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    A Guide to Shopify Image Size For Your Online Store

    • August 10, 2023
    • 6 min

    A visitor's first impression of your Shopify store, and interest in making a purchase, will be formed by the photos shown. As a result, as a retailer, it is your responsibility to guarantee that the photographs do not slow down the site loading rates and that they are appropriately formatted and sized.

    This prevents the photos from seeming distorted or incomplete. This Shopify image size guide will teach you why it's crucial to use the right dimensions for your logo, banner, and product photos, and what those dimensions should be.

    Why do you need to consider Shopify image size?

    Organizing and adding new pictures takes a lot of time. However, they are often the root cause of a shopping website’s poor performance in areas like search engine optimization and conversion rates.

    The challenging thing in building an e-commerce store is making sure your images are the right size so that they load quickly and look well. Furthermore, Shopify’s several image formats have various requirements such as the size of logos and those of banners. Additionally, when users have no trouble making out the details in the photographs, they are more likely to make a purchase. Thus, images that aren’t the right size will slow down your site, which could lead visitors to leave.

    Lastly, large and high-quality photos convey an air of professionalism, convincing clients that your company can be trusted and that its items are of the best quality. Thus, there is a need to consider the Shopify image size. You can resize images using online tools like Crush, Avada SEO, Booster SEO and Image Optimizer, and SEO Image Optimizer and Speed.

    What must be the product image size on Shopify?

    Images of product pages are the most common methods of advertising. You shouldn’t always depend on Shopify’s automatic features, although the themes do a decent job of cropping and optimizing product photos. The dimensions of the product image on Shopify are 2048px X 2048px. You may optimize your pictures so that they load quickly without sacrificing quality, and you can show your consumers the outstanding quality of your original photographs.

    It’s still possible to use longer and bigger pictures for product shots, but you have less control over how the theme modifies them. It’s possible that landscape images will be shrunk when compared to portrait images.

    What should be the size of the collection image?

    Including an image when adding a collection is optional, but doing so will let you create a landing page–like a page dedicated just to the items in that collection. In case, you create a collection page without filling out the Image section, it will use one of the highlighted product photos from that collection. You need to use a 2048px X 2048px image for the collection page.

    Furthermore, the theme you choose will always affect the final product. In fact, some themes include extra features with your collection photographs, such as the option to display the image as a banner on its own collection page. Thus, the best course of action, in general, is to put your theme through testing. Add a variety of picture sizes to your archives. Note the effective measurements, and stick with them in the future.

    What should be the size of the Logo image?

    Your logo is the most noticeable part of your online shop. It’s in plain sight from the moment a visitor opens your homepage, and it stays there for the duration of their visit since headers are placed there by default. Shopify customers that have problems with logo sizes may notice that the logo is too small or that it distorts the menu. The logo might also have a lot of empty space below or above it.

    The recommended Shopify image size for the logo is 250px X 250px. Still, sometimes the logo will be pointing in an odd direction because of the sidebar or because your menu has too many items. To get the greatest appearance, you should experiment with different logo sizes and layout options on your site.

    What must be the Shopify banner image size?

    The bigger photos you may use at the top of a webpage to display new items and contain text and a button are often referred to as a Hero image or image banner. Banner pictures must have a high quality to avoid seeming blurry when resized or viewed on a variety of devices. Banners and hero pictures, whatever you pick, should be no less than 1200px X 600px. However, in most cases, a width of 1200px – 2000px and a height of 400–600 px would be enough.

    What must be the Shopify’s slideshow image size?

    Similar to a banner, slideshows need high-resolution photos. Multiple images may be shown in a single content section on a website using this method. After each picture, they automatically go to the next one. If you’re making a new slideshow, feel free to change the dimensions, but for consistency and the best user experience, make sure all the photos in that slideshow are the same size.

    For optimal viewing, aim for 2000-600 pixels in width and height. However, the width might be between 1200 and 2000 pixels, and the height 400 to 600 pixels.


    In the competitive marketplace of e-commerce, how your items are displayed visually may make or break your business. Knowing the appropriate picture sizes is essential while using Shopify. Users will have a better experience, the page loads faster, and more purchases made if you follow the suggested picture size recommendations and optimize your photos for different devices.

    Keep in mind that the general look of your shop is just as important as making sure the picture sizes and quality are consistent. Create a memorable shopping experience for your consumers by using the right picture sizes in conjunction with an attractive layout, eye-catching product photography, and a straightforward interface.


    Why is image size important for my Shopify store?
    The speed, responsiveness, and user experience of your online store will all be impacted if you don’t optimize your image sizes. Fast page loads are guaranteed by properly optimized photos, which also assist to decrease bounce rates and present your items perfectly.
    What must be the image size for products on Shopify?
    While the recommended Shopify image size for products can vary based on your store’s theme, a common guideline is around 2024 x 2024 pixels. This size is large enough to display well on most devices without causing significant loading delays.
    Can I use the same image for desktop and mobile versions of my store?
    It’s recommended to make images responsive that automatically adjust based on the user’s device. This ensures optimal display on both desktop and mobile screens, providing a seamless browsing experience.
    How do I optimize images for faster loading?
    You can optimize images by using tools to compress them without compromising quality. Shopify’s image optimization feature can also help in this regard.
    Can I change image sizes after my store is live?
    Yes, you can update image sizes even after your store is live. However, it’s advisable to maintain consistency to avoid any disruptions in the visual flow of your website.

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