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    How influencer marketing can help your e-commerce store to grow?

    • July 08, 2023
    • 5 min

    The ecommerce industry, with 26 million companies, is expected to grow to $6.7 trillion by 2024. It offers convenience, speed, and efficiency, providing access to products 24/7 from the comfort of our homes.

    The fastest way to accelerate your brand on social media is through Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing leverages social media popularity and influencers' followers to promote products or services, driving engagement and reaching target markets through genuine connections. Working with collaborators who not only create beautiful content but also make sales for you is the new trendy thing.

    What are influencers?

    An influencer is someone who has gained a reputation through social media in a specialized sector. They are internet celebrities with a large fan base. They are frequently rewarded with cash, free products, or even discounts on expensive products.

    According to a recent study, 80% of marketers find influencer marketing to be effective. In addition, as per the Marketing Hub, 75% of business have a dedicated influencer.

    Why does an Ecommerce business need Influencers?

    Key characteristics of influential people are their credibility and trustworthiness. Their support of your e-commerce offerings may increase consumer trust in your company. Influencer marketing may be very powerful, but only if it is tailored to your specific demographic, sector, and overall marketing plan. Several methods exist for doing so, such as working together on a product, releasing a special edition, or holding a contest. Thus, working together with influential people may be a win-win situation that advances the interests of both sides.

    Selecting the right influencer: One of the crucial points before even thinking about influencer marketing is to select the right influencer. By doing so it will help you to achieve your desired results.

    Types of influencers

    • Mega influencers (celebrities) having over one million followers
    • Macro influencers with 500,000 to 1,000,000 followers
    • Mid-tier Influencers with a following of 50k to 500k.
    • Micro-influencers with ten thousand to fifty thousand followers

    Importance of Influencer marketing for the growth of E-Commerce store

    90% of consumers read reviews before buying the products as they are craving for originality and genuine recommendations. So let’s see how the growth of e-commerce business can be achieved with influencer marketing.

    Increase in brand visibility

    Using printed advertising material is no longer effective. Blogging without any promotional activities is outdated now. Influencer marketing is gaining popularity as it is more authentic and engaging than traditional advertisements.

    Let’s use an online store as an illustration for this:

    Through social media marketing, an online store receives 220k pageviews on a certain product. As a result, influencer marketing may assist you in organizing this type of giveaway to promote your goods and services. When these individuals submit detailed reviews of your products, it makes a fantastic impact and raises brand awareness.

    Genuine content creation

    Influencers are adept content producers who are aware of the tastes and passions of their audience. They frequently do it in a sincere and real manner when producing material to advertise an ecommerce store. Since the advertising content is more relatable due to its authenticity, engagement, and conversion rates are higher.

    Credibility and trust

    Building consumer trust, the cornerstone of your business is challenging. For new e-commerce businesses, establishing client trust is essential. Long-term consumer involvement results from it. On a number of sites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, influencers have developed trust. Discounts and coupons have been proven to increase brand loyalty and conversions.

    Reaching target customers

    Influencers concentrate on a particular demographic. E-commerce companies can reach ideal customers by collaborating with influencers that have a following that is similar to their target market. This indicates that the products or services being promoted by the e-commerce store are more likely to appeal to the influencer’s followers who share their interests. This targeted marketing approach thus promotes stronger engagement and contact with potential clients.

    Growing traffic and sales

    The goal of all e-commerce firms is to increase sales and hit the target. As influencers have established a long-lasting trust people often buy the goods and services recommended by them. Hence it will lead to increased visitors to the site. Once the site starts getting traffic conversions are bound to happen.

    Reduction in challenges faced due to cart abandonment

    E-commerce faces a competitive market with over 7 million online retailers. The Baymard Institute found that two out of three users abandon their cart after browsing products. To drive conversions, e-commerce brands can leverage influencer promotion to connect with powerful influencers and well-known tools like Swaypay, Dealspotr, Heepsy, and even Shopify for Ecommerce stores.


    In conclusion, influencer marketing may do wonders for an online shop’s success. When brands work with influential people, they get access to their audience and the reputation of the influencers themselves. Customers’ confidence in the suggestions of influencers may increase conversion rates and return on investment. Social proof and consumer engagement may be gained via user-generated content produced through influencer relationships.


    What is influencer marketing in Ecommerce?
    Ecommerce influencer marketing is a type of marketing technique where companies work with internet influencers to promote their brands and products. The goal is to establish a connection with the influencer’s followers.
    Does Influencer marketing work for Ecommerce?
    By taking advantage of the popularity of the influencer, eCommerce firms are able to expand their audience base. This technique can assist eCommerce firms in meeting a range of marketing objectives, including brand exposure, online engagement, and conversion.
    How to use influencer marketing in Ecommerce?
    There is a number of ways to incorporate influencer marketing in Ecommerce. Firstly by launching an affiliate marketing program with the influencer. Secondly, collaborating with influencers to create the content. Finally, sharing the branded content through Influencer’s account.
    How do you measure the success of influencer marketing for Shopify?
    Track influencers’ impact on your Shopify store by providing discount codes and monitoring website impressions to measure customer reach and profit. Monitor engagement with influencer-made content to optimize your store’s marketing efforts.
    How do you find influencers for the Shopify store?
    By using filters for data, region, and demographics, influencer marketing systems like Aspire and Upfluence assist in locating Shopify Store influencers. Search features are available on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.

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