E-commerce for an inventive milk butler


Developing the Shopify Store

The client was not having a Shopify store so we developed the store from the beginning. As we had to highlight a single product over the store, we tried different ways to showcase it in depth.

  • Our expert Shopify developers designed the store in a way that customers should have a positive experience while navigating through the pages of the store.
  • The colour palette chosen for the digital store was in a way that beautifully reflected the product and the brand.
  • Moving forward with proper planning several pages were created like Home, Shop, About, Blog and Contact pages.
  • The home page was having a detailed description of the product along with its advantages and how to use it.
  • The blog page was created for users to read good articles posted by the client.
  • A customized checkout page was created with an express checkout option leading to a secure payment gateway.

A third-party app Langify was integrated that helps in translating the language of the Shopify store to the native language.

UI/UX, Frontend Development

“We wanted to make our product available for parents all over the world. Alian Software assisted us in creating the ideal Shopify store. Outstanding work!”

Prem Bala

Challenge Faced

There were no difficulties faced in this project because only one product was to be displayed. Our developers created the store in a short period of time, and it quickly began attracting customers, resulting them in purchasing the product.


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