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    Magento 2 vs Shopify Plus – 10 Points of Comparison

    The chances of success in your online ecommerce business depends on choosing the right platform which suits your model of business. There are numerous online platforms available to start the ecommerce business. But you need to go with the one which suits your business & revenue model. Here, I have tried to list out some criteria to make a better choice between two most popular ecommerce platforms – Magento 2 & Shopify Plus.

    Users & Popularity

    Magento 2 and Shopify Plus both are high-end ecommerce platform services provides & gives you a rich user experience. Although, More users prefers to go with Magento than shopify plus. If you take only shopify in comparison, Shopify has more live merchant on its platform than Magento.


    Both the platforms are different in technology. Shopify plus is cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service), where Magento commerce is PaaS (Platform as a Service). Shopify plus provides a fully hosted system, where the Magento provides a self-hosted platform. However, shopify plus offers you free security & version upgrades where Magento platform needs a developer & maintenance would cost you externally.

    User control

    As far as accessing the source code & technological stack is concern, it is not available for any modifications as it is individually developed, where Magento allows you to access the technological stack & modify it as you want.

    B2B & B2C (Multi-store)

    Shopify Plus platform is limited only for B2B businesses. Any business model that provides both B2B & B2C kind of services need to opt for Magento 2. If you count in the multi-store option, then Magento is good option to go with. Actually, it’s the main reason why more users prefer Magento over shopify plus.


    To customize any Shopify ecommerce website, you need to have the knowledge of Shopify liquid coding. Shopify doesn’t offer you the multi-currency payment option. It is possible with the Magento ecommerce only.


    To customise any Shopify ecommerce website, you need to have the knowledge of Shopify liquid coding. Shopify doesn’t offer you the multi-currency payment option. It is possible with the Magento ecommerce only.

    Multi- Language Coverage

    Any ecommerce store that covers the large number of population across the continents which makes it necessary to have a store that support multiple languages then you need to opt for Magento commerce. In case of Shopify plus, it is possible to have a multiple language store but it is very rarely seen. You can add apps to the Shopify store for multiple languages and their translations.


    There is a limitation in shopify plus that it doesn’t allow you to add more than 100 product variant, where Magento eCommerce platform allows infinite number of product variant to your platform.

    Platform Upgradation

    Many users have experienced that Shopify Plus frequently asks for the plan & platform Upgradation. The same is not the case with Magento ecommerce.

    Third-Party Solutions

    If you want to integrate any third party application, in Shopify Plus it restricted upto shopify APIs only. Where it is very easy to do the same with Magento commerce.


    Comparing both the ecommerce platform, it seems like both the platform offers unique features in their own. If you are a premium ecommerce store and asks more qualitative technical support, the Shopify Plus is made for you. If you like something made of your own taste, with customization you like then Magento is the option for you.

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    How to create ecommerce website in magento 2?
    You can hire a skilled eCommerce developer to build, launch and maintain the eCommerce website at a low-cost. Checkout our services for detail information.
    Is shopify plus worth it?
    If you have generated revenue of $1M then it would be nice to use Shopify plus due to better customization, scalability, and more growth.
    How much does Magento 2 cost?
    The price range starts from $22,000 to $ 1,20,000 per year.
    How much does shopify plus cost?
    It starts from $2,000 to $40,000 per month.
    What is the difference between shopify and shopify plus?
    All of the functionalities available in Shopify are included in Shopify Plus, along with extra tools aimed at assisting retailers in boosting their profits and traffic.

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