Helping a Brand Sell Fragrance Candles Online


Developing the Shopify Store

Initially, our client was not having an e-commerce website. So, we had to build e-commerce from the ground up. After analysis and discussion, we chose Shopify as an e-commerce platform.

  • The home page was designed to highlight the product to be featured and some new arrival products to be recommended along with shopping through categories for easy navigation in finding products.
  • User Interface designs were made attractive with a pleasing colour palette to make users browse more.
  • Different pages were added like resources, trends, rewards, bulk orders, etc to help users to find the desired product and buy it quickly.
  • We added product descriptions to the product detail page and user experience was taken care of.
  • The cart page was customized allowing users to add or remove products from the order.

Various third-party apps were integrated such as Langify, Splitit-on-site messaging, Klaviyo, Product reviews, Route- Protection and tracking, Geolocation, Growave, Infoplus connect, Fraud Filter, Wishlist Plus, Shopify flow, Matrixify, etc. for different objectives.

UI/UX, Frontend Development

“We started selling online sooner than expected. Alian Software helped us in developing a store that is now bearing fruits of profit.”

Prem Bala

Solution Offered

The client was facing a problem of fraudulent visitors to the Shopify store after the launch. This caused them minimal loss but it should not slide away. To prevent the branded store from further loss we integrated the Fraud Filter app which is one of the third-party paid apps on Shopify. Thus, the problem was solved in no time.


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