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    Steps to Connect Apple Pay to Shopify Store

    • September 06, 2023
    • 4 min

    Shoppers may now use their phones to complete purchases on Shopify sites, and this capability is quickly becoming a reality for those with Apple devices. Shopify sellers may choose from a variety of payment gateways including Stripe, Shopify Payments, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. Apple customers, however, have access to a more secure and streamlined payment option in the form of Apple Pay. Apple Pay streamlines the payment process at checkout, which benefits both you and your consumers. Thus, it is essential for Shopify owners to add Apple Pay to their stores. In this post, we will go through the steps to connect Apple Pay to Shopify store.

    Reasons to add Apple Pay to Shopify

    Apple Pay is a virtual purse and payment system exclusive to Apple devices. Using this method, Apple device owners may speed through the checkout process for their online purchases. Apple users typically choose to pay using Apple Pay rather than credit cards or cash since it is processed much more quickly. Customers utilize Apple Pay in part because they feel safe doing so. There are multiple reasons for adding Apple Pay as a payment method on the Shopify store.

    • Trust: A customer’s identification may be confirmed by a fingerprint scan or Face ID. Apple Pay gives them peace of mind since they know their purchases are protected. This, in turn, boosts customers’ confidence in your shop. After all, embracing Apple Pay means automatically accepting those safety measures. The best part about these safety measures is that they don’t slow down the buying process at all.
    • Simple installation: Apple Pay can be set up on your Shopify store as a payment in no time. Along with other payment methods, you can provide ease to pay to Apple users and improve customer and checkout experience.
    • Improved conversion rates: The goal of every successful internet marketing campaign is to turn casual browsers into paying consumers. Customers are less likely to abandon their purchases if you add Apple Pay to Shopify. When you use Apple Pay, problems at checkout including slow page loads and security worries disappear. Because of this, there will be fewer customers who abandon shopping carts. As a result, your marketing efforts are more likely to provide positive results in the form of more conversions.

    Considerations Before Connecting Apple Pay to Shopify

    Let’s get started by discussing the information you’ll need to provide Shopify with before you can begin setting up Apple Pay.

    • Integrate one of the providers from Shopify Payments, Stripe, Shop Pay, etc.
    • Activate the SSL certificate in the domain of the Shopify store.
    • Furthermore, you need to follow the guidelines of Apple Pay.

    Once you’ve verified that you’ve met all of these conditions, you may go on. Including Apple Pay in your Shopify store is simple. Below are the steps to add Apple Pay to Shopify store.

    Add Apple Pay to Shopify store

    • Log in to your Shopify store and go to Shopify Admin.
    • Select Settings to add Apple Pay as the payment provider.
    • In Settings, select Payments.
    • Thereafter, click on Manage in the Third Party Payment Providers.
    • You will see Apple Pay as one of the options in Payment methods. Select it and proceed with the payment method that has Apple Pay.


    If you run a Shopify store, accepting Apple Pay as a payment option will only benefit your consumers and your business. By adhering to the aforementioned procedures, you can add Apple Pay to Shopify. Keep in mind that offering current payment methods is crucial to satisfying the needs of today’s online customers. Shopify allows you to link with a number of different payment channels to provide a streamlined purchasing experience, Apple Pay being just one of them.


    Is Apple Pay available for all Shopify plans?
    Apple Pay is available for all Shopify plans, including the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans. However, transaction fees may vary depending on your plan.
    Do I need a separate merchant account to use Apple Pay with Shopify?
    No, you don’t need a separate merchant account to use Apple Pay with Shopify. Shopify handles the payment processing, and you can connect your existing payment gateway to enable Apple Pay.
    Are there any additional fees for using Apple Pay on Shopify?
    While there are no additional fees for enabling Apple Pay as a payment option, standard transaction fees associated with your chosen payment gateway will still apply.
    Can I use Apple Pay on Android devices?
    No, Apple Pay is exclusive to iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Android users have their own equivalent called Google Pay.
    Is Apple Pay secure for customers?
    Yes, Apple Pay is known for its security features, including fingerprint or Face ID authentication and tokenization. Customer payment information is not stored or shared with the merchant, enhancing security.

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