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    How to build an App like Duolingo?

    • April 08, 2023
    • 5 min

    Users all around the globe can now learn any language quickly and easily thanks to e-learning mobile apps. E-learning apps are beneficial in learning courses from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, Duolingo, a language-learning app, has seen significant success since 2017. A report on Statista shows that there are 30.96 million downloads in the fourth quarter of 2022. Furthermore, as Duolingo is now using GPT-4 for advanced learning, you may say that it will reach new heights of popularity. In case, you are an entrepreneur, this is the best chance for you to build and launch an app like Duolingo in the market. Let's understand Duolingo’s features, how to build it and the cost of building it.

    Top Features of the Duolingo app

    As mentioned above, the main reason for the popularity of Duolingo is its mind-blowing features. Here are some of the finest features of the app.

    • Fun learning : The app makes it fun to learn any language with games and goals.
    • Personalization:The app makes personalized plans to learn every language based on the user’s level.
    • Proper content:Duolingo lets users double-check the accuracy of the data they get via AI-based algorithms by collecting user responses. Thus, the content found on the platform is accurate.

    Developing an app like Duolingo

    As the popularity of e-learning platforms increases, even non-tech founders are moving towards developing e-learning apps. An app like Duolingo is a complex type of app that comprises many functionalities. Let’s know more in detail about the process of building it.

    • Generating Ideas: Think carefully about the need for a language learning app before diving headfirst into app creation. The first step in developing an effective e-learning app is doing thorough research. After that, you may begin thinking about the e-learning app’s functionality, technological architecture, and other components.
    • App Platform: Several companies struggle when trying to design an educational app since they don’t know which platform is best. It is recommended that before beginning the development process, a specific development platform must be selected considering the target audience.
    • Tech Stack: Choose the technological stack in accordance with the app development platform you’ve decided on. Different platforms call for different solutions and technological stacks.
    • UI/UX: An uninstall will be the sole result of a poorly made e-learning application. If users have trouble navigating the app’s functions or find it unappealing, they will delete it. Thus, focus on making clear and engaging UI/UX.
    • Development: As mentioned above, Duolingo is a complex app and its development will take more time. Begin with building an MVP. It will help you in knowing the feedback of the users at the initial stage giving a way to upgrade it and fix errors.
    • QA: App development is not complete without app testing. Before releasing educational software in the market, it should be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is completely error and bug-free.
    • Launch: If you’ve followed the previous stages correctly, you’ll be ready for the last phase of your language learning app. Launching an app is only the first step in expanding your company. If you want things to go off without a hitch, it’s best to work with a reputable education software development firm.

    Cost of an app like Duolingo

    • When comparing learning app development services, it’s important to remember that price estimates for apps like Duolingo may range widely.
    • In addition, building an app for Android, iOS, or both has different financial implications. This is due to differences in the necessary technology stack, the complexity of the program, and other considerations depending on the platform.
    • Furthermore, the resources and time spent on quality assurance are a representation of the variance in the final cost for an e-learning app development.
    • Thus, hiring an e-learning app development firm that includes research and educated speculation in their base pricing is preferable in this case.

    Unique features to add in an app like Duolingo

    Here are some new and user-engaging features that you can add to any e-learning app to make it a success.

    • Add video guide functionality that allows users to understand the concept in detail.
    • Allow users to create profiles with avatars and play learning games in the app that can boost learning and promote engagement.
    • Make sure your app supports multiple language tutorials, sessions and more.
    • Integrate AI for having personalized user and bot interaction.
    • If a user has not finished all of their lessons, allow push notifications that encourage users to stay punctual in learning.
    • Allow users to build community in the app and have necessary discussions related to their courses and doubts.


    It takes a lot of effort, time, and knowledge to create an app like Duolingo. To build an app like Duolingo that not only serves the requirements of learners but also helps to overcome linguistic boundaries, consider the points outlined in this blog. Learn how we worked for Tutorline – a teaching application. Get in touch with us now for a FREE consultation regarding the development of an app like Duolingo.


    What are similar apps to Duolingo?

    Lingvist, Busuu, Mango Languages and more are available to use as Duolingo alternatives.

    What is better Duolingo or Babbel?

    Duolingo is a better option for Babbel as it makes learning fun and user-engaging with gamification.

    Which is better LingoDeer or Duolingo?
    LingoDeer doesn’t give more verbal communication practice compared to Duolingo. Thus, the Duolingo app is a better choice.
    Can you use Babbel for free?

    Registration is free on Babbel but after completion of 1 lesson, you need to purchase to go further.

    Can Duolingo make you fluent?

    Yes, it can make you proficient with any language you learn due to its exercises.

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