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    Email Marketing Strategies for Increasing Revenue on Shopify

    • June 08, 2023
    • 6 min

    As there has been a rise in the competition, to increase revenue and bring more sales to the table, it is very crucial that businesses have effective strategies in this cut throat competitive world. Out of the many strategies, one can try hands-on is Email marketing apart from social media. Not only Shopify store owners can maximize their customer’s engagement but they can also boost conversion and maintain long-term relationships by making use of different email marketing strategies. We will explore the main email marketing strategies in this blog which can help you to maximize your Shopify store’s revenue.

    Getting Started with Email Marketing

    To kickstart your email marketing journey, it is crucial to build a customer base by collecting email addresses through various channels.

    • Offer incentives like discounts or exclusive content in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.
    • You can collect emails from professional sites like LinkedIn or Lusha.
    • Use a reliable email marketing tool to manage and automate your email campaigns efficiently.

    Creating Engaging Email Campaigns

    One can not forget to grab the attention of the customer by making it personalized. Emails that provide value to your subscribers, such as useful information, special discounts, or new product updates, may help keep your business at the forefront of their minds. Customization of the content is also necessary for increasing open and click-through rates. By doing so it will help you to know the preferences and the purchasing behavior of the customer. To increase open and click-through rates, you can customize your email as per the preference of the customers.

    Emails for abandoned cart

    Email is a highly effective approach to gaining potential revenue that may have otherwise been lost. These automated emails serve as reminders to customers regarding their unfinished purchases and offer incentives, such as discounts or free shipping, to encourage them to finalize their transactions. Implementing abandoned cart email sequences can significantly enhance conversion rates and contribute to overall revenue growth.

    Optimizing Transactional Emails

    Transactional emails, such as order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery updates, present valuable opportunities to promote additional products or related offers. Utilize transactional emails as a marketing channel by including personalized recommendations, cross-selling, or upselling suggestions. This can help drive incremental sales and increase customer engagement.

    Timing and Segmentation

    For maximum engagement and conversion, timing is very crucial. If you are targeting a specific group audience, it is pivotal to segment your email list on the basics of demographics, purchase history, and browsing habits. You can send customized emails with relevant offers and content, after the understanding of your audience. This will help the chances of positive conversion.

    An effective call to action

    An effective email marketing campaign must have a clear and compelling call to action. Using action-oriented language and visually appealing buttons and banners will help you drive more conversions like making a purchase, signing up for the webinar, and even downloading a resource. Click-through rates and conversions are highly influenced by the well-designed and strategically placed call to action.

    Email Marketing with Social Media Integration

    If you want to increase your conversion rate and the result, it is very crucial to combine it with your social media presence. Your objective of motivating readers to share your information with the network would only be fulfilled after adding appealing content and social sharing buttons to it. To increase your communication with clients and your followers, it is advisable to advertise your social media profiles in your emails.

    Incorporating different types of Emails

    To maintain the interest of your clients, it is crucial to diversify your emails. In addition to advertising emails, you can also include some interesting stuff like client testimonials and user-generated content. To enhance the participation of your clients, you can also send surveys and feedback request forms.


    Email marketing remains a powerful and cost-effective strategy for driving sales and increasing revenue on Shopify. By employing the strategies discussed above, such as regular email campaigns, leveraging automation, optimizing open and click-through rates, and personalizing content, you can build a strong email marketing strategy that engages your customer base and maximizes your ROI. With careful planning, consistent execution, and continuous optimization, email marketing can become a significant revenue driver for your Shopify store.


    How to increase revenue with email marketing?
    To increase revenue with email marketing, focus on building a targeted and engaged subscriber list, personalize your email campaigns to deliver relevant content, and include compelling call to action that drive conversions.
    Can you send marketing emails with Shopify?

    Yes, you can send marketing emails with Shopify. While Shopify itself does not have built-in email marketing capabilities, it integrates with various email marketing services that allow you to send marketing emails to your customers. These services, such as Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Omnisend, provide the necessary tools and features to create and send email campaigns directly from your Shopify store. By connecting your Shopify store with an email marketing service, you can effectively engage with your customers, promote your products, and drive sales through email marketing.

    Which email marketing service is the best for Shopify?
    There are various email marketing providers that work well with Shopify, but some of the most popular alternatives include Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Omnisend. The ideal option is determined by your unique requirements, budget, and desired features. It’s a good idea to evaluate the features and costs of various platforms to see which one works best with your Shopify store.
    Does Shopify give free business email?
    Shopify does not provide free business email accounts as part of its standard offerings. However, you can set up a professional business email through third-party email hosting providers, such as G Suite (now Google Workspace) or Microsoft 365, and connect it to your Shopify domain. These email hosting services typically have monthly subscription fees associated with them.
    Can customers reply to Shopify emails?
    No, customers cannot directly reply to standard notification emails sent from Shopify.

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