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    Points to Think About When Creating an SEO Friendly online store

    • July 01, 2023
    • 5 min

    Are you planning to open an online store that not only attracts customers but also generates traffic? Don't know where to start? Don't worry, in this comprehensive guide, we will guide and help you to reach an appropriate conclusion.A properly optimized SEO friendly online store is a necessity if you are selling things and want to reach the largest audience possible.Why? Well, having an online store has a number of advantages.The most obvious justification for opening an online store is to benefit from the global e-commerce industry's explosive growth. According to Statista, overall sales will be valued at $8 trillion by 2026.Before even jumping on how, let's first understand why you should have SEO friendly online store. It is said that if your why is clear how becomes simple. So let's dive in.

    Why is it important to have an SEO friendly online store?

    Prioritizing SEO methods for a new online store can result in :

    • Enhanced trust
    • Increase in Visibility
    • Better user experience
    • More visitors
    • Higher Sales

    Online SEO friendly stores involve in making website pages more effective so they may rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Through Google Ads, organic SEO rankings are not purchased. The ranking is determined by criteria, formulas, and algorithms used by search engine corporations. According to a survey, 92% of visitors land on the first page of a Google search for their needs.

    Here are some basic points to keep in mind while creating an SEO Friendly online store.

    Define your target audience:

    Who are your people? The first thought that comes to mind before developing an online store is to research the market and identify your target audience in accordance with your marketing plan.

    To improve web design, content, blog entries, and marketing activities, collect data on target audience demographics such as browsing behaviors, shopping locations, and search volume. This is essential for successful website planning and execution.

    Do solid Keyword Research for SEO friendly online stores:

    Keyword research for online stores is essential for increasing internet visibility. High-search-volume keywords can be discovered with tools such as

    Due to factors such as competitiveness, monthly searches, word difficulty, seasonality, and trends, it is pivotal to do keyword research.

    Optimizing on-page for SEO Friendly online store:

    Optimize your online store’s pages for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords in

    • SEO Title: It is the top blue line in Google search results, with a 70-character long title and a few keywords.
    • Meta Descriptions: They are the text below the title, previewing the page’s content, and can be 320 characters long.
    • Images: They are crucial for ranking, archiving, and delivering results. Name images with keywords and descriptive details.

    Not to forget to keep your URL clean and insert keywords where possible.

    Making Online stores mobile friendly

    Making online stores mobile-friendly is crucial for SEO, as 60% of traffic in 2023 was generated by mobile devices. Cross-device shopping is increasing, making a consistent buying experience essential. Optimize website loading speed and avoid close buttons. Use Google tools like mobile-friendly tests and page speed tests. If you are in search of the best mobile app development company then your search ends here.

    Improving your SEO with E-E-A-T :

    E-E-A-T, or Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is an important factor in SEO since it helps establish trustworthiness. In 2019, Google confirmed that it is a crucial part of their algorithms. It is important for ranking and is getting increasingly popular in a variety of areas. Create dedicated pages for authors, assign authors to blog content, and bring in specialists for specific content to highlight EEAT.

    Developing Internal Linking Strategy:

    Internal linking is critical for the functionality and usability of a sitemap. Links that are strategically positioned move users through the site, increasing authority and promoting link equity. Removing orphaned pages improves search rankings, and search engine optimization, lowers bounce rates, enhances page views, and boosts conversions.

    Implementing analytics and monitoring tools:

    There is no SEO without tools. Analyzing core metrics is essential for creating an SEO-friendly website. Free tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics offer valuable insights into performance, organic traffic, and potential issues like duplicate content, incorrect meta tags, and broken links.

    Backlinking building for SEO friendly online store:

    Create a plan to get backlinks from websites in your respective field. It will not only boost the exposure but also the rankings of your online store on the search engines like Google and Bing.

    To Wrap it Up

    SEO is crucial for internet marketing strategy, increasing brand credibility, and user experience, and reducing costs. Well-optimized websites require planning and considering SEO, as it saves time, effort, and money for future changes. These tips and examples are helpful for designing SEO friendly online stores.


    Which free SEO tools can be used for online stores for keywords?
    If you are running low on your budget, free SEO tools like, Screaming Frog and Mozbar can be used for your online stores.
    How to promote an online store through SEO?
    The main idea behind promoting online stores is to increase user experience and maximum the conversion rate.
    What is an effective SEO strategy for an online store?
    SEO strategy organizes website content by topic to improve search results visibility and organic traffic from search engines.
    What is the first step to start SEO for an online store?
    Defining relevant keywords is crucial for creating search-engine-optimized website content and building themes.
    How does SEO attract customers?
    SEO involves understanding customer searches and engaging content to connect, convert, and expose brands effectively.

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