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    Best SEO tools you can use for Shopify

    • May 11, 2023
    • 5 min

    If people are unable to discover your eCommerce store using search engines like Google or Bing, it’s hard to survive in this digital world. However, you need an easy method to manage, monitor, and measure SEO in order to successfully increase ranks, traffic, and revenue. Using Shopify's search engine optimization applications or plugins is the most effective way to boost traffic to your online shop.Which of the various Shopify SEO tools should you use? To help you rank higher in search engine results pages, I am listing the top 6 Shopify SEO tools available today.

    Top 6 SEO tools for Shopify

    It’s important to note that knowing and using SEO tools isn’t enough to improve search engine optimization for Shopify shops. It’s important to do this as part of your marketing plan, but you need the correct tools to do it well. You can also use Google Analytics and Google search console as SEO tools for free. Both are the analysis tool that gives you a competitive analysis of the Google search engine. You just need to add your Shopify store domain in Google Analytics to know the daily or monthly traffic results.

    Apart from this, Shopify gives you a leg up on the competition since it has so many built-in features that are optimized for search engines. Plus, you may do all the required activities and procedures quickly and easily. For in-depth SEO metrics, you can use the listed SEO tools available on Shopify.


    Images on your Shopify shop might slow down page speed if they aren’t optimized. Visitors that land on a slow website won’t wait around to buy anything; they’ll just go. The greater the bounce rate, the worse it is for organic search results. That’s why you need to prioritize a quick website load time. That you can do with TinyIMG.

    When it comes to optimizing your Shopify store for speed, images, and alt text, this application is among the greatest free SEO tools available. It provides you with data on your site’s loading time and advice on how to improve it. Furthermore, you will find 404/301 redirects, meta generator, JSON-LD and more to increase the store’s visibility. The rating is 5.0 and has a free plan also. After 50 Free images, you need to pay for a monthly subscription. Overall, it is a good app to make a huge difference on SERPs.

    Avada SEO

    Avada SEO helps in automatically optimizing your Shopify store’s picture sizes, alt texts, meta tags, and JSON-LD. Furthermore, it helps with sitemap generation and Google Search Console integration. You can audit your Shopify store product, blogs and other page SEO to find problems and fix them.

    It helps in detecting broken links and automatically redirects the page URL. It is rated 4.9 on the Shopify app store and has a free plan for limited features. To use advanced features, you need to buy a PRO plan.


    SearchPie – SEO Booster claims to be one of the universal SEO tools that will aid you in staying ahead of the competition on the search engine results page. SEO Booster’s user interface requires nothing in the way of technical know-how. Thus, it makes it ideal for inexperienced users.

    All of the most important search engine optimization data for your Shopify shop is included in the app. You may also do a comprehensive site scan, which will provide you with a detailed report of any problems found as well as solutions. Increased organic traffic, search engine rankings, and page load times are all possible thanks to these SEO automatic features. It has gained 4.9 stars on the Shopify app store and comes with a free plan too. For advanced features, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

    Smart SEO

    Smart SEO will increase traffic to your Shopify store by focusing on all aspects of SEO. Like other apps, this app will also help in generating your sitemap and structured data, producing meta tags and alt texts, correcting broken links, and providing JSON-LD.

    It helps in optimizing your site speed and images. It has got 4.9 stars on the Shopify store and has a free plan till 100 pages. For more than 100 pages, you need to subscribe monthly for PRO, business or premium plans.


    The app’s main focus is to improve the efficiency of the search process, increasing the likelihood that your products will be shown in the search results. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a technical SEO person to use this app. Additionally, it’s very straightforward to set up.

    Thus, you can begin boosting your Shopify store’s SEO in a matter of minutes with Booster SEO. It has a 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store. It offers a free plan with limited features. For advanced features, you need to subscribe monthly for PRO or premium plans.

    Plug In SEO

    To improve a Shopify store’s position in Google search results, use this SEO tool to inspect, fix, and enhance the store’s SEO. Attracting larger crowds won’t be a tough order after this. Specifically, Plug In SEO provides a wealth of information for link building, fresh articles, company connections, and so on.

    Furthermore, it has an in-built Google Search Console that aids in knowing the traffic results. It doesn’t have a free plan. Thus, you need to subscribe for using its features.


    Shopify is a good eCommerce platform with basic SEO features. To further improve your Shopify store’s SEO, you can take the help of third-party SEO tools mentioned above.
    TinyIMG and SearchPie are two of the best Shopify SEO solutions I’ve used. They each have their own benefits that help in ranking higher in SERPs. Still, if you have any doubts about boosting your store’s visibility or SEO, book a FREE consultation with our Shopify experts.


    What are SEO tools?
    SEO tools are the kind of third-party apps that you can integrate into your website or Shopify store to boost your site’s SEO. Furthermore, such tools help in keyword suggestions, search traffic insights, alt texts and image optimization, etc.
    How to search for keywords?
    You can use a free keywords research tool like Google Trends or Google keyword planner. To use a paid tool, SEMrush is the best option.
    Do I need an SEO tool for my Shopify store?
    Shopify is a good eCommerce platform with basic SEO features. To further improve your Shopify store’s SEO, you can take the help of third-party SEO tools.
    Which is best - TinyIMG or Avada Pie?
    TinyIMG is better than Avada Pie in comparison to all the advanced features it has. Additionally, TinyIMG is cost-efficient.
    Which are simple SEO tools?
    SearchPie and Booster SEO are simple SEO tools. You don’t have to be a technical SEO person to use these apps.

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