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    Web Application Development Cost In 2024

    • November 18, 2022
    • 7 min

    How can we develop a web app without worrying about the cost? This blog will explain numerous web app development techniques as well as money-saving tips. At last, you can understand how to estimate the approximate web app development cost.Web apps are dynamic sites that incorporate server-side coding and offer features like accessing the data on the back end, and engaging with visitors. Web apps provide security for the company's sites and software applications. Developers build these with greater safety and confidentiality. They also provide better customer service and are accessible at any time and promote trust. For online shopping, data management, customer service, workspace management, HR management, online payment, food delivery, media streaming and so on people use web apps.

    Types of Web app development

    The cost of developing a web app differs according to the type of app. The time required for web app development also affects the cost. The approx time required for web app development is 3 to 6 months. The time required varies according to the features and functionalities. Let’s discuss the types of apps.
    • Dynamic Web Apps: It is a complex type of web app because the web app gets the data in real-time upon the visitor’s request. Examples of these apps are Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, Weverse, Vlive, etc. Several technologies we use to develop dynamic web apps are jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and Python.
    Dynamic Web Apps
    • Static Web Apps: These apps are simple and are not flexible. As they are easy to develop, the web app development cost is cheap. Developers use CSS, HTML, and Javascript to develop these apps.
    Static Web Apps
    • Single Page Apps(SPA): In these apps, the information stays on a single page. A limited or few data is updated after some time. Some of the apps you may know like Gmail, Pinterest, Airbnb, and Paypal are SPA. Several technologies we use for Single page web app development are Angular, Vue, React, and Meteor.
    Single Page Apps(SPA)
    • Progressive Web Apps(PWA): Users may utilize mobile browsers to get the full information and functionalities of the online application. PWAs are web pages that appear to be mobile apps. Youtube, Tinder, and Spotify are examples of PWA. Tech we use for web app development are CSS, Javascript, and HTML.
    Progressive Web Apps(PWA)
    • Multi-Page Apps: Online Shopping stores, Web portals, and enterprise apps are suitable examples of multipage apps. Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, etc are tech we use for web app development.
    Multi-Page Apps

    Factors that affect Web app development cost

    Do you know?
    A single-page web app development cost will be cheaper than an online store. Why? The simple answer to this is the scope of work we require to build the web app. Thus, there are various factors that affect the cost of the development of web apps.

    Developers’ expertise:

    As per the survey of Stack Overflow, Javascript ranks first among the most popular technologies in 2022. In the second place, HTML/CSS is there to hold its position. Thus, the expertise of developers with these frameworks plays an important role. The approx annual salary of 2 or 3 years of an experienced web developer in 2022 is approx. $70,000 while it is approx. $1,00,000+ for more than 5+ years of expertise. But, we all know that geographical location affects the salary. Thus, the salary of 5+ years experienced Javascript developer in India is approx. $1200 per month.

    Developers' expertise

    The extent of work:

    It helps in calculating the expense of a web app on the basis of work. The scale of any web application might be as broad as Vlive or as small as Gmail. As a result, it is important to classify what services and benefits that web app will deliver to people. After this, we have to go through the web app development process. That includes Discovery Phase, UI/UX design, and at last MVP development. An expert project manager helps in strategically planning the development time and in determining the web app development cost.

    The extent of work

    Location of Developer:

    The hourly wage of a skilled developer depends on the geographic location. If a Jr. developer resides in the USA then the hourly rate will range approx. from $ 130 to $150 while we offer hourly web app development cost approx. from $ 18 to $22. The hourly cost of a Sr. developer in the USA is approx. $153 to $170 while we offer high-caliber work by a skilled Sr. developer with an hourly rate of approx. $25 to $50.

    Location of Developer

    UI/UX design:

    The whole size, functionality, extra information, motions, and so on ultimately influence the final cost of the app. The UI of an app should preferably be appealing, simple, and adaptive, but not crowded with additional elements. The whole size, functionality, extra information, motions, and so on ultimately influence the final cost of the app.

    The primary contrast is in the design architecture, motions, and quantity of components. The app interface does not have to be unusual or beautiful, but it should be simple to use. Thus web developers and designers need to work together. A landing page for a product costs approx. $300 to $500 for 6-8 hours in the USA while we offer a cost ranges approx. from $150 to $200. The complicated landing page with animations and effects costs $4000-$5000 in the USA while we offer approx. $2800 to $3900.

    UX design

    Additional Costs and Maintenance:

    To protect users’ personal information, you might need to protect your website against viruses and other security flaws. In some circumstances, you may need to back up your files and utilize commercial technologies to protect your network, as well as hire cybersecurity. Other are costs of Subscriptions for Plug-Ins, Upgrades, and Themes. To minimize such extra plugin expenditures at the final stage of the project, work with professional development teams who have a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs.

    Without a doubt, as the app expands, there will be many adjustments in the future. Bug fixes, plugins and integrations, upgrades, code simplification, introducing innovative features, security software, and scalability are all part of web app maintenance. In summary, a greater number of upgraded versions implies higher costs. Thus, the maintenance will be for a lifetime and the cost ranges from $ 100 to $8000 per year in the USA, while we offer from $ 50 to $6000 per year. This cost depends on requirements.

    Additional Costs and Maintenance

    The complete web app development cost

    Let’s start with the basic web app development cost. A website with simple landing pages or simple functionalities or a fundamental online store; that has informational pages requires at least 1 month to develop. The basic web app development cost is $6,000 to $17,000 in the USA. Our offered price is quite affordable and ranges approx. from $3,000 to $10,200.

    A professional web app has interactive pages and a lot of information. For example e-commerce sites, and online portals with multiple functionalities. Also with an average level of UI elements and third-party integrations. So, it requires at least 4 months to develop. Hence, the web app development cost ranges from $24,000 to $ 68,000. We offer professional web app development at $ 12,000 to $ 40,800. This price may vary depending on functionalities.

    A large-scale web app can be customized with interactive UI/UX. A feature like business automation enhances its level. It can have lots of modules, integrations admin panels, and informational pages. Also, it should manage a high load. It requires at least 6 to 12 months to develop. The web app development cost in the USA for large-scale apps is from $1,02,000 to $2,04,000. While our cost varies approx. from $61,000 to $1,22,400.


    So far, we learned about a range of factors that can influence the web app development cost. A bad tech stack can cause delays, reduce visitors, and give poor speed for any app. In addition, if web development services are costly in your location, outsourcing is the most cost-effective solution. You may identify and choose a developer from any nation where the cost of developing a web app is cheaper and more effective.


    What is the web app development cost in Asia?

    The hourly web app development cost in Asia ranges from $30 to $42. Also, it depends on the experience level and scale of the project.

    Where to find a web app development company?
    We offer various web app development services at low hourly costs due to regional factors. You can directly contact us and book a free consultation.
    Which are web app development services offered by outsourcing?
    A complete package of web app development includes research and analysis, planning, UI/UX design, implementation, and launch of the web app. After launch, maintenance services are also available in outsourcing companies.
    Logan is considering web app development as a career option. Which technologies she should not learn?

    Logan should not learn LOGO. The popular technologies for web app development are Javascript, HTML, Python, CSS PHP, node.js, Vue, etc. Learning Javascript and Python will help to step into a career as a web developer.

    What is the python web app development cost?
    A python web app is typically developed by a team of tech specialists, including front-end designers, back-end developers, testers, and QA. A web development company will charge $4,000-$35,000 for building a python web app.

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