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    Cost to build a fitness training or workout app

    • April 09, 2023
    • 5 min

    These days, the market for health and fitness is thriving. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of individuals actively trying to improve their fitness and health since the outbreak. People started using fitness training or workout apps to achieve their health goals. It was observed in the year 2022 that the fitness apps market reached 30.98 billion dollars. It is estimated that it will reach 38.66 billion dollars in 2023 with a revenue change of 24.8%. By 2027 it may reach $66.08 billion. This presented data proves the fact that now is a good time to launch a fitness app. Let’s understand its types and development process in this post.

    Types of workout apps

    There are 4 types of fitness apps known so far. They are a Free trial, Paid, App with ads and an in-app purchase app.

    • Free trial app : Free apps are like motivations. These apps provide free service for a limited period of time. Thus, users can know the features of the app and get tempted to pay to use the app.
    • Paid app:This type of app is not free for users. It can have a one-time purchase option or can be accessed through monthly or yearly subscriptions.
    • App with ads:This type of app doesn’t need subscriptions to be used but it has in-app advertisements.
    • In-app purchase app:This type of app is available for free to use but has an option of purchase for training sessions or diet recipes or more

    Custom Fitness app development process

    Before hiring an in-house team or remote developers from an agency for developing a fitness app, you must know the development process. You can follow the process given below:

    • Start by writing out all the software requirements specifications. This document will make it easy to communicate your idea to the team members. This can initially be a prioritized set of characteristics with brief descriptions. A professional fitness and exercise app development business may assist you in drafting such documents even if you lack expertise in doing so.
    • Initial development begins with a solid design. App developers need an understanding of the UI before they can begin development. In order to produce a flawless app design that captures the soul of your idea at the most cost-effective rate, you will need the assistance of the best UI/UX design company. You may make use of their extensive experience to develop an app with a design that meets or exceeds all of your expectations.
    • We recommend beginning with an MVP. To launch an MVP, you need to select the features that are important and want your audience to see. The initial users of the product will provide you with valuable feedback. Thus, with the necessary upgrade, you can launch your final app in the market.

    Cost of building a custom workout app

    There are a lot of variables that impact the overall cost of making a custom fitness app. The budget and associated costs are affected by every aspect of the development phase. If you create native iOS and native android apps, the development cost would be higher as you need to develop two apps for different platforms. Whereas, if you develop a cross-platform app, you can target users of both platforms and the development cost will be low.

    Furthermore, the cost of developing a fitness app with complex features would be more than a simple app with fewer features. Thus, the cost of building a complex fitness app will be approximately $100K to $350K in the USA whereas a simple workout app development will cost you around $70K to $100K in the USA. The cost may also vary based on the region. A simple fitness app development will cost around $40K to $100K in India and the cost of complex app development will be around $120K to $200K. Apart from this, if you hire in-house developers to develop a fitness app, you have to invest more compared to hiring remote developers from an agency.

    Must-have workout app features

    Apart from your unique ideas or features, you need to add some features that are important to make your app a successful one.

    • Firstly, your app should have a user account. Users can see their workout progress, track their weight, manage their workout plans and so on.
    • Secondly, you need to add reminders. Users should get their training reminders on or before the scheduled time. You can integrate motivational or engaging push notifications.
    • Nowadays, most Internet users maintain profiles on many different social networking platforms. Social media integration is essential for any fitness app that contains a user profile. This will let users share their progress data over social media.
    • Lastly, provide the functionality of device interconnection. This will provide users with precise and useful information about their physical exercise.


    Based on the various cost factors mentioned above, the cost of building a fitness training app can be reduced. Try to hire developers from an app development company at a low hourly cost. To ensure the app’s success, be sure to include all the above-mentioned features and functionality.


    What are the cost factors of workout app development?

    App features, tech stack, UI/UX and developers are the cost factors to develop any mobile or web app.

    How much time is required to build a fitness app?
    It may take a maximum of 300 hours or a minimum of 70 hours to build a fitness app. The time required to develop an app depends on its complexity and development team.
    Which is the best app for a workout tracker?

    FitNotes is the best app to log your daily workout.

    Which are the best workout apps?

    8fit, FitOn, Jefit, Peloton, and Home Workout are the best apps for workouts.

    How to build fitness apps at low cost?

    One way to build health and fitness apps at a low cost is to hire remote app developers from Clutch or Upwork.

    To know more about hiring a
    Freelance Mobile App developer