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    Grow Your Sales With Product Recommendation Engine

    • May 26, 2023
    • 5 min

    A suggestion of the right product at the right time may influence purchases. It may convince them to buy something or, at the very least, get them curious about a new product category. Simply said, a product recommendation is a suggestion for a certain product.You may have bought a few products through recommendations or suggestions by friends or on search engines. In the same way a product recommendation engine help in suggesting different products to customers shopping online.These tools use algorithms to suggest items that are likely to be of interest to users. They use info like location, preferences, gender, age etc. to show the relevant product suggestions. There are many ways to use these tools.You can recommend products through popups or a section or on the shopping cart page. Furthermore, you can send marketing emails with recommended products or push notifications. Let’s know more about the working of these tools in detail.

    Tips To Use a Product Recommendation Engine

    As mentioned above, there are various ways you can use a product recommendation engine. Here I will mention some of the useful tips to use these tools for boosting sales.

    • You can personalize product recommendation email campaigns. Based on the recent browsing or purchase history, you can send personalized emails to the customers. You can also share promotion offers or discounts with these recommendation emails.
    • The next way is to recommend newly launched products. This helps customers to explore products they have never tried or searched for before. You can add a ‘featured products’ or ‘recently launched’ section to your online store.
    • Furthermore, you can add a ‘frequently bought together’ section in the shopping cart or product description page to show your recommended products. For example, if someone is buying a mobile phone, a phone case or screen protector can be suggested to the customers.
    • You can recommend products related to the items the customer has viewed before. This way you can grow sales of the additional related products.
    • Display the best-selling items from multiple brands to build trust and boost sales. Furthermore, highlighting top brands available on your online store on the homepage is a great way to grab the attention of new visitors.
    • Showcase a variety of best-selling products from a variety of categories to attract customers’ attention to new offerings in areas they may not have previously considered.
    • Furthermore, you can use product recommendation tools to remind customers of upcoming promotions or events.

    Best Product Recommendation Tools To Use In 2023

    Now you know the ways to use recommendation tools to grow more sales. Here are some of the best recommendation tools you can use for your online store.


    If you’re looking for an additional eCommerce solution that will assist your customers and your business, consider Monetate. Popular companies have liked their product suggestion engine, which helps to convert website visitors.

    Furthermore, it has personalization options and is easy to use. Some of the leading businesses like Reebok, Office Depot, and Lufthansa Group use Monetate.


    Apptus allows you to give your customers what they want—an easy, stress-free buying experience. It skillfully blends artificial intelligence (AI) with human input from your consumers to suggest the ideal products. You can personalize recommendations as per the user.

    It helps in increasing conversion rates and boosting revenue. Furthermore, you can boost upsell and cross-sell sales with this product recommendation engine.

    Dynamic Yield

    This product recommendation engine helps to provide the best shopping experience to buyers. Using real-time data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Dynamic Yield can suggest products.
    You may use this app to add product suggestions to any page of your store. You can add to the homepage, individual product pages, the shopping cart, and so on. Additionally, it may be used in promotional email campaigns.


    Barilliance employs AI algorithms to gather information from site users. Using this information, you may provide product suggestions that your site visitors would like. Furthermore, it offers customization options to boost sales. It is easy to integrate and use. Thus, you can easily convert visitors into customers. You can further send email product recommendations using this tool.


    Services offered by Attraqt may be used at any point in the sales process, from raising brand awareness to finalizing a purchase. It’s a product suggestion tool powered by AI that tailors the shopping experience to each individual user. It also has an automated cross-sell and upsell feature. This will result in increased sales and profits for your company.


    If you use Magento then CommerceStack is the best tool for you. It filters recommendations based on the behaviour of the visitor. All Magento themes work flawlessly with CommerceStack. It is simple to integrate and includes options for tailoring product suggestions to your own preferences. You can try it for free as it provides a 30-day free trial.


    In conclusion, a product recommendation engine is a perfect tool for boosting sales and improving the user experience. With the use of machine learning and AI, you can tailor your suggestions to each individual customer. In addition, you may efficiently cross-sell and up-sell with the help of a recommendation tool.

    Before selecting a recommendation tool, try to do detailed research on it. In case you need help in integrating a product recommendation engine, book a FREE consultation with our e-commerce experts.


    What are product recommendation engines?
    A product recommendation engine employs ML and AI to provide individual customers with personalized product recommendations to boost sales.
    What are the benefits of a product recommendation tool?
    There are many benefits of a recommendation tool. But the main benefit is that it helps in boosting customer engagement and sales.
    Which is the best product recommendation tool?
    Monetate is the best tool for a product recommendation for your e-commerce.
    Which is the best tool for a product recommendation for Magento?
    CommerceStack is the perfect tool if you use Magento for e-commerce.
    How to use recommendation tools efficiently for e-commerce?
    Personalize product recommendation email campaigns and do upsell and cross-selling with recommendation tools to boost sales.

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