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    Improve Customer Experience with AI Technology

    • June 01, 2023
    • 5 min

    The concept of artificial intelligence to improve customer experience is becoming mainstream. There has been an increase in companies researching AI's potential applications in customer service.But, does this technology truly work? If you want to improve your approach to the customer's overall experience, would AI make any difference? To what extent are businesses using AI tools today? Let’s understand the role of AI in customer service.

    How AI Helps To Improve Customer Experience?

    There are various benefits of using AI in customer support. It helps not only in providing support but also enhancing the overall customer experience.

    • The main benefit of AI is that it helps you with an abundance of real-time user data. NLP allows you to collect the data, evaluate it and know the shift in customer behaviour. Thus, you can eventually enhance customer experience.
    • Furthermore, it helps in increasing productivity. You will require fewer staff but would have 24*7 available AI technology which can provide the best customer service.
    • In business, there are many repetitive tasks. Thus, the AI-enabled tools and platforms execute the bulk of the regular labour, freeing up human resources to focus on higher-value activities.
    • When it comes to making important business decisions, AI is also proving to be an invaluable asset. It has the ability to analyze user interaction history and current market trends. Businesses may better plan for the future thanks to this technology.
    • In e-commerce, many consumers place items but then abandon shopping carts owing to various issues such as a confusing checkout procedure. Thus, businesses may minimize shopping cart abandonment rates by using AI to improve customer experience and understand their pain points.
    • Furthermore, fraud detection is one of the most important applications of AI in retail, banking, and other sectors from a customer service perspective. As mentioned above, it can collect and analyze user data. Thus, it can detect fraud and prompt preventive action.
    • AI-driven systems also facilitate customized customer service depending on the person’s voice or facial expressions. With the help of tools like facial recognition and virtual assistants, you can now respond accordingly, boosting satisfaction and, in turn, revenue.

    Which Industries Use AI To Improve Customer Experience?


    One of the most noticeable areas in which AI is helping healthcare is the patient’s experience. It streamlines the process of analyzing the medical records of a patient. Furthermore, it helps in coming up with medical therapy that gives better possibilities for success.

    It additionally supports healthcare providers in delivering one-to-one patient support. It can handle everything from communicating with patients about when to take their medications to share their most up-to-date health records with their physicians. Additionally, it can check the symptoms of patients, schedule appointments, gather patient data and refill medications. Some of the available healthcare AI that prove an improvement in customer service are Youper, Babylon Health and Florence.


    The UX of mobile banking and financial applications is also being updated with the help of artificial intelligence. Chatbots are one example of how technology is assisting people in making financial decisions. The ultimate result of better fraud detection and risk mitigation in processes is increased customer engagement and security.

    Furthermore, the usage of AI APIs in the financial technology industry allows for the prediction of user behaviour. This may be of use to financial institutions such as banks. Consider a scenario where the user makes a single request for information on the expenditures over the last month.

    The server uses AI to anticipate the user’s next action such as asking for the income of the previous month and responds accordingly. Thus, you reduce the total number of requests. If the predictive analysis is accurate, the technology also helps the user in working more quickly.


    In the Entertainment industry, AI and ML, are likewise sparing no effort to provide an outstanding user experience. Youtube is the best example of this. The Entertainment app may learn the user’s preferences over time to provide related content.

    Thus, users can watch their preferred type of movies, music or shows. Furthermore, it helps in generating content for entertainment. With the help of AI, you can generate images, videos and even edit them. Furthermore, AI automatically adjusts video quality to customers’ internet speed to prevent buffering.


    Artificial intelligence has the ability to greatly improve the shopping experience. AI can derive recommendations tailored to each individual customer’s tastes and preferences. Furthermore, chatbots may offer fast customer service by responding to FAQs, helping with product recommendations, and fixing common problems.

    It can help in inventory management, warehouse management and gathering sales data in real time. Thus, AI can share information regarding the availability of stocks. Retailers may boost customer satisfaction, create deeper connections with shoppers, and boost growth by using AI in these ways.


    Customer happiness is extremely important for the growth of your company. Providing the best customer experience will help you in expanding the number of loyal customers and boost sales. Thus, incorporating AI technology into your business can improve customer experience in a cost-effective way.

    There are many software available in the market with various advantages. Thus, developing custom AI software to improve customer satisfaction is a wise decision. Book a FREE consultation with us to know more about developing AI software and get a budget-friendly quote.


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    You can use AI tools for 24*7 customer support, product recommendations, handle FAQ queries, etc. to enhance customer satisfaction.
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