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    What would be the cost to create an app similar to Tabby app?

    • August 23, 2023
    • 5 min

    One of the most certain ways for online retailers to prosper is to provide a buy now, pay later option. Several businesses are seeking alternatives to cash on delivery that will enable their clients to do exactly what this new technology advertises: purchase now and pay later. This post will explore the many causes of the aforementioned purchase now, pay later development app similar to the Tabby app.

    Factors affecting the cost of developing an app like the Tabby app

    The cost involved in making an app like Tabby might be affected by the following variables:


    Features are the main factor that affects the cost of developing the app. Some of the best features that are added on to the final cost are as follows:

    • Login: Guest check-in is an option in the app that allows users to enter their information without having to provide it until after they have used the app for themselves.
    • Shopping: Tabby and other similar after-payment applications provide a Shop section where users can categorize their favorite retailers, items, and deals into custom-made folders. Customers may browse product details, prices, and specials in a manner similar to that of an online shop with this app. This will also add to the final cost.
    • Payment Splitting: While the Tabby app’s installment schedule is unique, it serves as the backbone for all after-pay applications. Customers may input their card information after checkout, and Tabby will automatically charge their card four times each month.
    • Accounts: It provides a user-specific account management interface where you can see purchase history, installments made, payments scheduled, and other personal information data.
    • Disputes panel: Buy now pay later apps like Tabby provide a portal-specific dispute panel. It aids retailers in sorting out problems related to payment, shopping, order, etc.

    App Design

    The Tabby app’s greatest strength is its simple layout. Line symbols, clear images of products, and a straightforward flowchart help users navigate the app. Minimalism should be taken into account while creating apps like Tabby. This means not jamming the app full of unnecessary features and information. The next step is to map out the customer’s flow to each feature by considering the user’s perspective.

    App Development

    The development work will include designing the front end and back end of the application, implementing all the features described above (and more), and incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality for testing items or artificial intelligence for predictive analytics. Finally, you’ll need to develop one or two versions of the pay later app depending on the business model you choose.

    Development Team

    The last contributor to the vast gap in how much it costs to develop an app like the Tabby app is the team behind the project. There are two factors at play here: the size of the team and the location from which they operate.

    A financial app development business based in India costs between $50 and $99 per hour. In the United States, the rate is more like $100 to $120. Thus, the price tag for building an app like Tabby depends on all these criteria, plus the aforementioned functionalities. Costs may range approximately from $30,000 to $65,000 for a moderately complex UI and technology stack. Note that the cost is also affected by regulatory compliances like FTC.

    Monetization of an app like the Tabby app

    While the technical aspects of purchase now pay later app like Tabby app development has been discussed, it is also important to consider the potential revenue streams.

    • You can get a commission for every purchase that is made by a consumer using your app.
    • Customers can be charged interest on any overdue balances.
    • Furthermore, you can also make money off of merchants by displaying their products in your application in the form of features.
    • Because the credit economy places banking at the center of its operation on a large scale, collaborating with banks to promote your model may be a rapid method to gain a loyal mass acceptance of your product or service.
    • If you introduce it in markets such as e-learning and insurance, or even corporate platforms, the outcome will be incredibly favorable from the perspective of your company’s income.


    There are a number of expenses that would add up while building an app like the Tabby app. Any buy now, pay later service requires sophisticated programming, user interface design, system integrations, and safety features. Expenses including those for development, design, testing, deployment, continuing maintenance, and any legal and compliance costs all need to be included. Features, app platform (iOS, Android, web), development strategy (in-house vs. outsourced), team size, and location are just a few of the factors that will affect the ultimate cost. In order to guarantee the success of an app like the Tabby app, it’s important to work with the best mobile app development company.


    When making an app, what factors most significantly affect the budget?
    The main factors that affect prices are complexity of the app, its features, design, development, testing, regulatory compliances, etc.
    Should I build a team in-house or take the help of outsourcing?
    While in-house teams provide for more oversight, they sometimes come with a heftier pay scale. Although outsourcing might save money, it is important to work with a company that has good communication and project management skills.
    How much would regular maintenance cost?
    Budgeting for post-launch activities like bug fixing, OS version upgrades, and feature addition is essential. This guarantees the app’s continued usefulness and relevance.
    How long does it typically take to develop an app like the Tabby app?
    Timelines for development are context-dependent. It may take a few months to develop a basic app, but creating something as complicated as Tabby could take a year or more.
    Is there an expected rate of return (ROI)?
    Return on investment calculations are affected by a number of variables. Long-term profits from a well-designed BNPL app may be considerable.

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