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What is WordPress? Simply Explained

If you wonder what WordPress is, it is a well known & most preferred among the web developers. But if you still wonder why it is popular, you may be interested to know what WordPress is.

A Content Management System

Technically, It is a Content Management System based on PHP. More than 35% of online web developers from bloggers to major online news networks trust WordPress as a CMS platform.

A Boon for a Blogger

Its very popular among the blogging community. Majority of bloggers are prefers to use it for their professional blogging. is free for all and easy to use. That’s a perfect match for any amateur blogger.

The Unlimited Freedom of Customization

The popularity of WordPress is due to the freedom of endless possibilities of customization you can do. From themes to plugins and everything, you can simply create your website as you dream of.

A Cost Effective Option

From eCommerce to small businesses & freelancers use it, as it prove itself one cost effective option for having the blogs & eCommerce websites.


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