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    How to Place a Test Order on Shopify?

    • July 17, 2023
    • 6 min

    One of the most essential services that Shopify offers is the capability for users to conduct a test order. This allows users to get further insight into the purchasing behaviors of their customers. It is only natural for you, as the owner of a Shopify business, to want to ensure that your customers always have access to a streamlined purchasing experience. Therefore, in this post, I will share with you the methods of placing a test order on Shopify through Bogus Gateway. This will ensure that the process goes smoothly and will be of assistance to you.

    What Do You Mean By Test Order?

    A test order is a simulation for merchants to imagine what would happen if buyers wanted to purchase anything and go through the checkout procedures. This is done so that merchants may better understand what would take place.

    Shopify gives you complete command over your checkouts, order processing, tax calculations, email alerts, inventory management, and shipping. Developing a stronger and more cordial connection with your clientele may be accomplished in this manner.

    Before getting started, it is important to be aware that in order to make a test purchase via Shopify, you will need to be subscribed to a paid plan rather than using the free trial option. On the Billing tab of your account, you will see options to alter either your trial or your plan.

    Why is it Important to Test Order on Shopify?

    The simplest response to this question is that placing a test purchase on Shopify will ensure that your customers have a problem-free checkout experience. Because of this, it is very helpful for your customers to have an understanding of how the checkout process works on your Shopify store. Additionally, it ensures the quality of service that you provide to your consumers by not charging you for test orders, making the process error-free and seamless.

    Furthermore, the test order that you create makes it simpler to compute the taxes, and it is not difficult to place orders for testing purposes. Here are some of the helpful pointers to keep in mind when placing test orders on Shopify:

    • You are required to subscribe to a certain price plan.
    • When activating the test mode, it is not possible to use actual credit cards.
    • Do not complete any test orders using the actual data that is associated with you.
    • Remember to enable your test mode before taking any action, since your account will be charged if it automatically fulfills the orders in the event that you do not.
    • Lastly, be free because, through a bogus gateway, there will be no payments and no transaction costs. As none of them can reach you, you have no need to be concerned about this situation.

    How to Test Order on Shopify Through Bogus Gateway?

    To test order on your Shopify store through a bogus gateway, you need to follow the following steps:

    • Login into your Shopify account, go to Admin Panel and click on Settings>Payments.
    • Go to the Shopify Payments section and click on Manage. Thereafter, click on Switch to the third-party provider and confirm.
    • Choose a provider from the list provided in the Payment Provider section if the Shopify Payments section is inaccessible at your location.
    • In the third-party provider section, you will see Bogus Gateway. Select that payment gateway to test your order.
    • As you have selected a bogus gateway, you need to deselect Shopify Payments. Thus, pick any reason and deselect it.
    • Thereafter, you need to place an order. Choose an item from your Shopify store and add it to the cart. Go to the cart page and move forward to checkout.
    • Follow your checkout process by filling in the shipping address and other contact details.
    • After that, select the shipping method and continue to the payment option.
    • In the Payments, you have to enter Bogus Gateway as the card name. For the card number, there would be 3 choices to select from.
      • Choose 1 to perform a successful transaction.
      • Choose 2 to go for a failed transaction.
      • Choose 3 to stimulate an error message.
    • You can add any random future expiry date and any three-digit code for CVV.
    • Lastly, click on Pay Now.
    • Your sample order may now be processed. You may see it on your Orders page and cancel it using the More Actions menu on the same page.

    How to Test Order on Shopify With a Real Payment Provider?

    Instead of using a bogus gateway, another option for testing orders is to use a real payment provider. You can immediately cancel the placed order and get a refund. But, the only amount you need to pay is the transaction fees of the third-party payment provider. Follow the below steps to test order on Shopify with a real payment provider:

    • Firstly, set up the payment provider that you will use for testing.
    • Thereafter, you need to make the purchase of an item by entering the real card details.
    • If you are making use of a third-party payment provider, you will need to check whether the payments have been processed or not.
    • Cancel and reverse payment on the order as quickly as you can so that you may get your money back. No refund will be given for any fees that were paid to a third party during the transaction.


    Before starting your online store, it is recommended that you first evaluate its order functionality by placing a “test order” via Shopify. This is a process that is both easy and essential to do. You will be able to recreate the whole customer experience if you follow the step-by-step approach that is given in this post.

    This will include everything from adding products to the shopping cart to finishing the checkout process. Testing the ordering system of your Shopify store enables you to uncover any possible difficulties, such as faults in the payment gateway, odds in the shipping calculation, or problems with inventory management, so that you may fix them before they have an effect on your real customers.


    Is it essential to place a test order on Shopify store?
    Yes. It is important to test order on Shopify before launching your Shopify store. It helps you in identifying any issues and fixing them. Thus, you can ensure a smooth buying experience.
    When I place a test order, may I use my actual payment data?
    No. You need to test order without entering actual payment information in the payment section. Thus, during the testing period, there won’t be any actual transactions.
    Will a test order affect the stock of the products on the Shopify store?
    No. The test orders will not have any effect on the stock levels of your store. Still, you can double-check your stocks to make sure that there is no effect of test orders on them.
    How to do a test order on a real payment provider?
    Firstly, set up the payment provider that you will use for testing. Thereafter, proceed to purchase an item by entering the real card details.
    Is it possible to try out various delivery options with a test order?
    Yes, you can put different delivery methods in order to verify your estimates. It is important to bear in mind that during the testing period, actual shipping labels will not be created.

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