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    How to add a Dawn theme video banner in Shopify?

    • November 02, 2023
    • 5 min

    The Dawn template is familiar to Shopify users. It's one of the most versatile and flexible free themes out there, making it a great choice for anybody looking to set up shop online. Multiple modules, including a video upload block and an image banner, are included with the Dawn theme. The picture serves as the backdrop in an image banner while buttons and text occupy the foreground. The video module does not support this kind of foreground, unfortunately. However, it is possible to combine the two by making a video banner in which the video is in the background and the text occupies the banner's foreground.

    This guide will teach you how to make a Dawn theme video banner in Shopify, perfect for attracting visitors.

    Why should you put the Dawn theme video banner?

    A video banner is a section of a website that has a full-width video as its background, with additional components like buttons and text shown in the front. Key benefits of the dawn theme video banner include the following:

    • Increased visual appeal via the use of compelling films to get the interest of website visitors.
    • The video material is dynamic and interesting. They may keep visitors interested by showcasing product features, demonstrating how something is done, or telling an interesting brand narrative.
    • Furthermore, videos may leave a long-lasting impact on site visitors, increasing their likelihood of returning.
    • The brand’s message may be conveyed to consumers via a video banner. Therefore, it’s a great way for companies to promote their offerings, get recognition in the marketplace, and stand out from the competition. You can make your site more engaging and increase your conversion rate by using video.

    What are the steps to add the Dawn theme video banner?

    • Step 1: Convert the video into WEBP file format
      You may find several free online “video to WebP” converters. You may do a search or utilize Ezgif or Converter MC. Thereafter, upload your video in the converter tool, and select to convert it to the WebP format. Save the updated file to your PC.
    • Step 2: Customize Dawn theme in Shopify
      Go to Online Store > Themes. Thereafter, you should get the Dawn theme active if you haven’t already. If not, the Dawn theme will be labeled as Shopify’s ‘Current Theme.’ Click on the ‘Customize’ button to start.
    • Step 3: Add Image Banner Block After you install the Dawn theme, the ‘Image Banner’ block is already there. Therefore, clicking on that section will allow you see its choices in the left side. Additionally, you can click on the picture ad itself in the viewing window on the right. If you need to add the “Image Banner” from scratch, click on the ‘Add Block’ link.
    • Step 4: Upload the WEBP file
      Click the ‘Select image’ button under the ‘First image’ section. This takes you to a page where you may add pictures to your shop’s gallery. Video URLs may be pasted in as an alternative, but we’ll be using the upload feature instead. Click the ‘Add images’ button and then choose the WebP file you just made. Check the box next to the file you just uploaded, and then press the ‘Done’ button. To save your changes, choose ‘Save’. A video banner with the Dawn theme has been added.
    • The video should appear well, play smoothly, and have the correct quality, but first a front-end preview should be performed. Click the eyeball symbol to return to the dashboard’s main page, where you may then choose ‘View your online store’.

    How to make the Dawn theme video banner unique?

    The ability to tailor your video to the look and feel of your business is a huge plus. You may alter the banner’s height and adjust the opacity of the picture overlay. The location of the overlay text can also be adjusted by moving the desktop content. Changing where the information and buttons are shown allows you to put them over the most visible part of the video. Additionally, you have access to a “Custom CSS” area.


    Adding a Dawn theme video banner is a great way to enhance your website’s visual appeal and engage your visitors. The steps involved are relatively straightforward, but the final look and feel of your video banner can be highly customized to match your brand identity and message. In case, you want to customize your store in a unique way and make it engage more users, contact expert Shopify Partners.


    What size is the dawn banner on Shopify?
    The size of dawn banner on Shopify is 1920 x 1080 px for desktop and the 800 x 800 px for mobile.
    Is the dawn theme good for Shopify?
    Yes, the Dawn theme is designed to be responsive and is good for startups.
    How do I customize my Shopify banner?
    Go to Online Store > Themes. Click on the ‘Customize’ button to start.
    How can I make my video banner accessible to all users?
    It’s important to provide alternative text for users who can’t view the video, such as text or images. This ensures accessibility for everyone, including those with disabilities.
    Is there a way to add a video banner to multiple pages on my site?
    You can typically add a video banner to multiple sections or pages by replicating the customization steps in the Theme Editor for each desired location.

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