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    How to create collection pages on Shopify?

    • August 16, 2023
    • 5 min

    Organizing your inventory into useful categories is crucial to the success of any ecommerce site. You can do a great job of showcasing your products on the Shopify store with the help of Shopify's collections. Customers won't have to waste time looking for what they need, and you'll save time and energy in the process. Not only do customers benefit from collections, but search engine optimization for your shop benefits greatly from them as well. Let’s move further in creating collection pages on Shopify.

    Ways of adding collection pages on Shopify

    Conversion rate optimization and brand recognition for your store’s products are both greatly improved by collections. Thus, by grouping similar products together, you can streamline the shopping experience for your customers using Shopify collections.

    Furthermore, displaying your collections may be done in a variety of ways. For example, products designed to fulfill a particular need. Items such as furniture, literature, and pet supplies are examples. Additionally, collections can be added for products that are currently on sale or are limited editions for a certain holiday or season. This includes things like Christmas sweaters and school supplies.

    There are two types of adding and managing collections – Manual and Automatic.

    • Adding collections manually: All the Shopify items that you manually put together create a collection. It’s more work to keep this kind of collection up-to-date, and it won’t change if nothing is added or removed. For limited-time promotions like flash sales, a manual collecting method might be useful.
    • Automatically created collections: The goods in an automated Shopify collection are added depending on the user’s criteria. A product will be added to the collection automatically once it satisfies the criteria the user has set. If you have a lot of products to showcase in a collection, automating the collection creation process is a huge time saver.

    Let’s know the steps to add a collection page on Shopify in detail.

    Steps for adding collection pages manually on Shopify

    It is necessary to initially set up a collection. Then, you can upload it to the Shopify store and display it there as a highlighted collection or as a list of collections.

    • Go to Shopify Admin> Products> Collections> Create Collection.
    • Select ‘Manual’ in the collection type to add the products manually.
    • Add the title of the collection and description in the given area. Edit the SEO settings and then click on Save
    • Now, add the products to your collection on Shopify. For that, go to Products> view the product> select the collection page in ‘Collections’> Save

    Steps to feature the collection page

    After adding the products to the collection page, you need to feature the collection to get the spotlight. Follow the following steps to feature your collection.

    • Go to Shopify Admin> Online store> Themes> Customize
    • In the theme editor, click on Homepage> Add Selection> Featured Collection. Note that each theme has its own product restriction for a particular featured collection
    • Thereafter in the Featured collection, click on ‘Select Collection’ to customize. Choose the collection and click on ‘Select’.
    • Lastly, add the heading, description and customize the layout.

    Steps for adding collection pages automatically on Shopify

    To create automated collection pages, again go to Shopify Admin> Products> Collections> Create collection> Automatic. You may customize the added items to your collection by choosing from a wide variety of automation options. By automating your collections, you may focus on other aspects of running your online business. The products will be automatically added to your collections if they satisfy the criteria you set up in the automation rules. Lastly, edit the SEO settings and click on ‘Save’.


    Shopify makes it simple to create collection pages that improve the store’s navigation and product display. Customers will be more motivated to peruse your selection if they have a positive shopping experience, which can be achieved via strategic planning and personalization. You can elevate the layout of the collection by hiring top Shopify developers.


    Can I create multiple collection pages on Shopify?
    Yes, you can create as many pages as needed to categorize your products in various ways.
    Can I change the order of products within a collection?
    Absolutely. Shopify allows you to easily rearrange products within a collection using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
    What if I want to automate product inclusion in collections?
    You can use conditions like product tags or types to automatically add products to specific collections, saving you time when adding new products.
    Are collections customizable?
    Yes, you can customize collections by selecting different layouts, adjusting the number of products per row, and incorporating your store’s branding.
    Do collections impact my store's performance?
    Well-organized collections can improve the user experience and encourage browsing, potentially leading to increased sales. However, ensure that your collection pages don’t become overcrowded, which might slow down page loading times.

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