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    Steps For Connecting Google Analytics 4 With Your Shopify Store

    • July 03, 2023
    • 4 min

    Numerous online stores use Shopify since it is a popular platform for e-commerce. Installing Google Analytics will allow you to track your Shopify store's success and make educated business choices. Google Analytics is an advanced and broad tool that may help you understand consumer behavior, and measure traffic and purchases. This post will explain how to enable the GA4 for Shopify stores.

    Introduction to GA4 Property

    The newest version of Google Analytics (GA4) has enhanced tracking options that may be useful for websites. It is compatible with sophisticated data analysis tools and has a more intuitive UI to boot. Each tracking ID has its own, separate connection to the server in GA4. Furthermore, if there is an interruption in service or the code fails to be executed properly, it will only affect the data coming from the particular implementation that was disrupted. Thus, it reduces the risk of information being lost.

    Steps to Link GA4 With Shopify

    There are a few simple steps you need to do in order to link your Shopify store to Google Analytics 4. To properly join the two systems, please follow these steps:

    Make Google Analytics 4 Property

    To access Google Analytics, you must first create a Google account. Google Analytics may be accessed using the same Google account as Gmail. Create a new GA4 property as a starting point. Access the ‘Admin’ tab on the left side of your Google Analytics dashboard to do this. Choose the relevant property and account to which you’d want to add GA4. When prompted, choose ‘Web’ from the ‘Create Property’ drop-down menu. Simply enter the time zone, URL, and property’s name, and then press the ‘Create’ button.

    Add Data Stream Google Analytics 4 Property

    After a GA4 property has been created, data streams may be established. A data stream is a channel via which information may be sent from a site to Google Analytics. Select the ‘Data Streams’ menu item and then the ‘Add Stream’ button to begin configuring a data feed. Choose ‘Web’ as your origin and provide details such as stream name, website URL, and business type. After filling out the form, hit the ‘Create Stream’ button.

    Add Google Analytics 4 Tag

    To submit data to Google Analytics, a tag must be put to your website. Get started by going to your Shopify account and pasting the code within the tag. Then, open the Online Store, choose Themes, and finally click Edit Code to access the theme.liquid file. Copy and paste the Google tag code. After the code has been put in, use the Save button to finish the configuration. At last, you must verify the information in Google Analytics.


    It is crucial to test your Shopify shop after adding the GA4 tag. If everything went well during setup, you’ll be able to see data being gathered in real-time. The ‘Real Time’ section of your Google Analytics account is where you’ll see this data.


    The last thing to do is to enable tracking of conversions. If you want to know how many people visited your site and how many of them converted, conversion monitoring is for you. Use the left sidebar of your GA4 dashboard to go to the Admin area. To begin, go to Tools, then Conversions. Select the ‘New conversion’ button. After giving the event a unique name, fill out the sections under ‘Matching conditions’ to narrow down the sorts of things you want to monitor.

    In conclusion, if you follow these instructions, you’ll have no trouble integrating Google Analytics 4 with your Shopify shop and gaining access to a wealth of information about your site’s performance, visitor behavior, and earnings. Using the data collected, you may fine-tune your online store’s effectiveness and make sales-driving strategies.


    Can I use the older version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) instead of GA4?
    No, after July 1, 2023, the older version is not available. Thus, you need to use GA4 for your Shopify store’s web analytics.
    How long does it take for Google Analytics 4 to start collecting data from my Shopify store?

    It can take a couple of hours once you have linked GA4 to your Shopify store. Don’t worry, all that data will be available to you as soon as possible.

    Can I track specific actions, such as conversions or product views, with Google Analytics 4 and Shopify?
    Absolutely! GA4’s robust event-tracking features make it possible to keep tabs on everything from product views and clicks to full-fledged monetary transactions. GA4 allows users to put up their own events and objectives for tracking and analysis.
    Can I integrate Google Ads with Google Analytics 4 and my Shopify store?
    It is possible to integrate Google Ads with GA4 and your Shopify shop to get a full picture of the success of your advertising efforts. Conversion tracking, return on investment analysis, and ad spend optimization are all made possible by activating this connection.
    Can I use Google Analytics 4 to track customer behavior across multiple devices?
    To monitor the user experience across several platforms, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets, you may use GA4. You can better understand user behavior trends thanks to this functionality, which offers a comprehensive perspective of client interactions.

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