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    7 apps like EarnIn for financial services

    • January 27, 2024
    • 5 min

    Earnin provides cash advances to customers looking to borrow money. If you need cash advances, you may receive them quickly with instant transfers. The majority of cash lending programs allow quick access to additional accessible dollars. While EarnIn shines at its core service of early paycheck access, it lacks extra services like savings, incentives, summaries, and refunds that other platforms may provide. Thus, in this post, we will list 7 apps like EarnIn that you can use.

    What is the working method of apps like EarnIn?

    Earnin is one of the best firms that provide fast personal loans for short-term financial difficulties. Customers can use this app to receive payments. Its credit builder loans need you to have a functional, legitimate bank account and a steady monthly income.

    Cash advances in Earnin allow each applicant to receive additional funds to address unforeseen expenses and charges. These apps also work with the community to help candidates.

    To use the app, you must link your bank account as well as enter job information to help the administration verify your paycheck schedule. The next step is to enter what you make into this credit advance application.

    It’s simple: send your digital logbook and use the ‘Automagic Earnings’ option to automatically add the funds to your account. Apps like EarnIn provide a cheaper alternative to conventional payday loans.

    Which are the best 7 apps like EarnIn?


    The Dave app offers a well-organized method of receiving a cash advance. You may apply for a considerable amount of your past monthly earnings.

    Its free version is more than adequate for paying for genuine checks and receiving more funds without interest. The application process does not require a credit score, so anyone with a poor score can apply.

    What is the charge/interest rate? The monthly charge for utilizing this loan-based application is only $1. Hourly workers are also allowed to apply for and return the loan on their next payment.


    PayDaySay, the leading service provider, offers fast access to short-term loans with the possibility of further borrowing. The yearly percentage rate ranges from 5.99 to 35.99%. Despite being one of the most versatile alternatives, this platform does not provide loan decisions because it is not a direct lender.


    You may receive money promptly with minimal or no monthly costs if you have a monthly subscription to Chime’s ATM network. Furthermore, there are no transaction fees if you need to pay someone having an account in a different bank. Additionally, there is no requirement for a minimum balance.


    It is one of the apps like EarnIn that helps with investing, saving, and borrowing money. There is a low-interest rate, and the loan payback period is allowed till 14 days. You can avail of loans of up to $50,000 with it. Overall, anyone can avail loan from $50 to $250.

    SoLo Funds

    The SoLo cash seeks to help consumers improve their monthly budgets by giving additional cash, while also presenting shareholders with a unique opportunity. However, this mobile application is not designed to generate a lot of money.

    Applying is free; however, a bank account is required. The highest advance amount varies by investor. Furthermore, the maximum advance is determined by your net income and the ability to receive direct payments. There are no charges for membership or other expenditures.


    There are no credit checks in Zirtue. Additionally, you can pay the loan on your own terms. Furthermore, there are low-interest rates and penalties if you pay late. It facilitates lending from friends and family. It has a partnership with MoneyGram which helps you to get more benefits.


    PayActiv is another cash advance application that allows employees to access their earned revenue before they receive their paycheck. It also provides financial advice to its customers, educating them on a variety of approaches for sensible money management.

    PayActiv is a function that allows you to pay bills and get prescription medicine savings. Additionally, it has a debit card that allows for fast cash withdrawals. However, transferring cash may involve a $5 fee.


    To summarize, there are other apps like Earnin that provide unique financial services to customers. These applications offer solutions for managing funds, accessing earnings before payday, and a variety of other financial features. It’s critical to select the app that best meets your requirements and tastes. Whether you need rapid access to your earnings, budgeting guidance, or investing opportunities, these options provide a variety of tools to help you reach your financial objectives.


    Is there another app similar to EarnIn?
    Yes, there are many apps like EarnIn available in the market to invest, save, and borrow money from the loan provider or friends. 7 of the apps are listed above.
    Why consider alternatives to Earnin?
    While Earnin provides valuable services, exploring alternatives can help you find additional features, better rates, and a user experience that aligns with your financial needs.
    What are some alternatives to Earnin?
    Some alternatives to Earnin include Dave, Zirtue, PaydaySay, Chime, MoneyLion, SoLo Funds, and PayActiv. Each app has unique features catering to different financial needs.
    Which app is best for accessing earned wages early?
    Apps like Dave and Brigit specialize in providing early access to earned wages. The best app for you depends on your specific preferences and requirements.
    Do these apps charge fees?
    Yes, many of these apps may charge fees for their services. It’s crucial to review the fee structure of each app to understand the costs associated with early wage access, financial management tools, or any additional features.

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