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    Methods To Grow User Engagement In Mobile Apps

    • August 01, 2023
    • 5 min

    Even if you design a great mobile app and continuously acquire new users, you may not be able to ensure your app's success in the highly competitive mobile app market. A key issue for most mobile apps is falling engagement and retention rates among users. User engagement may be measured by how much time people spend using your app. It is essential for the survival and growth of any mobile app to increase user engagement. In this post, you will learn about several measures of engagement and methods for increasing them.

    Best Techniques to Boost App User Engagement

    You may employ a variety of app engagement tactics to ensure that users keep coming back after their first experience. Below are a few strategies that you can consider:

    Deep Linking

    Deep linking is what drives user engagement and makes onboarding an app much easier. It functions similarly to an external URL and it sends the user to a specified section of the app. Thus, users can know about the app without installing it. A sophisticated kind of deep linking, postponed linking, comes into play when the user does not have the mobile app installed on their devices.

    Unique Signup Process

    Users want a tailored experience across the board, and this includes their time spent on apps. Giving users a feeling of accomplishment early on is crucial to keeping them engaged with your app. Users will feel more invested in your app if they have a unique onboarding experience. Keep in mind that users shouldn’t have to go through a lengthy login process. Make the account creation procedure straightforward if you want to utilize it to monitor individual app use. Allowing people to sign up using social media or search engine credentials like Facebook or Google might also be an option.

    Allow to Skip Tutorials

    You shouldn’t make users go through a tutorial, but they may be beneficial and show off what the app has to offer. It’s possible that some of your app’s users would prefer to discover its many functions on their own. Thus, allow users to go right into using your app without having to go through a tutorial by skipping it. Lastly, it’s a good idea to keep instructions short and to the point as well.

    Use Push Notifications

    There is still no better approach to get people to use your app than through push notifications. All sorts of information may be included to keep users interested and coming back to your app. Push notifications may be used to notify users of changes to your app, such as the addition of a new feature. You may make them more unique by including personalized suggestions for related products.

    Include Games and Rewards

    Creating contests that promote increased usage of your app is another method for increasing user engagement. You may encourage participation among your users by hosting a variety of contests, such as rewards for solving in-app puzzles and quizzes.

    Thus, games are a great way to gamify your app in a fun and exciting manner that may both encourage current users to return and attract new ones.

    In-app Support

    Make it simple for users to contact the support team directly from inside your app if they run into any problems or have any questions. Users may contact the app’s support staff or developers through in-app messaging. The user may then take a break while waiting for a reply and still be alerted to the arrival of a reply.

    Allow Custom Avatars

    Creating personalized avatars will make users feel unique and engaged in the app. It improves the user experience and encourages creativity and uniqueness. Users who take the time to create unique avatars that represent who they are and what they care about are more likely to get involved in the app.

    Take Advantage of Referral Programs

    Introducing a referral scheme is one way to get more people to use your app. By offering rewards for existing users who bring in new ones, referral programs may rapidly grow an app’s user base while simultaneously boosting user engagement. The power of your current user base may be used to attract new users and boost engagement in your app by adopting a well-designed referral program.

    Include Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing has the potential to significantly boost the success of a mobile app and help it reach its full potential. New users might be attracted to download and use your app by generating attractive content, running targeted adverts, and interacting with prospective users.


    Increasing user engagement is crucial for the long-term success of apps and businesses in this digital era. By using a variety of strategies that balance one another to provide a smooth and engaging experience, app developers may increase the app’s success in terms of user retention, favorable ratings, and downloads. The aforementioned methods may assist you not only attract new consumers but also retain them.


    How long does it take for these strategies to produce substantial gains in user engagement?
    Several variables, including the app’s area of expertise, target demographic, the depth of used techniques, and the current level of user engagement, might affect how quickly increases in user engagement become noticeable. You may see progress after only a few weeks of work, while in other circumstances it may take many months of analysis before they see a noticeable increase in user engagement.
    Is it safe to utilize push notifications to increase user involvement?
    Misusing push notifications, however, may have unintended and undesirable results, despite the fact that they can be a useful tool for re-engaging users and boosting app activities. Excessive or unnecessary alerts might irritate users, leading to the uninstallation of the program.
    How will I know if my user engagement techniques are successful?
    Key performance indicators (KPIs) may help developers gauge the efficacy of user engagement methods by monitoring metrics like user retention rate, session duration, frequency of app use, conversion rates, and in-app activities.
    Is gamification suitable for e-commerce?

    New clients may be attracted and e-commerce sales can be boosted with the aid of gamification. Adding game components to online shopping may boost consumer satisfaction by giving customers a feeling of accomplishment while they purchase.

    How can I get more people to provide recommendations and comments?
    Developers may incorporate in-app feedback forms, request reviews or ratings, and incentivize users to express their thoughts by providing special content or discounts. Creating a welcoming atmosphere by listening to and acting on user comments and ideas encourages users to share their expertise.

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