerce is actually based on Plugins. It offers over 50,000 plugins from which you can choose the best ones to build your e-commerce site. But, Shopify offers only 1200+ apps and plugins which are far less compared to WooCommerce. Thus, in this round of WooCommerce vs Shopify, WooCommerce wins.

    Who has better SEO features?

    Attracting visitors to your online storefront requires careful SEO efforts. WooCommerce and Shopify are neck-and-neck when comparing search engine optimization. WooCommerce incorporates a wide variety of WordPress SEO plugins. n order to give Google a better idea of the content of your pages, you may optimize them by giving them descriptive names and meta descriptions. Nonetheless, Shopify does provide a variety of SEO add-ons via its own App Store. But, you can only add basic data like page title and description. Whereas WooCommerce plugins help in in-depth on-page SEO. Thus, WooCommerce wins in this round of WooCommerce vs Shopify.

    Who offers better Marketing tools?

    Successful companies are those that constantly grow. With the right marketing techniques, businesses may connect with potential new customers. With Shopify and tools like Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS and Upsell—Pop Ups—Email Marketing, you can manage many email marketing campaigns. Similarly, WooCommerce offers plugins like MailChimp that enable you to easily deliver customized marketing emails. Thus, with Shopify’s multichannel selling and other marketing tools, any business may reach thousands of users. WooCommerce, on the other hand, uses add-ons to power its advertising features. Therefore, Shopify Wins.


    To sum up, the Shopify store can be easily customizable, and quick to launch and the most important thing is that it is easy to use. Whereas WooCommerce can be a perfect choice for those who have the technical knowledge to build an e-commerce site. In case, you are still figuring out to choose the best platform for you, let us help you out. Book a FREE consultation with our Shopify Experts.


    Is eCommerce and WooCommerce the same?
    No. eCommerce is the practice of buying and selling goods and services over the Internet whereas WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that turns any website into an online shop.
    Is there a cost associated with using WooCommerce?
    No, WooCommerce is a free plugin used to sell products online. You have to pay if you want to use premium features.
    Which eCommerce platform to use for small businesses?
    For small businesses, WooCommerce is the best platform to use for small businesses as it is a free plugin.
    Is there a better option than WooCommerce?
    If you are searching for an option for WooCommerce, Shopify will be the best choice.
    Does WooCommerce slow down your website?
    If you integrate many plugins, it may slow down your website.

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