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Why WordPress is best for Blogging & Website?

A website is a great tool to grow your brand & business. It not only provides you the value to your business, but also creates potential customer base for your brand. And building websites or web page for blogging has become easier than ever nowadays. Developers uses various kind of tools, frameworks & technologies available to build a website. Like PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, HTML, etc. Such as WordPress. It is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) available right now.

Here are the reasons why you should choose WordPress for your blogging and enterprise website.

1. No Cost & Open-Source

WordPress is an open-source and free for all CMS (content management system). That’s why it is one of the prime option for developers. Unlike other website building tools, WordPress is free from any commercial restrictions and limitations. That means you can use the software anywhere, anytime and as you want. So, you can start doing it yourself by installing it to your desktop PC. Or you can hire developers at almost no cost.

2. User Friendly

You are not required to be a genius or a computer-geek to operate WordPress. As it offers such a better back-end user interface, anybody can learn to operate in less time without an expert’s help. Therefore One-Third of the web developing community uses WordPress Development Services for online blogging. WordPress has become a full-fledged CMS (content management system) over a period of time. That means it allows you to manage your whole website, not just only your blog. Of course, if you just want to blog, you can use it that way too.

3. Popularity

More than 60 million websites use WordPress as of April 2019. More than One-Third of top 10 million websites are built using WordPress. It works by storing your content and allows you to create & publish web pages. As it only requires a domain and a hosting site to work. It is popular mainly because it is an open source platform. WordPress dominates the CMS (content management system) market, with nearly 60% market share. That means not only is WordPress popular for all websites, it’s especially popular for websites with a pre-built content management system.

4. Search Engine Optimization – on the go!

Search engine optimization is a necessity to drive traffic at doorstep of your site. And guess what, WordPress provides you the same great tool of Search Engine Optimization while you are building your content for your blog or website. It is absolutely helpful as you are not required to hire anybody to improve Search Engine Optimization or edit the content for optimization once it’s done by your side. Furthermore, this feature greatly improves your content writing skills if you are a blogger & want to build blog web page by yourself.

Search Engine Plugins like Yoast SEO makes search engine optimization incredibly easy for you. All you need to do is to make basic settings and everything else will be done itself. And just not only that, some plugins analyze your content and offer suggestions too. So even if you don’t know anything about Search Engine Optimization, you can still optimize your content by following a plugin’s recommendations. This makes WordPress the most SEO friendly CMS (content management system) available right now.

5. Theme Customization

The most important feature is Themes customization and Thousands of professionally designed themes. And many of them available for free. WordPress themes allow you to have a professionally designed website without the pain or expense of hiring a professional web designer. There are more than 2000 free themes available to you at WordPress Theme Directory and even more available for a price at sites like Theme ForestStudioPress and WooThemes. Or else you can hire us to design your own themes.

6. Unlimited Freedom of Creativity

WordPress offers you more than 54,000 plugins without any cost to you. It is far more than other CMS (Content Management System) offers you. Not only that, it also allows you to create your own plugin. That means you can create unlimited plugins, its just a matter of your creativity. You can make whatever you dream and put it on your website. And host your plugin on Which can be used by other developers too.

7. Responsive Mobile Sites

Nowadays, users could be coming to your website from a variety of devices, whether that’s a desktop computer, a mobile smartphone, or a tablet device. You need to ensure that your website works effortlessly on all these devices for the best user experience. WordPress provides all your content in mobile responsive which is better as you are not required to do any coding to make your website or web page mobile responsive.

8. Security

WordPress offers various free and paid security plugins which boosts security of your website. You can use plugins like JetPack to your website which is available for free as well as for paid plans. It also makes your website to load faster and also enables to keep watch on your site in real-time as it alerts you during downtime within a moment. Apart from that, WordPress provides you backup plugins like updraftplus which has over 2 million users including Princeton University, P&G and even NASA. It helps you to quickly restore your site using backup. These plugins are important during downtime and keep yourself safeguarded from any potential attack.

9. WordPress – Mobile App

WordPress’s mobile application empowers you to create, edit or manage everything on your website or blog page through your mobile handset. Not only that, it allows you to check all the statistics regarding performance of your website or blog. It greatly enhances your capability to control your website or blogging website without any limitations. It supports every website built in WordPress 4.0 or above. There are other frameworks which offers mobile applications but they are not as effective and efficient as this mobile app is.

10. Less Loading Time

Driving traffic to your website and keeping them to stay at your site for longer time is a different thing. How much time anybody spends on your website will be effected by how quickly it loads. It’s a necessity that your website loads quickly, means within 2 seconds or less. This means you need a framework that allows to load fast and won’t keep your users waiting or run away from your site. And WordPress offers you the same facility with quick loading themes and plugins. It makes your site to load quickly. So, it only helpful in driving traffic but also makes them to stay at your site.


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