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Le aziende leader si fidano di noi

I leader del settore si mentano in Alian Software quando si tratta di soluzioni IT complete, in quanto forniamo soluzioni economiche e all’avanguardia.

Alian Software ha guadagnato questa fede e fiducia dai diversi settori grazie a un servizio di qualità di dieci anni fornito ai clienti in buona fede del settore. Abbiamo il pool di professionisti IT di grande talento che sono sempre pronti a soddisfare le esigenze del settore.

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Scelto da oltre 1400 clienti soddisfatti, tra cui queste aziende Fortune

Abbiamo servito le migliori aziende clienti da alcune delle industrie più prospere. Qui di seguito sono pochi di loro a cui abbiamo servito per più di un decennio.

Why customers love us

"Great understanding of the work required and everything was delivered on time and as-required. Would recommend you and your team to everyone!"

Waleed Shahzad

"This is one of many projects completed to a great standard. Very happy with the service provided."

Ruairidh Galbraith

"The team did a great job. This website make over took a lot of work and it was successful. Kaushik and the Alian Software team did some magical things that I did not expect. I would like to give a special shout out to Jay the web designer, he did a lot of work too and was great. 24 hour communication which was an extra bonus."

John McNamara

"I am thrilled with the completed project. They created for me a beautiful WordPress theme. They did a spectacular job. Great communication, Very easy to work with. I highly recommended them."

James Martell

"It was great working with Alian Software and his team again. Communication is excellent, work is done well, and on a quick timeline. Looking forward to the next project!"

Tim Borys

Vantaggi principali di React JS

I nostri standard

Standard di codifica

Seguiamo rigorosamente Coding Stands per React Native Applications.

Compatibilità con Android Mobile

Fornire l’applicazione che sono compatibili per tutti i dispositivi mobili di Android.

Compatibilità con iOS Mobile

Fornire l’applicazione che sono compatibili per tutti i dispositivi mobili / iPhone di iOS.

Componenti personalizzati

Fornire componenti personalizzati in base alle esigenze.

QA con dispositivi reali

Un team di test di qualità ben esperto garantisce la massima qualità possibile dei risultati finali.


Founded in April 2010, District Eight is a furniture design firm that creates quality work, inspired by the industrial age. Informed by our location in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; much of our work reflects the raw, bold character of our surroundings. We pride ourselves on creating handcrafted furnishings that combine industrial elements with modern aesthetics.

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What Our Customer Says


Overall job well done, few things could have been done better. Adapted to changes shared and response times and availability was superior. The tech stack was fairly new to them but they were able to grasp and revert with results, could be better in terms of re-usability of code deployed, had a few issues pertaining to certain decisions taken without reference back to us but they quickly rounded up the issues and resolved them. Would recommend for web projects.

Khaled Hawari
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Aided by our global exposure in treating patients from diverse ethnic groups in UK, SCS has imbibed valuable learning to help us tailor-make services suiting all needs and budgets and in accordance to Indian social and cultural needs. Shreeji Inc Ltd - the parent body of SCS is funded and strictly monitored by the UK government for quality compliances.

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What Our Customer Says


Always great with the team. Really great job.

Kelcey Reed
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React JS sito Web / processo di sviluppo di applicazioni web


Wireframing e progettazione dell’interfaccia utente


Garanzia di qualità

Vai in diretta


“Una vittoria è assicurata quando hai i migliori giocatori nella migliore squadra”
Assicuriamo la vittoria di domani con siti sviluppati strategicamente oggi.


Sviluppatori certificati

Sviluppatori premiati

Oltre 3-15 anni di sviluppatori esperti

Consulenza JS Di reazione gratuita

Team JS di reazione dedicato

Flusso di lavoro orientato ai risultati

Reporting e garanzia della qualità

Conformità completa agli standard

Riunione Giornaliera Scrum

Assumi i migliori sviluppatori e designer in giro

Assumici oggi stesso!

Tariffa oraria

Inizia da

Da 10 a 45 dollari


Aree che serviamo

S1, Shreeji Arcade, Opp. Ospedale Shashwat, Vicino a Indira Gandhi Statua, 100ft Road, Anand. 388 001.


Delaware, Stati Uniti


E-802, Titanium City Center, Vicino a Seema Hall, Prahaladnagar, Ahmadabad.

D-210/211, Titanium City Center, Vicino a Seema Hall, Prahaladnagar, Ahmadabad.