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    Ecwid vs Shopify – What’s Best For You?

    • August 04, 2023
    • 6 min

    Ecwid and Shopify are two distinct platforms for selling online. Shopify is the greatest option if you want to create a fully functional online store from the ground up, while Ecwid is great if you simply want to add a store to your existing website. To save you time, here is the comparison blog of Ecwid vs Shopify after extensive study and testing. Read the blog and make a wise decision in choosing your e-commerce platform.

    Ecwid vs Shopify: Introduction

    Ecwid is an ecommerce plugin, which means it can be added to an existing website to provide all the benefits of ecommerce. This is ideal for rapidly expanding small enterprises that wish to open an online shop to reach more customers. When compared to Shopify, Ecwid’s one-page website creation capabilities pale. Ecwid’s website generator may be used to build a simple storefront. Although it’s a nice bonus, Ecwid wasn’t meant to be a website builder as it is ideal for individuals and smaller businesses to integrate e-commerce.

    Shopify is a specialized e-commerce platform that enables you to launch your own online shop and manage it. Shopify is great for both big and small businesses because of the many features it offers to help you expand your company. Shopify features everything you need to make your business as easy as possible, and you don’t need any coding or IT expertise to utilize it. Thus, Shopify is ideal for anyone looking to launch a brand new online shop and use robust ecommerce capabilities to expand their company.

    Ecwid vs Shopify: Advantages and Disadvantages

    With Ecwid, there’s no need to scrap everything and start again if you already have a website. Additionally, by using different sales channels, you may quickly and effectively reach a wider audience. It is easy to use and no coding experience is required to add e-commerce features to your website. But, there are limited personalization choices that don’t provide much room for originality in design. Rapidly expanding shops will reach Ecwid’s sales tools capacity limits, which will prevent them from expanding any further. Additionally, the free subscription has severe restrictions, such as no live chat or phone assistance and no access to the app store.

    On the other hand, Shopify simplifies the process of managing sales across many channels. This includes anything from Instagram to Amazon. Shopify makes it easy to handle complicated orders and extensive product catalogs. Furthermore, it has advanced sales tools. But, if you use a payment processor other than Shopify Payments, you will be subject to transaction costs imposed by Shopify. Additionally, Shopify doesn’t offer a free plan. You need to subscribe after a 14-day free trial. Thus, if you are just starting your online business and lack finance, Ecwid is a nice option. But, if finance is not the problem then you should choose Shopify.

    Ecwid vs Shopify: Advanced Features

    Ecwid has shop administration features that may be used to administer your online store. Many of them are the fundamental building blocks of every functional online shop. Furthermore, you can let the tools handle inventory management. Furthermore, you can make sales by setting up multichannel selling.

    In comparison to Ecwid, Shopify offers much-advanced sales and SEO features. Shopify’s stock management feature keeps tabs on your inventory and disables product sales once they reach zero. It entirely supports your multichannel selling, synchronizing across all your platforms, and you can monitor those sales with built-in reporting.

    It has an abandoned cart recovery solution, detailed traffic and sales analytics, and allows multichannel selling too. Furthermore, Shopify’s SEO features are more versatile than Ecwid’s. Shopify, but not Ecwid, allows you to modify the alt text of product images easily.

    Ecwid vs Shopify: Third-party Apps

    Ecwid’s App Market is stocked with useful add-ons that can be used to enhance your online shop and bring in more customers. You may browse the Ecwid App Market by category, pricing, or the site’s built-in search function. Some of the suggested apps are the Advanced Discount app, the Product Labels app, and LiveChat.

    While the Shopify app store offers 5000+ apps. You can find all the apps from inventory management to customer service. Thus, you may search for what you want, peruse through collections, or even check out the editors’ choices and popular applications. Some are created by Shopify’s own team, while others come from other Shopify developers or Shopify Partners.

    Ecwid vs Shopify: Performance and Support

    The free plan of Ecwid doesn’t support live chat and phone support. This support is offered to premium plans only. Other than this, it has email support, a help center, video guides, and a community forum. On the other hand, Shopify offers various support options like 24/7 live chat and phone support, email support, community forum, video tutorials, and specialist support.


    In the battle of Ecwid vs Shopify, both platforms offer robust solutions for creating and managing an online store. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific requirements, budget, and technical expertise.

    If you’re looking for a straightforward and user-friendly experience, Shopify might be the better option. It offers a wide range of customizable templates, a powerful app ecosystem, and dedicated customer support. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners and those who want a fully integrated, all-in-one solution. On the other hand, if you already have an existing website and want to seamlessly integrate an online store, Ecwid could be the right fit. Additionally, Ecwid’s pricing flexibility could appeal to small businesses and those with limited budgets.

    Ultimately, both Ecwid and Shopify have their strengths and weaknesses, and the decision should be based on your individual needs, technical comfort level, and future growth plans. Before making your choice, carefully consider factors such as design, features, scalability, pricing, and customer support.


    Is Ecwid or Shopify better for beginners?
    Shopify is generally considered more user-friendly for beginners due to its intuitive interface, extensive support, and drag-and-drop design capabilities.
    Can I use Ecwid with my existing website?
    Yes, Ecwid is designed to seamlessly integrate with various website platforms, allowing you to add an online store to your existing website.
    Which platform offers more design flexibility?
    Shopify provides a wider range of customizable templates and design options, making it more suitable for businesses with specific branding needs.
    Are there transaction fees on both platforms?
    Both platforms may charge transaction fees, but these can be reduced or eliminated by choosing higher-tier plans or specific payment gateways.
    Which platform has better scalability for growing businesses?
    Shopify is often favored for scalability, offering more advanced features and robust tools as your business expands.

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