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    Top-Rated Social Media Selling Apps For Your Shopify Store

    • September 28, 2023
    • 5 min

    Although social media presents promising prospects, time and effort are required while using social media. In order to effectively promote items to prospective customers on social media, even the most seasoned digital marketers may get stuck by mundane activities, low-return efforts, and unpleasant roadblocks.

    Thus, if you use the correct Shopify social media selling apps, you can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Let's take a look at the best social media selling apps available in the Shopify app store.

    8 Best Social Media Selling Apps Available on Shopify App Store

    Shopify app store has a wide range of useful social networking applications. Some of these applications are designed to perform a single function, while others integrate many functions into a single app for retailers. Here is a list of the top 8 social media selling applications for Shopify keeping ratings, reviews, and features in mind.

    Facebook & Instagram

    This social media selling app has a 3.3-star rating on the Shopify app store. It will help you in growing your business on Facebook and Instagram, and in managing orders and returns. With this app, products are automatically synced to Facebook and Instagram shops. Thus, you can sell and create ads on social media easily. Furthermore, it will provide insights into best-selling products and tagged content. This app is free to install and only charges for ad campaigns.


    Add clean, stylish Instagram feeds to your online shop in under a minute with Instafeed. Displaying Instagram material like photographs and Reels on your store’s website may increase your brand’s social proof, increase sales, and gain new Instagram followers. With this app, use a grid or slider to display media (pictures, Reels, videos) in a linear fashion. Furthermore, create shoppable Instagram feeds by tagging numerous goods in each post. This app has a 4.9-star rating on the Shopify app store and offers a free plan.


    With the help of Outfy, you can quickly and easily create intriguing video content, breathtaking collages, dynamic animated gifs, and a plethora of other engaging social media content promoting your products. It has gained a 4.7-star rating on the Shopify app store and offers a 7-day free trial. You can increase the number of people who interact with your store’s social media posts with little effort. You may easily curate content and have it published automatically with the help of its automation function.

    Post Studio

    To automate your social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, this app will help. Every day, you can post your items and deals to your social media feeds automatically. You may make as many social media postings as you want.
    This is one of the best social media selling apps that has gained a 4.8-star rating on the app store and offers a 7-day free trial.

    Trackify X Facebook Pixel

    Tracking user activity, and sales, improving website or app experience, measuring social media marketing campaign success, and expanding sales can all be accomplished. Furthermore, you can build unique target groups by using filters such as topic, collection, date, and time spent active. You can keep tabs on fresh occurrences like category views, product customizations, and cart visits. The app has a 4.9-star rating and offers a 14-day free trial.

    Oxi Social Login

    With this app, it’s possible to enhance conversion rates by removing the need for customers to register and log in. Reduced cart abandonment is one of the most noticeable benefits of using Oxi Social Login. It is compatible with a wide variety of popular social media sites, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more. There is a single-click access to all of your social media accounts. This is also one of the best social media selling apps that offers a 15-day free trial plan.


    You may choose to manually or automatically post your reviews from Etsy, Amazon, Facebook, and Google using the app. Thus, you may boost trust and sales by posting reviews on your Shopify store. Offer discount coupons to encourage repeat purchases from your customers. This app offers a free plan too.


    Display photos in 4 different layouts (grid, masonry, slider, and listing) on any website using an Instagram feed with Wave. Using user-generated content retrieved through #hashtags, you may host competitions and boost your store’s social proof. Replace out-of-date media with carefully managed hidden photos and videos. Furthermore, you can use product tags to make it simpler for retailers to buy the items seen in your images.


    If you want to grow your online shop’s customer base and revenue, adding popular social media selling apps to your Shopify store can help. These applications make it easy to link up with the most prominent social networking sites, which increases your exposure, streamlines the purchasing process, enhances your marketing, and allows you to interact with prospective customers. In today’s increasingly competitive digital market, however, success depends on finding the proper app for your company’s specific demands.


    Are social media selling apps compatible with all plans on Shopify?
    Compatibility can vary, but many social media selling apps work with most Shopify plans. Thus, it’s advisable to check the app’s compatibility with your specific plan before installing it.
    Do I need to pay for these apps, or are there free options available?
    While there are free versions of some social media selling apps, many offer premium features or require monthly fees. The pricing depends on the app and the level of functionality you need.
    Are there any privacy or data security concerns when using social media selling apps?
    Data security and privacy are top priorities. It’s crucial to research and choose reputable apps that comply with relevant privacy regulations and take data protection seriously.
    Can I customize the appearance of my product listings on social media using these apps?
    Yes, many social media selling apps allow for the customization of product listings to match your branding and style.
    Can I schedule posts and promotions in advance with these apps?
    Yes, scheduling posts and promotions in advance is a common feature in many social media selling apps, allowing you to plan and automate your marketing efforts.

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