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    Amazing Chatting Apps For Your Shopify Store

    • May 31, 2023
    • 5 min

    Many times it happens that visitors that are likely to purchase items from your Shopify store have queries. If you are able to solve the queries at the right time, those visitors can be converted into customers.However, this won't occur unless you take steps to maintain user engagement and brand loyalty. Especially when managing many businesses on various platforms, this is where clear communication and responsive customer service come into play.However, chatting apps are necessary for your customers to effectively communicate with you. Using a chat app, you may address your site users' concerns and inquiries.Your website's bounce rate will go down, your revenues will go up, and your response time will go down if you use a chat app. Do you want to know which chat applications work best with a Shopify store? Let's talk about the top Shopify chatting apps you can use.

    Benefits of Using Chatting Apps for E-commerce

    There are advantages for merchants as well as customers to use chatbots in online business. Some of them are:

    • Businesses may give customers instant support and assistance thanks to the rise of messaging apps. When customers have inquiries, want suggestions on what to buy, or need help fixing a problem, they may do so in real-time and get helpful replies.
    • Furthermore, it allows companies to notify customers immediately of order status changes, tracking numbers, and when their packages will arrive. This decreases the number of inquiries from clients and increases their satisfaction as a whole.
    • It provides a great opportunity for upselling and cross-selling since they let companies interact with clients at different points in the purchasing process. There’s a chance to increase the average order value and boost income by tailoring recommendations to individual customers’ tastes.
    • Lastly, automating some customer service processes eliminates the need for hiring more people and allocating more resources.

    Thus, integrating live chat apps into e-commerce has been shown to boost customer happiness, sales, and satisfaction.

    Best Chatting Apps Available on Shopify App Store

    Here listed are the best chatting apps you can use for your online store which are available on the Shopify app store.

    Willdesk – Live Chat, Helpdesk

    UpperCommerce’s Willdesk is the best solution available for handling customer service inquiries. It facilitates communication across your different channels and facilitates quick, real-time responses to live chat inquiries from clients. It has gained a 5-star rating and has a free plan with limited features.

    Willdesk can be set up in minutes, is extremely adaptable, and is available in more than 40 languages. Additionally, UpperCommerce’s help is available anytime it’s needed. It offers inbox management for all your social media and email channels.

    PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat

    Omega is a trustworthy messaging app that combines live chat and instant messaging. Easy to install and operate. It integrates with Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. There is no Chatbot functionality in Omega; just real-time communication through Messenger.

    Connecting Instagram to Live chat is a relatively new feature that has shown to be quite effective in increasing followers and engagement. Furthermore, it is always available to your clients, even after they’ve left your website.

    Chatra — Live Chat & Chatbot

    It is one of the best chatting apps you can find on the Shopify store. The incredible features included in this app will set your Shopify store apart from the competition. These capabilities allow you to detect issues, provide remedies, and grasp the requirements of your clients. It has gained a 4.8- star rating and has a free plan with limited features.

    In addition to letting you communicate with customers in real time, this feature can analyze the items in their shopping carts to determine what services and products will meet their requirements.

    Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

    Tidio helps online stores by providing top-notch support to their customers and encouraging visitors to make a purchase. More than 20 applications, including MailChimp and Google Analytics, are compatible with Tidio.

    It is user-friendly and adaptable to mobile devices. Furthermore, Tidio also has free multilingual assistance. It has gained a 4.7-star rating and has a free plan with limited features.

    Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

    You can quickly and easily respond to client inquiries and handle any problems they may be experiencing with the help of the integrated tools and features included in the Gorgias app. It has gained a 4.4-star rating and offers a 7-day free plan. After that, you need to subscribe to basic, pro or advanced plans.

    This app serves as a central hub for all of your communication needs, whether they be by email, Facebook, phone, Instagram, etc. Gorgias helps retail business owners save money and time, and boost productivity.

    Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

    It is one of the best chatting apps you can get on the Shopify app store. It has gained a 4.6-star rating and a 14-day free trial. Reamaze is a live chat and customer service tool developed specifically for online retailers.

    Integrated frequently asked questions, live chat, chatbots, online push alerts, status pages, and surveys are just some of the support and engagement features. Furthermore, Shopify’s integrated support and chat features make it easy to manage and place orders.


    The above-mentioned chatting apps provide the greatest alternatives for providing Customer service, regardless of the size of your shop or your audience. If you are struggling in getting sales on your Shopify store and want to increase your conversion rate, book a FREE consultation with us now!


    Can I add live chat to my Shopify store?
    Yes, with the help of a third-party app on the Shopify app store, you can add live chat.
    What is the best live chat for Shopify?
    Willdesk is the live chat app for Shopify.
    Does Tidio have a free plan?
    Yes, it has a free plan with limited features.
    Which apps can be integrated with the PingMe app?
    Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram can be integrated with the PingMe app.
    How much does Shopify chat cost?
    Shopify Inbox is a free app for Shopify owners.

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