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    Useful Tips To Enhance eCommerce Website Design

    • May 08, 2023
    • 4 min

    One of the most prominent methods of shopping is eCommerce. We all like to shop online as it is more convenient for us. Furthermore, it allows you to buy anything you wish for. With shop now and pay later, eCommerce is preferable in case you don’t have money at that point in time. From the studies of Similarweb, it is estimated 12-24 million eCommerce sites worldwide. Thus, to stand out from the competition online business owners have to keep their eCommerce website design appealing, engaging and tempting. Apart from that, user experience must be taken into consideration. In this post, I'll discuss a few things to keep in mind while going for eCommerce website design.

    How to boost your eCommerce website design?

    There are several factors at play in the development of an effective eCommerce website. The most successful eCommerce website layouts prioritize clarity, readability, and usability. To get there, you need to eliminate unnecessary elements from the design. All such points are listed here that you need to focus on for boosting your eCommerce website design.

    Appealing design

    Making a good first impression on prospective clients requires having a website that stands out from the crowd. A visitor’s decision to make a purchase from an online store may be heavily influenced by the look of the eCommerce website. Furthermore, an attractive website design may improve the recognition of your brand. Just because the website looks tempting, the bounce rate of the website will be low and visitors are likely to get converted into customers. Thus, you need to choose a theme that matches your brand.

    For instance, if your eCommerce website sells beauty products, the colour theme can be bright or soft and feminine. On the other hand, a baby products eCommerce website can use colours like pastel pink, Carolina blue and tea rose. Thus, to convert visitors to potential customers, try to hire expert UI designers for your eCommerce website design. UI designers know better about how to make any website appealing and tempting.

    Try to look like a customer 

    To make a meaningful connection with your users, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. If you want your website to be successful, you need to think as your target audience does. Think about the age range of your anticipated visitors. Designing a site for girls will be quite different than designing a site for middle-aged women. Invest time in market research for this. For instance, eCommerce websites for teenagers need to be full of humor but for middle-aged women, it can be minimalistic.

    Furthermore, some websites may not need a search bar, but you should think about whether or not your visitors might need it. Also, if you think a search bar could be helpful, don’t bury it deep in the site’s menus. The simpler something is to find, the better your chances of making a sale.

    Keep your content simple and short

    Don’t waste your time writing novel-length descriptions of products. Try to keep the descriptions in points and short. The best example can be seen in the Shopify store of Minimalist. A short but all-inclusive description is provided. Keep your phrases and paragraphs brief, emphasize necessary details by bolding them, and break up long passages of text using bulleted points. Furthermore, keep a powerful CTA that can help you to drive sales. Lastly, use appropriate keywords that are trendy in your content for Search engine optimization. You can use keyword research tools to find out popular keywords.

    Use high-resolution photos

    In terms of online shopping specifically, customers find high-quality product images to be very important when making a purchase choice. Furthermore, keeping live photos in eCommerce website design may raise the possibility that interested buyers will make a purchase. Thus, investing in quality product photography may do wonders for gaining your consumers’ trust.

    Provide excellent user experience

    Providing a pleasant online experience for visitors is one way to boost consumer happiness. Having a website that is user-friendly, fast to load, and full of useful information may greatly improve the experience for consumers. If a website has all the information a customer could possibly want, they are less likely to leave a purchase in the middle of the process. It should be responsive to every device. Furthermore, a simple navigation process can help customers to explore various products easily. Thus, you will need a professional UX designer to optimize your eCommerce website design.


    As mentioned before, if you want your eCommerce website to stand out in today’s competitive online market, it must be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, a better user experience for your clients and more sales and money for your organization may be achieved by applying these tips and constantly upgrading your eCommerce website design.


    How to design an eCommerce website?
    It is a long process to design an eCommerce website. It covers everything from researching to designing and then testing to launching. You can explore it in detail in our blog A Website Design Freebie Guide.
    Can I build an eCommerce website on my own?

    Yes, you can build if you have technical knowledge. If not, then we advise you to consult an eCommerce development company.

    How many pages does an eCommerce website need?
    There are 6 essential pages every eCommerce website should have. They are Homepage, About Us, Product list page, Product detail page, Checkout page, and Cart or Wishlist page.
    What kind of design is good for an eCommerce website?
    A good eCommerce website design must be appealing, engaging and tempting.
    How much does it cost to design an eCommerce website?

    It depends on how many pages you want to design and on which eCommerce platform. For detailed eCommerce website design cost information, book a FREE consultation with us.

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