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    Useful Shopify Language Translation Apps

    • September 25, 2023
    • 5 min

    You can make your Shopify shop more accessible to foreign customers who would rather explore and learn about your products in their local language with the aid of language translation apps. Here is a list of the best Shopify language translation applications by considering each one's average review score, amount of reviews, and most prominent features. These apps are available on the Shopify app making them easy to integrate with your Shopify store.

    Why use language translation apps?

    A Shopify translator makes it possible to convert the shop’s language built on the platform into a variety of languages rapidly. This opens up a whole new world of potential customers for your goods and services in international marketplaces. As a result, your company will expand in many ways.

    Let’s say you own an online store and are interested in expanding into international trade. You can do this by either opening multiple Shopify stores, investing in Shopify Markets (a built-in tool Shopify offers for selling internationally), giving the menu to users to select the language, or using an app that lets customers switch from one of Shopify’s supported languages to their preferred one.

    It takes time and effort to learn how to switch languages on Shopify, since you will frequently need to provide your own translations and the theme may not be compatible with your selections. Thus, you can use a Shopify translation app to easily allow users to switch languages as per the region.

    Which are the best language translation apps on Shopify?


    With the Langify app, you can simply convert your shop into other languages and sell to customers in their native language. It has a 4.7-star rating on the Shopify app store and has a 7-day free trial plan. Langify provides both automated and human translations of your content. You may import and export files to merge or back up your work. Furthermore, you can use the customer’s preferred currency and make direct contact. You can incorporate a wide range of external applications and tailor-made services for each individual customer. It has a custom domain and subfolders that improve SEO. Lastly, there is no coding experience required to use this app.


    LangShop is one of the best language translation apps for converting currencies and translating between many languages. It has gained a 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store and has a 14-day free trial. There are no character limitations or coding expertise required. Just select the languages and currencies you need, and LangShop will do the rest. When it comes to translation, AI technology doesn’t stop at translating products. Apps, metafields, URLs, and Checkout are all can be translated. The interface for LangShop is designed to look and feel like Shopify’s admin area. Furthermore, it has suggestions for customer’s location and browser choices.


    The powerful tools and automation provided by Transcy make it easy to grow internationally by translating your online shop into numerous languages and providing real-time currency conversion. Transcy is one of the low-cost language translation apps for retailers that want to go worldwide since it has no word restrictions and works with Shopify Markets. Your consumers will feel more at ease making purchases in their own language and currency. It has an automatic (Geolocation-based) currency and language detector with switchable settings. The app has gained a 4.9-star rating on the Shopify app store and has a 7-day free trial plan.


    Weglot is an all-inclusive Shopify translating app. In less than 5 minutes, you may have a fully translated shop running with Weglot’s help. It has a 4.6-star rating on the Shopify app store and provides a 10-day free trial plan. You may have your online shop instantaneously translated with no coding required. Furthermore, it follows Google’s method for multilingual SEO.

    Currency & Translate Converter

    This app supports a wide variety of regional currencies (164) and languages (103) and works with all available themes. You can observe user behavior to enhance your service. It has everything translated by Google Translator. The app has got 3.8 rating on the app store and allows a 15-day trial. You can try the app once and then pick the best from all the apps.


    With ConveyThis, you can easily create a website that supports several languages. Its machine translation provides speed and automation for managing translations, and its post-editing tools allow you to maintain control over translation quality or outsource to a professional service. Therefore, the service is quick, cheap, and simple to use. It follows Google’s recommended SEO procedures.


    In addition to offering real-time multi-currency conversion, this app gives the means to translate your store into different languages and automate the process. You can easily add support for over 130 languages and 180 currencies to your website with just a few clicks. This app works with Shopify Markets, 200+ 3rd party applications, and 230+ themes to provide a completely localized shopping experience for your customers throughout the world and increase your store’s worldwide sales. It has a 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store.


    Many of our companies have found that translating their online stores with this app has been a game-changer for sales and expansion. With Bablic’s completely SEO-friendly translation, your site will get more organic traffic from all of the regional search engines. You can select a translation option, either machine, human, or custom.


    Translating your Shopify store’s content is crucial if you want to attract customers from all around the world. The above-mentioned language translation apps can help you easily translate your store’s content into other languages and attract a wider global audience. Keep in mind that the optimal app for your shop will vary depending on factors like your budget, the number of languages you need support for, and the simplicity of use you need.


    What are the benefits of using a language translation app for my Shopify store?
    • Having a wider pool of prospective buyers is possible due to language translation apps.
    • They may help increase sales and recognition of a business on a global scale.
    • Users’ experiences and trust are enhanced when a product is made available in more than one language.
    Are these translation apps compatible with all Shopify themes?
    Most language translation apps are designed to work with a wide range of Shopify themes. However, it’s advisable to check the app’s documentation and support resources to ensure compatibility with your specific theme.
    Do these apps automatically translate all the content on my store?
    Yes, these apps typically allow you to automatically translate product descriptions, collections, and other content.
    Can I use multiple language translation apps simultaneously?
    It’s not recommended to use multiple translation apps at the same time, as they may conflict with each other. Choose one that best fits your needs and stick with it.
    Do these apps support right-to-left (RTL) languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew?
    Some language translation apps offer support for RTL languages, but not all do. If you plan to sell in such markets, ensure the app you choose can handle RTL languages.

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