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    The Best Live Chat Apps For Shopify

    • July 28, 2023
    • 6 min

    Shopify has changed the face of online business by becoming the preferred platform for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Numerous e-commerce sites have benefited from its intuitive design, adaptable templates, and rich apps. Businesses are increasingly using live chat apps to improve their customer service in response to the rising need for streamlined help. These live communication apps have proved to be game-changers, enabling Shopify store owners to interact with customers in real time, answering questions and boosting conversions.

    In this post, we take an in-depth look at the best live chat apps for Shopify, illuminating the most powerful and feature-rich options to enhance your interactions with customers and propel your online shop to new heights of success.

    Benefits of using live chat apps in the Shopify store

    • Shopify live chat apps enable business owners to give customers pre and post-sale assistance via instant messaging and live chat.
    • Furthermore, there is a limit to how much content a store can display before its users feel frustrated and leave. Thus, if your Shopify store visitors don’t have time to hunt for answers on their own, you may provide them immediate assistance by using live chat software.
    • Customers use live chat applications to inquire about a wide variety of topics, including order tracking, refunds, exchanges, and product suggestions. Employees may be proactive with live chat by alerting customers to their abandoned purchases or nudging them back toward products they’ve seen several times.
    • Instantaneous help coupled with tailored and proactive outreach not only enhances conversions and customer loyalty but also reduces the cost of customer support operations.

    Popular live chat apps on the Shopify app store

    Below mentioned is the list of the 9 best live chat apps for your Shopify store.

    Tidio Live Chat

    With Tidio, you can quickly answer visitors through live chat, bot chat, messenger, email, and Instagram, all from a single chat panel. Tidio is a way to increase client happiness, which in turn may promote business. All of a company’s problems may be met by these features. Tidio’s real-time assistance facilitates quick communication.

    Additionally, Tidio’s chatbot feature is available around the clock, allowing you to quickly and easily resolve any difficulties you may have with shipping, cart abandonment, order status, returns, etc. Furthermore, it supports a number of languages and is compatible with more than 20 applications, including MailChimp and Google Analytics. It’s user-friendly and can be set up in no time. Both free and paid plans are available in Tidio.


    Willdesk is an excellent tool for handling any inquiries from visitors and customers. It can be set up in minutes, is extremely adaptable, and is available in more than 40 languages. Furthermore, you can increase conversions, and streamline the operations of your store. You can easily integrate a FAQ page, Order tracking, a Helpcenter, emails, live chat, Facebook Messenger, social media, etc. into a single platform. Lastly, it has a free and paid plan.

    Chatra — Live Chat & Chatbot

    Chatra is one of the reliable live chat apps. You’ll be able to pinpoint issues, provide solutions, and grasp the requirements of your customers. It also allows you to communicate with customers in real-time, as well as get insights from their shopping cart contents and tailor your offerings accordingly. Additionally, it can track which customers are visiting your site, keep tabs on their shopping carts, and initiate conversations with them if they get stuck during the checkout or processing stages. This improves sales and conversion by providing a more personalized experience and decreasing the likelihood that customers would leave their shopping carts.

    This app is adaptable since it can be used to communicate with clients coming from many channels, including Facebook Messenger and Instagram. It streamlines the process of assisting customers. You can use a free plan with limited features and subscribe to a paid plan if you like the app.

    Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

    The Gorgias app provides a number of features and functions that simplify your ability to address your client’s inquiries and problems. Using this app, you may synchronize all of your communication channels. It is used by retailers because it helps them save money, time, and boosts productivity.

    Furthermore, it allows you to track users’ actions across many devices, including the ability to see their shopping cart, purchase history, and make changes to an existing order. Additionally, it allows you to make a standard answer to common questions from consumers. It’s simple to set up and links to many social media sites.

    Reamaze Live Chat

    Your customers may use this app on whichever device they like. Reamaze’s high-quality, versatile customer service helps businesses earn more money. Additionally, Shopify allows you to rapidly generate, amend, and update order data, as well as execute refunds and cancellations through discussion with customer service. The nicest aspect about using this app is how easy it is to track the revenue.

    JivoChat Live Chat

    Each and every online store needs JivoChat. It’s a versatile tool that streamlines your store’s customer service. JivoChat’s potential to increase conversions and decrease bounce rate depends on how it is utilized. This Shopify app may be seen by customers while they’re browsing and can immediately begin a discussion with them. Both free and paid plans are available with this app.

    Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot

    Gobot is one of the best live chat apps on Shopify. You may learn more about your customers’ wants and requirements, tailor their buying experience, and more using the quiz feature. Product suggestions and replies are also monitored using the Facebook pixel and Google Ad events. Gobot facilitates the use of quizzes as a means of engaging consumers and collecting marketing data.

    Relish AI Chatbot

    Managing an online store may be stressful since there is a lot to do and not enough time in the day. Relish handles client service, interaction, and product discovery. The chatbot is driven by artificial intelligence and may be used to engage visitors via polls and surveys. There is no free option, however, a 14-day trial is provided.


    It’s possible that some visitors are seeking to make a purchase, but they have a hard time finding what they need. Such issues may be resolved with Maisie’s assistance. Conversion rates and client loyalty may both be increased. In addition, it might ease the burden on your support workers.

    If you use Facebook Messenger, you can connect with Maisie and make your own chatbot. However, this app does provide a 14-day trial period despite the lack of a free plan.


    Shopify live chat apps are becoming essential tools for improving interactions with customers and driving more sales in real-time. These apps provide a variety of tools that enable organizations to provide outstanding support to customers, from instantaneous inquiry responses to individualized guidance.

    In this post, we took a look at 9 popular Shopify live chat apps. Each app has its own set of advantages, such as more automation, easier integration, or more detailed reporting. You may enhance customer happiness and loyalty by investing in one of these robust live chat applications and providing your consumers with a pleasant and stress-free buying experience. In addition, providing instant support via live chat may decrease shopping cart abandonment, increase sales, and ultimately increase your store’s performance in the cutthroat e-commerce industry.


    Why is it important for my Shopify business to have a live chat app?
    There are several reasons why integrating a live chat app into your Shopify business is a smart move. The important reason is that it allows you to improve your customers’ purchasing experience by responding to their questions and concerns in real time and providing them with individualized help.
    Does Shopify allow for numerous live chat apps?
    Multiple live chat applications may be integrated, although this is not a good idea. Conflicts, uncertainty, and a disjointed customer service experience are all possibilities when numerous applications are used.
    Are there any free live chat apps for Shopify?
    Yes, there are free live chat applications available for Shopify on its app store. For small companies with light customer service requirements, the standard live chat features offered by these applications may be adequate. More sophisticated functionality and personalization settings may need a paid upgrade.
    Can you use a mobile device to access a live chat app?
    The vast majority of live chat applications are optimized for usage on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
    How to choose the right live chat app for my Shopify store?
    Consider the app’s features, convenience of use, customer service, cost, and interaction with your other apps while making your decision. Before committing to an app, it’s important to do some research by reading user reviews and trying out free trials.

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