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    Why should you offer one-click checkout?

    • November 25, 2023
    • 5 min

    To take payment information and ship a package, there are many steps. But it can be hard to go from looking to buying. Making the checkout process more complicated adds steps that make people less likely to buy and makes room for second thoughts. One-click checkout makes it easier for customers to finish their purchases, which means fewer carts that are left empty and, eventually, more sales. Let’s find out why you should consider integrating one click checkout into your online store.

    Advantages of one click checkout

    • Faster Transactions: With one-click checkout, consumers would be able to finish their purchases fast and effortlessly. This saves time and minimizes the possibility of them leaving their carts.
    • Increased Conversions: A simpler checkout process can increase conversions because it makes the process easier and removes obstacles that stop people from making a purchase.
    • Impulse Buying: Sometimes one click checkout makes customers buy things they don’t really need because it’s quick and easy.
    • Mobile Optimization: One-click checkout is especially helpful for mobile users, whose small screens and possible connection problems can make the checkout process drag on for a long time. Thus, you can meet the wants of mobile shoppers by giving them a quick and easy one-click choice.
    • Adaptation to Consumer Behavior: One-click checkout is convenient for many online shoppers, especially those who buy things online often.

    An e-commerce business can get a competitive edge by letting customers check out with just one click. It makes the brand stand out from others in the same field, and it may draw customers who value speed and ease of use when they shop online.

    Best one-click checkout services

    Below is the list of the best payment gateways that offer single-click checkout for online stores.

    Shop Pay

    Shopify’s own one-click checkout method is Shop Pay. Customers can buy with just one tap on Shopify sites because it saves, encrypts, and fills in the checkout areas for them. When someone checks out, their information will be filled in automatically, even if they haven’t bought from you before.

    Shop Pay is only available to Shopify businesses. If you don’t have a Shopify site, you won’t be able to use this popular way to check out. Shop Pay has worked well for many Shopify stores. It can help businesses get more sales because it’s quick, easy, and works with all major credit card companies. But even with these pros, Shop Pay isn’t the cheapest way and it’s not always clear about some fees.

    Instant Checkout

    Instant Checkout is another one click checkout method you should think about if your goods are easy for people to buy on the spot. You can show a ‘Buy It Now’ button with Instant Checkout. This lets customers skip the ‘Add to Cart’ step and go straight to the checkout page.

    However, this may not always be the best way to proceed. Customers may not add more things to their cart if they have a ‘Buy Now’ button. But, it can be a good way to boost sales if a lot of your customers keep coming back to buy the same thing.


    This payment service doesn’t break the bank & is a well-versed one click checkout method. It helps in boosting online sales and customer confidence. CartPop also features a function where shop owners may provide clients a link to complete their purchases online.

    Furthermore, it might be useful if you’re seeking to win back shoppers who have abandoned their purchases due to a lengthy checkout process. After establishing a custom cart using CartPop, you can include the URL in an abandoned cart email. One-click checkout reduces the number of clicks a consumer must make to complete a transaction, which may increase the likelihood of a sale if the client has already decided to buy.

    Link – Stripe

    Link is Stripe’s fast-checkout solution. Payment and shipping information for each client is stored and automatically filled in. Additionally, it accepts a variety of payment types, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts in the United States. If a consumer is signed into Link, the functionality will automatically fill in their stored payment information from a separate store’s checkout page.

    PayPal One Touch

    One of PayPal’s fundamental features is it keeps card information for consumers. However, with the launch of the One Touch Feature, PayPal has significantly improved the checkout experience.

    The One Touch function speeds things up even more by allowing customers to complete their purchases with a single click. When shopping at a store that accepts PayPal One Touch, customers don’t need to log in to their account to make a purchase; they may just click a button instead.


    There are several gains for both you and your consumers when you implement a one-click checkout to your e-commerce platform. Customers are more likely to complete a purchase because of the simplified and hassle-free checkout procedure, which also boosts conversion rates and encourages brand loyalty.

    It has become a competitive advantage due to the increasing value placed on speed and efficiency in online transactions. By implementing this change, companies may compete in the dynamic e-commerce sector and meet the needs of today’s consumers.


    How does one click checkout improve the user experience?
    One-click checkout minimizes the number of steps required to complete a purchase, providing a faster and more convenient experience for users. This simplicity is especially appreciated in the era of instant gratification in online shopping.
    Can one click checkout lead to increased conversions?
    Yes, it can contribute to higher conversion rates by reducing friction in the purchasing process. The streamlined experience encourages users to complete transactions, resulting in a more efficient and effective sales funnel.
    Is one click checkout secure for processing payments?
    One click checkout systems typically use secure payment methods and encryption to ensure the security of customer information. It’s crucial for businesses to implement robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data.
    How does one-click checkout impact mobile users?
    Mobile users often face challenges with longer checkout processes. One-click checkout is particularly beneficial for mobile users, offering a quick and efficient way to complete transactions on smaller screens, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.
    Does one click checkout encourage impulse buying?
    Yes, the simplicity and speed of one click checkout make it easier for customers to make impulse purchases. The reduced friction in the buying process can lead to increased sales, especially for lower-priced items.

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