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    Printify vs Printful – A Comparison between Print-on-Demand Services

    • October 21, 2023
    • 6 min

    Drawstring bags, sweatshirts, and pillow covers, among other things, may now be printed with a single mouse click. Printify and Printful are now the two most popular POD providers. Business owners are always confused about which print-on-demand service to use. The advantages and disadvantages of both print-on-demand services will be highlighted in this Printify vs Printful blog.

    Printify vs Printful – An Introduction

    T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, totes, art, phone covers, pillows, posters, and more are just some of the items that Printful offers. Embroidery and printing services are also available. Printful is a fantastic platform for anybody looking to sell artwork online for profit.

    There is no minimum order size on Printful, and you can choose from many delivery methods. Shopify, Gumroad, Etsy, and more are just some of the e-commerce platforms it works with. Printful’s in-house support staff is always accessible via live chat to address any concerns you may have. Printful’s costs are cheap considering the quality of their goods. There are nine distribution hubs spread around the globe, from North America to Europe to Asia. Because of this, they can provide rapid delivery at an affordable price. Additionally, Printful not only provides print-on-demand services but also storage and shipping options for companies who struggle to keep track of their stock.

    On the other hand, Printify was founded in 2015 as a print-on-demand platform, one of the most successful businesses in the POD sector. Printify’s extensive catalog is made possible by a network of over 250 printers. Printify also just needs a single order to begin making the goods. Samples of items may be ordered before a full shipment is committed. If you want to see how the product appears in person or check the print quality, this is a great option. It can be integrated with widely used platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and Wix.

    Printify vs Printful – Pricing

    You may be relaxed knowing that both print-on-demand services are able to anticipate their clients’ demands.

    • Printful may be the best option if you want to sell white-label items but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing so. Access to the Printful design creator with in-built tools and graphics, as well as Printful’s integrations for automated order fulfillment, are all part of the company’s relatively liberal free plan. In addition, Printful’s suppliers will handle worldwide order fulfillment for you, and you’ll have access to their helpful staff 24 hours a day. It no longer displays exact pricing information on its website. For free, Printful can print your designed packing slips with your company branding. This is a popular choice since it allows businesses to better connect with their clientele, provide discounts, and present new products to an already established market.
    • Printify offers three distinct pricing tiers. You may connect up to five point-of-purchase (POP) dropshipping businesses with this free account. No longer can we rely on this strategy. Optimal Package, with enough for 10 locations, it’s perfect for franchises. The premium plan on Printify costs $29 monthly. Since the drop shipper may save up to 20% on all items, this package is the most sought-after. One additional benefit to think about is the possibility of providing customized items for sale. The free tier doesn’t have the feature. There is a support staff available to assist the vendor in troubleshooting any issues that may arise. When new features are added to the Printify platform, all corporate plan customers are notified immediately.

    Printify vs Printful – Integrations

    Both include application programming interfaces (APIs) that may be used to connect to other, larger e-commerce systems. Both Printful and Printify are WooCommerce and Shopify compatible. Compared to its competitor, Printful offers more options for integration. It’s synchronized with channels like Squarespace, Weebly, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, and Wix.

    There are just two marketplaces that the Printify premium plan can connect to, Etsy and eBay. When compared to Amazon, Wish, and Bonanza, Printful is making strides for various product listing sites.

    Shopify, Etsy, Ecwid, and BigCommerce are recommended by Printful if you wish to sell print-on-demand items via ecommerce channels because of their ease of use. Its plugin is stocked in the aforementioned markets, and its API streamlines the shipping and delivery of orders. You should hire a developer to assist with the launch of your POD shop if you want to utilize an enterprise-oriented channel like Magneto.

    Printify vs Printful: Customer Support

    Printful offers a good strategy for connecting with their clientele on a deeper, more meaningful level. All new customers may make use of the company’s no-cost onboarding service. Its blog is really informative and provides helpful tips for managing a print-on-demand company. Call them up, get on a live chat, or send an email to get in touch.

    Integrations, troubleshooting, goods, payments, and mockup designs are just some of the subjects covered in Printify’s extensive knowledge base. In addition, they have a helpful blog with articles on marketing, design, and business success. However, it lags behind Printful since it doesn’t provide round-the-clock live service.

    There is a tidal wave of conflicting opinions online about the quality of customer service provided by Printful. While some users praise the print-on-demand service for its user-friendly interface, others criticize the company for being reluctant to respond to customers’ urgent queries.


    In conclusion, if you prioritize a wide product range, premium quality, and don’t mind slightly higher costs, Printful might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, a simple interface, and want to offer a broader range of designs, Printify could be the preferred option.


    Can I use both Printify and Printful simultaneously?
    Yes, you can use both services simultaneously. Some online store platforms allow you to integrate with multiple print-on-demand providers, giving you the flexibility to choose which products to source from each.
    What is the typical profit margin for POD businesses?
    Profit margins can vary depending on factors like product pricing, design quality, and marketing. On average, a 20-50% profit margin is common in the POD industry.
    Are there any other notable competitors to Printify and Printful?
    Yes, other notable competitors include PrintAura, AOP+ (All Over Print), and SPOD.
    How do I choose between Printify and Printful?
    Consider your specific needs and priorities, such as product range, quality, pricing, ease of use, shipping requirements, and customer support. Compare these factors to decide which service aligns best with your business goals.
    Can I customize products with my own branding and labels?
    Both Printify and Printful offer white-label services, allowing you to add your own branding, labels, and packing materials to the products you sell.

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